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Coalition Vsl "Aubrey Noir"
Ship's Deck Log


Underway Steaming in Company with Task Group 134.2 on Course 120/-45/Spinward at Slip-4, in screening station "C" for screening plan 12A. Fusion Plants #2 & #4 in use for steaming purposes, Fusion Plant #3 in use for Auxiliaries. Ship Darkened in condition of readiness Circle Echo, Material Condition "Bravo". SOPA: ComDesRon 183 C.N.V. Vaughn C'ratt. Ens D'Reis is BMOW, QM1 Tareef is QMOW, SN Rythe has the Conn, 1Lt Breymar is OOD.

0135 Received Distress call, Free Trader "Mondeis", bearing 339/66/Coreward from current course, Vsl is under attack by unknown assailant, DIS. Forwarded distress call to CNV Vaughn C'Ratt.

0147 CNV Aubrey Noir tasked with Counter-Piracy Detail. Changed to course 340/87/Coreward, speed increased to Slip-6.

0315 Reduced Speed Slip-1, commenced active Subspace Scans.

0322 Subspace Contact, Free Trader "Mondeis", Vsl is leaking Deuterium, and Vsl EPIRB active.

0325 Reduced Speed, Sublight, piped General Quarters. Captain on Deck.

0327 All stations report manned and ready.

0345 ST2 D'Barro assumed duties and responsibilities of the BMOW.

0346 Completed Scans of Vsl "Mondeis", Faint Life-signs. Set special Space Detailed, readied to send over Rescue and Assistance Teams.

0348 QM3 Garren assumes the duties and responsibilities of QMOW.

0350 Away Rescue and Assistance Teams aboard CNV Barbette. CNV Barbette clear of Parasite rack.

0355 Obtained Lidar Contact on unkn-


The ship shuddered Violently as the round slammed through the Warspite Class's aft hull armor. The shields had been down to launch the Coriolis Class Gunship. The round breached the #1 Engine room, causing blast doors to slam violently shut. The Destroyer escort heaved violently as more rounds peppered it's hull seconds before shields were finally brought back up... her hull scarred by ion-burns from the Coriolis Class lunging to get clear of her mother ship to allow both of them to get their shields up.

The Warspite immediately began putting on speed as her sensors went full active to seek out it's wounds' perpetrator. The Lidar finally sought out the target as the CNV Aubrey Noir's shields turned opaque from energy weapons slamming into them. However, this time, the Aubrey Noir replied with a scattered broadside of Charged Particle Lances... the bright neon blue bolts of charged particles slammed into the enemy... cruiser, and tore a chunk of it's shields away and dug a deep divot into her hull.

That was all well and good, but it was unseen to Damage Controlman 3rd Class Valleigh Xentros as he rushed through the shaking ship, a damage control pack on his shoulders as he keyed the helmet to lock into place around his face and muzzle. The next passageway was acting as an airlock to Engine room #1, he activated Sonar, he could see the best with these Hyper-sonic pings in the smoke and fire choked passages.

Pausing, he checked for a pulse on an almost-intact Gadzu crew-member... but shook it off as he found no life in the body. Another shot slammed through the shields and an entire wall exploded inwards, and in the blink of an eye he was staring out into open space, the dead Gadzu's body shooting past him as he instinctively engaged the magnetic locks on his boots. Firing off thrusters he desperately lunged past the blast door that slammed shut almost on his tail.

The HUD on his suit began lighting up like a Christmas tree. Damage control reports flooded his eyes and finally over the speaker in his helmet came; "All hands, Abandon ship. This is not a Drill, all hands, abandon ship." Rushing down the Hallway, the slim Bat-like Jakeili rushed for his lifeboat even as more damage wracked the vessel.  As he arrived, a massive impact slammed into the section of the vessel and power went out.

Looking into the lifeboat, at the sixteen crew-members who began shouting and screaming in horror... he grit his teeth and shouted at the Coxswain of the boat; "Prepare for launch! I'm activating the sequence!" The Coxswain looked over her should and balked, but nodded; "A-aye'Aye! Prepping for launch!" The Slim Jakeili turned around and lunged out of the lifeboat and hit the emergency door closure, taking one last look through the clear viewing pane at the inside of the Life-Boat before hitting the emergency launch.

The rockets engaged. The lifeboat shot away from the side of the ship, but DC3 Xentros wasn't there to see it. He was running down the passageway to the next disabled lifeboat. Another explosion wracked the ship and he watched a running male therion, an Operations Specialist get flung into a wall and pinned. Turning on a heel, using his thrusters to help, he lunged for the Therion and drug him out of the wreckage and towards the Lifeboat; "It's OK, I'll, I'll get you out of here--" He paused, checking the rank tabs and insignia; "OS1. I got you." He drug him to the lifeboat and pushed him inside before slipping out and shouting in; "Coxswain, Prep for launch!"

The second lifeboat shot away. The next lifeboat was wreckage, destroyed with it's occupants by a rail-gun shot. So, he turned, looked around... and headed deeper into the ship to find more people to get out.


"Damage Controlman First Class Valleigh Xentros was credited with saving the lives of the occupants of one other lifeboat, totaling Forty Five of his crew-members, and then venturing back into the bowels of the ship to help and console is wounded and trapped comrades. His self sacrifice, when the CNV Aubrey Noir finally detonated from hostile fire, DC3 Xentros demonstrated courage, devotion to duty, and a selflessness to help his shipmates that was a credit to the service and the Coalition itself." The Tall Gadzu swallowed quietly before shi picked up the Ensign on the Podium and stepped stately towards the ceremonial Casket.

Passing it, shi right-faced at attention and knelt before the black-clad female Jakeili. Shi took a deep, shaky breath; "On the behalf of a humbled nation, I present to you this Ensign and the greatest sympathies and thanks of that Nation, Myself, the the shipmates that he saved." Shi gently held out the carefully folded, silk-spun Ensign to the softly weeping mother; "No mother should mourn a son, but as you do... be proud you raised a son as courageous as he." Shi stood quietly , about faced and saluted the Casket...



In the Aftermath of the Loss of the CNV Aubrey Noir and the CNV Barbette, Coalition Leaders have announced openly that they have started a war against piracy and renegades. In an unprecedented show of force by the Coalition Admiralty, the fleets have actively deployed Cruiser, Destroyer, and Destroyer Escort squadrons and divisions to better escort trade convoys moving into DHR and Union space, furthermore they have announced that 'Hunter-Killer' units tasked with Search and Rescue of ships fallen prey to pirates as well as the complete and total extermination of any and all Pirates, Privateers, and Renegades operating under the auspices of preying on Merchantmen, Coalition Trade, and Escorts.

Furthermore, the Coalition has openly released a statement that Coalition Forces WILL pursue any vessel deemed to be a Pirate, Renegade, or Privateer into any nation's space to destroy it. With one Fleet Admiral stating; "We will not accept any less than the complete and utter annihilation of Piracy and the spines of the cowards broken. We will chase them until they have naught a hole to hide in, and we will give them something to fear."
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent work, Expect a followup in a rothera article and possibly more if I get the chance to write a following thematic.
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I look forward too it! :D
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