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(Something a bit different from all the war)

'I will follow you to the end, take my soul, lead me into darkness' -Thomas Bergesen Into Darkness


The Golden Expanse, an area of space devoid of life. Ripped apart in a war long forgotten, populated by dying stars and dead worlds. The ruins of many civilisations lay here, from time immomorial. Cut off from the rest of the galaxy by time tears and dimensional cascades any ship not using the correct lanes was to be torn apart as the laws of physics broke down. It hadn’t always been like this. The Golden expanse had been famed once as the most beautiful and populated part of the galaxy. That was until the war came. And weapons were unleashed here that made the fabric of reality bend and buckle. Trillions died, and the ghostly ruins have been left ever since. A haven for any who wish to explore the past.

And one such individual had come not to explore the past. But to remember it.

The planet itself was dead. Its surface was nothing but ash, left from the battle that had raged here. It orbited a dying red star coming to the end of its life and its moon was shattered still from the weapons unleashed here.

It was silence, dead silence. Nothing moved or stirred even in orbit. It was like time feared this place. That was until a ship tore its way free of FTL and slowly drifted towards the planet. Its sleek white and golden hull was held together by light as undecipherable runes covered its elegant form. The Nakai had returned. As the A'Zores drifted towards the planet its captain Par'Lan remembered when he had last came here.

This world had been known as Yu'Terreth. In fact it hadn’t been a Nakai world. It had been a joint world between the Nakai and their now arch enemy the Flux. That was a long time ago. Before the truth had come out. It had been a magnificent world, the architecture and culture of two very different peoples merged seamlessly into one. The views of the cities had been truly wonderful under the golden light of the now ageing star. Par'Lan wondered if it would one day be rebuilt by another race but soon dismissed the idea. This world was surrounded heavily by time rips, it had taken some of his best piloting to get the A'Zores here, though it was still damaged from the fight with the corrupted Flux and Infurnui fleet the ship was largely close to being finished.

As the A'Zores drew closer to the world Par'Lan donned his armour, the white and golden form again seeming to stay together with light. It had been a long time since he had set foot upon a world, let alone this one. But he was determined to do what he had promised. He marched to his chambers, a small room with a hardlight bed and some simple furniture, however to the left he walked over to the screen on the wall. He melded his mind with the interface and accessed the dimensional storage compartment, with one thought the object materialised in front of him. Flowers. Not any old flowers, they were a breed that had been only native to this world, long stalks with the most awe inspiring purple petals, each intricately detailed with patterns and glowing faintly in the white lit room. He held them for a moment and stared at them. He then lowered his head and gave a command to the ships sentient AI.

With a thought he was on the planet. Its calmness was eerie in its appearance. Grey ash covered every inch of the surface and Par'Lan knelt down and planted the flowers. Making sure they were properly covered he made sure they looked like a pretty arrangement before then grabbing a handful of ash and taking his helmet off, the air was stale however this did not concern him. He held the ash and let it flow out of his hand, being softly carried on the wind. He spoke then, quietly but serenely.

“I am here my love. I am back. I promised I would return and I brang you your favourite flowers” a tear trickled down his smooth cheek and he looked down, the emotion flowing over him.

This had been the spot that she had died. His wife. Dexla'Lan. She had been on this planet the day it had burned. When the war had started.

This world hadn’t burned because of the Flux. It had been burned by his own people. When the Nakai had found out the Flux were time travellers the high council had decreed their extermination. Par'Lan had received the orders too late, he had tried to save her. But this world was one of the first burned. The Flux didn’t even know what was happening, and to be frank. Neither did the Nakai. Par'Lan had been let off due to his service record, but those with relations to the Flux had been purged too. And so this world had burned as its people had screamed, not understanding why they had died.

He imagined her face, terrified calling out his name as the fire had rained down on them. That had been the start... And Par'Lan for all these years had been made to hate the Flux. He had convinced himself it was their fault, the propaganda had said so too. But he knew the truth. The Nakai started the war and their people had paid the price.

A dead galaxy. A race nearly wiped out. And our resources drained for when the Draken invaded. Was it really worth it?

His mind swam thinking, tears rolled down his cheeks as he had been responsible.. he could of saved her, he could of saved them all. And all those he had killed since... He was alerted by the sound of footsteps behind him. He turned quickly ready to take his anger out on whoever it was. But he turned to stare straight into the eyes of his beloved wife. She stood there smiling, the typical grey robes of a Flux civilian adorned her form. He shook his head.

“Oh my dear, I knew you would come back” She smiled. He was still baffled.

“How... How are you here?” He asked dumbstruck. She smiled a sweet smile.

“The very reason your people sort to wipe us out” He collapsed into her arms, and they embraced for what seemed like eternity. He realised thought soon after.

“You cant stay can you... You still have to die” He said the sadness in his heart getting heavier. The pale blonde women seemed to falter.

“I’m afraid I do have to go. We all have our destinies my Love. This is mine, but you have yet to fulfil yours” He shook his head.

“I am a murderer. I have slaughtered billions of innocents” He said with self hate. She shook her head and leaned over to him, though she was small in comparison she leaned up to stroke his white hair and whispered into his ear.

“Then do what is right, my people and yours are no longer who they were. War and death have changed them to the point where hate is all they know now. Help them see my dear. I will always be here” She touched his breastplate and smiled, a tear falling down her cheek. They kissed and Par'Lan for the first time in billions of years felt a sense of purpose. His emotions long dead had been rekindled. He held her again and she stepped back “I have to go my love, you cannot change the past, but you can change the future. Help them find the way” She kissed him on the cheek one last time and then faded away.

Leaving the white and gold man alone on a planet of ash to cry.
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DrakenhothRepublik Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
*discord sheds a tear*
CommodoreHorton Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014

Damn Myric. You've got my admiration on this one. If we did Oscars for episodes in Ancerious, I'd be nominating this one.
daniellandrom Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

this is a GREAT emotional piece, Myric!!! And I wonder, what will THIS plot-twist bring?!
Target21 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
This is a touching piece!
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks man! Glad you like it!
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