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Newly dubbed Rhen Kalamn System: NUSSR newly acquired space

The Illumination held position at the edge of the system gravity well surveying the whole situation. A few minutes ago a large fleet of unknown ships entered through a sudden wormhole, some seemed damaged as if in a fire fight and most were heading towards a nearby planet as if to make a new home. Captain Pollux smiled and checked the sensor logs. He was alerted suddenly by 3 ships on an intercept course, he opened coms and began to speak. he had no desire for fights here and hoped to gain another ally.

"This is Captain Pollux of the Union of Worlds, we come in peace and pose no threat. We seek negotiations, please respond and we can discuss peace" He then waited to see how they would respond.

Admiral Tchaikovsky leaned forward in his chair, staring at the radio console from which the voice had come. "Lieutenant, who said that?" he asked.

"It seems to have come from the vessel we're investigating, Comrade!" the officer replied. Tchaikovsky sighed, and took a breath.

"Tactical, is the vessel arming any weapons?" he asked. A pause.

"No, sir! in fact, they seem to be deactivating them!" The admiral nodded, and got up.

"Stand down from red alert!" he called. "Lieutenant, open a channel to the vessel." the comm officer turned back to his instruments for a moment, the nodded.

"Channel open, sir." she reported. Tchaikovsky straightened up, then spoke.

"Attention, Captain Pollux of the Union of Worlds!" he said. "I am Admiral Oleg Gregerovich Tcaikovsky of the Neo Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Navy. We are standing down our weapons. If you wish to talk, then talk. Now, why are you intruding in NUSSR space? What do you want?"

Pollux forgave the defensive attitude, these people had just been in a battle they were obviously ready for another "Greetings Admiral Oleg Gregerovich Tcaikovsky of the Neo Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Navy. It is an honour to meet you and your people! We were tasked to investigate this wormhole that appeared and collect scientific readings, however then your people showed up and so we observed, we wish to negotiate an alliance or some sort of peace, though it is up to your people to decide" Pollux replied.

Tchaikovsky sighed, and rubbed his chin. "Captain Pollux, I do not speak for the NUSSR, but for the time being, I will accept your offer. We are alone out here, and in bad shape. If you can provide any information about this area, we'd welcome it." There was no reply from the Union vessel, and Admiral Tchaikovsky hoped to hell they weren't getting ready to attack.

"Admiral, we've got FTL signatures exiting the wormhole... Gods dammit, it's UEA!" the tactical officer yelled. Tchaikovsky cursed, and keyed the radio.

"Captain Pollux, we're about to be attacked. If the Union of Worlds really wishes to make an alliance with the NUSSR, we'd appreciate your assistance!" he yelled. Turning to the bridge crew, he roared out a call to battle stations. The Teshran began moving, her weapons systems powering up. Already the UEA had pursued them through the wormhole, and Tchaikovsky wasn't sure if they could hold them off, with Rhen Kalamn so close. Still, whether the Union ship would help or not, the battered ships of the Colonial fleet had to try.

Pollux frowned, it wasn’t in the Unions interests to engage a race they knew nothing about, however Pollux made a quick judgement, seeming as how the NUSSR civilian ships were damaged to it showed that this UEA was willing to kill civilians and that was something Pollux had vowed to stop at all costs. He sent a message to the Teshran.

"Tchaikovsky, we want peace with you race, my nation for-bays any civilians to be harmed in war and judging by the UEA they wish to kill your people. We will assist you in combat. Pollux out" He turned to the bridge crew.

"We will keep their civilians safe from any attack, let their warships slug it out, I will send a message to the UEA to retreat or face us in battle" Pollux booted up the coms again for full spectrum broadcast.

"This is Captain Pollux of the Union of Worlds, stand down your weapons immediately, any attempt at aggression against either us or the NUSSR will result in war between our peoples. Do not underestimate the power of one of our ships. Pollux out" He signalled for the helm to follow the Teshran in and the Dart class cruiserIllumination moved at full speed towards Rhen Kalamn, it powered its weapons and various bulkheads retracted to reveal the ships Mass Driver emplacements and other weapons. The Union would try to avoid conflict however would not shy from it, if innocents were in danger Pollux would do everything he could to save them.

No one could ever say that the sailors of the United Earth Alliance weren't brave. However, it could be said, and often was, that they didn't know when to cut and run. The UEA vessels didn't even bother to acknowledge Pollux's warning, instead immediately opening fire. Even as the initial salvos were ripping into the warships under his command, Tchaikovsky was on his feet, yelling orders, organizing counterattacks, and making sure the UEA paid dearly for this assault on Rhen Kalamn. Seeing a Terra dreadnought moving to fire on an agricultural ship, the Admiral grabbed the radio, and roared into it, "Captain Pollux, if you really want to help, make sure those bastards don't get anywhere near the civilians! Anything that isn't one of us, by the flaming gates of all the Hells, kill it!" he snarled. If the laser and Mass Driver fire that instantly began shooting out from the Union vessel was any indication, Pollux had heard him. The comms, tuned to the rest of the fleet, were filed with curses, screams, and the harsh, screaming boom of railgun fire as the rapidly developing space battle grew in savagery and intensity. Salvo after salvo was launched against the UEA fleet, the Soviet gun crews, many stripped to undershirts and pants in the oppressive heat rolling off the guns, labored to keep the railguns firing, fighting savagely to protect their new home. Even some of the civilian vessels armed with A-D autocannons were fighting, engaging the smaller, faster UEA frigates that the larger Soviet warships could not. The Teshran barrelled into the thick of the fray, her seven kilometer bulk smashing smaller UEA cruisers and destroyers aside as Admiral Tchaikovsky ordered her towards the heart of the UEA fleet, and the Alliance flagship. Fighters screamed across the Teshran's hull, pounding her with missiles and fission bombs, but to no avail. A Beijing class carrier moved to ram the ship, but a metal slug from Pollux's ship ripped into the carrier, ripping it into scrap. From the battle beginning barely ten minutes before, the space around of Rhen Kalamn was now unrestrained chaos, and casualties on both sides were escalating, quickly. Admiral Tchaikovsky spotted the UEA flag ship, a Saturn class command ship, the super structure festooned with antennas and sensor dishes, swerving the avoid the Teshran.

"Flank speed!" he roared. "All hands, brace for impact!" the Teshran leaped forward, her space black prow smashing into the Saturn, punching a hole clean through the hull, sending the crew of the Soviet vessel reeling from the jarring impact. Almost in the same instant, the Saturn launched a missile at the Teshran's bridge, that Tchaikovsky recognized as a nuke, a UEA Shiva.

"Nuke alarm!" he yelled. However, the ISBM did not hit the Teshran, instead howling past the super structure, and towards the Union vessel! "Pollux, you have a nuke inbound, and it's coming fast!" Tchaikovsky yelled into the comm. Seconds later, the Shiva detonated, rocking the Union vessel severely. Caught in the blast, several colony ships and cargo vessels were ripped apart, the screams of the people on board the doomed ships ringing terribly on the comms. Tchaikovsky was appalled at the wanton murder the UEA had just committed, but could only wait to see what Pollux would do. It was times like this, the Admiral reflected, that he could scarcely believe that the UEA scum were human.

The ship rocked violently as the Illumination was impacted by the Nuke, thankfully the shields held as the Dart class was geared towards defending against nuclear weapons due to their enemy Capitol using them all the time. Warning klaxons blared and Pollux cursed as he saw the nuke had also destroyed the close civilian ships. The enemy had not only targetted civilians but the Union ship too. At this point Pollux wanted the UEA dead.

"All batteries open fire! launch fighters!"

The various weapon systems of the Dart class lit up and fired hundreds of Mass Driver rounds, plasma bolts, Laser beams and Phase missiles into the UEA fleet. From hangars the triangular Firestorm fighters and Eagle Eye bombers launched and began to intercept the various UEA fighters swarming around the NUSSR ships. 3 UEA frigates were caught in the fire from the Dart class and were ripped apart by the storm of fire, another UEA light cruiser was also destroyed when a barrage of Phase missiles from the Illumination bypassed the ships shields and materialised inside key points, detonating to create a raging Firestorm that turned the light cruiser into a blazing wreck. All the while the Dart class screened the NUSSR civilian ships by using its SENTINEL CIWS to shoot down any enemy missiles that got close and in the worse case scenarios switched the Mass drivers to flak mode to take down any that got through.

"Tchaikovsky! Take down the enemy command ship, we have our bombers on a attack run but its surrounded by AA frigates! If you take them out we can both hit the command ship at once and end this!"

Tchaikovsky heard Pollux's message, but he couldn't get how the Union captain couldn't see that the Teshran had the UEA flagship speared on her prow like a wild boar. "All guns, fire at will!" he roared. "Marine detachment forward, board the Saturn, NOW!" The guns of the Soviet command ship immediately began firing, their slugs ripping into the Saturn at point blank range, the destructive fury of the impacts and ensuing explosions tearing hull plates wide open, and pounding UEA weapons into worthless piles of scrap.

"Comrade Admiral, theBlack November moving to attack the Saturn's super structure, sir!" an officer yelled. Tchaikovsky cursed. What the in all the Hells was Malankov thinking?!

"Lieutanant, focus our fire on that bastard's double-A and the superstructure! Malankov snarled. The Black November was taking a pounding from at least a dozen UEA cruisers, but Malankov didn't care. One of the colony ships destroyed by the UEA had been the Feienx Star , the same ship that had named this planet. As if only to add to Malankov's anger, the Star had been mostly loaded with farmers and their families, innocents who had never raised a hand against the UEA! Autocannon rounds, railgun slugs and missiles of all types bar nukes flew from the Leneov in an almost unending stream, wreaking havoc on the UEA command ship below it.

"Give that bastard what's coming to him!" Malankov screamed, pointing at the bridge of theSaturn, pointing at the UEA captain, who calmly stood and watched as the space black Soviet warship bore down upon him. The forward batteries increased their fire, their slugs tearing the UEA vessel's bridge to scrap, in a series of thundering explosions. Still, theSaturn was not dead. TheNovember peeled off from the now reeling UEA ship, allowing the Union bombers to make their attack run. Malankov grunted affirmatively as the bombers pounded the UEA vessel. Although he would never be happy until the entire UEA was gone, his anger was at least, for the moment, appeased.

Pollux realised the Union sensors had been momentarily blinded by the energy pulse of the nuclear detonation, he was only now receiving up to date data however the Union bombers had done well in their attack run. The battle was still in progress but it was clear the UEA was doomed, their command ship somehow still alive was taking extreme damage while the other UEA ships had either been destroyed, rendered incapable of fighting or had started to flee through the wormhole, only a few were left and already Pollux saw the NUSSR ships beating them back through the wormhole with hatred burning in their hearts. All that was left was the UEA command ship and a few stragglers. Pollux new the stragglers would be taken care of and knowing the civilians were now within safety range from any fire he fired the Illuminations'sIon engines to bring him in close to the remains of theSaturn to offer any fire support possible. He hoped the battle would be able soon so he could know the NUSSR was safe, and he could negotiate peace.

"SNV Teshran, we surrender, we surrender!"the UEA Saturn's captain radioed desperately as theBlack Novembercontinued to pound it, firing volley after volley into the helpless ship.

"UEA vessel, you have attacked sovereign NUSSR space, damaged our ships, and killed our civilians. Why the hell should I give adamnabout whether or not my ship destroys you?" Tchaikovsky snapped. TheTeshranwas drifting in space near the crippledSaturnmerely observing as the vengefulLeneov methodically pounded the much larger ship into a scrapyard heap.

"We were ordered to follow you through the wormhole!" the UEA captain quickly said."We were under orders to attack anything we found! We didn't realize there were civilians! I say again, we surrender, Teshran!" Tchaikovsky chewed it over. Often, the UEA troops the NUSSR faced were simply told where to go and what to do, and nothing about what was there. It seemed that this was what had happened here. However, he decided to leave the decision to Pollux.

"Captain Malankov, cease fire." he ordered.
"Why am I stopping?! These bastards deserve to die!" Malankov replied.

"I leave the UEA ship's fate to the Union captain, Malankov. Now, cease fire." The admiral ordered.

"...Yes, Comrade Admiral." TheBlack Novemberceased fire, and hung in space over theSaturn like a bad omen. "Captain Pollux, The UEA vessel has surrendered to us. In the interest of impartial mediation, we'd like you to decide their fate. If it was up to me, I'd blow these bastards to hell, but you are not me. The UEA commander says that they had no idea what was here, and they were simply ordered to pursue us through the wormhole. As such, the decision is yours, Captain Pollux."

Captain Pollux received the reply and thought, he was still bound by Union law and Pollux would always honour that, Prisoners would always be taken.

"Tchaikovsky we will allow them to live and keep them as prisoners of war. They will be treated as such, for if we treat them as badly as they treat us we are no better. If you need assistance my security forces can help take the prisoners while we discuss potential peace and alliance terms. The battle seems to be over for now, we shall remain on alert for any more enemy ships however negotiations is why I am here, my ship will not be a great help in a protracted battle without any reinforcements, as I’m sure you will understand" Pollux replied, he was calm and collective in war and he aimed to keep so the negotiations would go well. He had already sent a message back to command about the encounter along with battle data and recordings, he would get a reply soon if he was granted any reinforcements.

"Captain Pollux, we accept your offer of assistance." Tchaikovsky said into the comm. "If possible, we'd prefer your security forces to handle the UEA prisoners, since my own men might get a little...vengeful." The Union vessel began moving towards the crippled and listing UEA ship, and Tchaikovsky ordered his own ships to stand clear.

"Malankov, if the UEA ship so much as twitches the wrong way, destroy it." he ordered."With pleasure, Comrade Admiral."came the reply. The Union ship docked without any response, and a few minutes later, Tchaikovsky espied UEA Marines and naval crew being escorted out of theSaturnby heavily armed soldiers, and being led into the Union vessel, theIllumination. As soon as the last of the prisoners exited theSaturn, Admiral Tchaikovsky walked over to the comm.

"Captain Pollux, on behalf of the NUSSR, If you will join me on Rhen Kalamn's surface in two hours, I would be honoured to discuss alliance terms with you. For the assistance rendered to us, the Union of Worlds will now considered a steadfast friend of the NUSSR, but the legal matters remain. I will be waiting on Rhen Kalamn. That is all, Admiral Tchaikovsky out." He nodded to the helms-woman, and theTeshranbegan descending through the atmosphere of the planet below, leaving the blasted hulks of the destroyed UEA fleet behind for the engineers He had an alliance to plan.

Pollux received the message immediately after the green light had been given as the prisoners had been secured aboard. They had been sent to the hangar bays and had been kept under armed guard until Pollux decided to take them back to their own people. He would make the alliance official first then take them back personally. After he received the message he made his way with two of his aids and a small honour guard to a small shuttle. It took off and headed towards the planet below. He had received landing co ordinates and had ordered the Illumination to keep in line with the NUSSR forces in defending the wormhole perimeter. And ready for him to drop off the prisoners. He didn’t however expect  Tchaikovsky to like the idea... The shuttle broke through the cloud cover and headed towards the battleship which had landed below. A small area had been marked out as a temporary landing pad and many people waited for him. The shuttle landed with a light thud and Pollux straightened his uniform and smiled “Lets go make peace”

Soviet Marines dashed up to the shuttle, their weapons at their sides. Tchaikovsky's aide, a Marine officer, stood before the shuttle, and snapped to attention in a Soviet salute, fist to chest plate as the shuttle's door opened with a hiss. The captain of the Illuminationstepped out of the shuttle, and stopped before Major Korim. "If you come with me, Comrade Captain, I take you to Admiral Tchaikovsky." Korim stated in broken English. "This way, please." Korim snapped an order in Epsiloni, and the Marines turned as one and marched towards the towering form of theTeshran, escorting the Union captain and his honour guard into the battle scarred Soviet command ship.

Pollux nodded "Of course" Pollux kept his aids and his guard close just in case. However he trusted the NUSSR, he had just fought a battle after all with them. However he had to see how the next conversation would go, after all he wanted to take the prisoners back and he didn’t know how Tchaikovsky would take that fact. however he would have to see, Pollux merely smiled and kept moving. Following the guide to the Admiral.

Admiral Tchaikovsky straightened his uniform as the Union captain entered his office after Major Korim, and stood. "Captain Pollux, I presume?" he asked. The Union officer nodded, and appeared to be studying him. "I am Admiral Tchaikovsky. Now, let's get down to business." Tchaikovsky sat back down, and gestured to Korim to fetch a chair for Pollux. "On behalf of the Neo Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, it is my pleasure to offer our aid in an alliance with the Union of Worlds, Captain." Tchaikovsky said, taking a pen and paper from his desk, in lieu of a form of alliance. "Before we draft the treaty, is there anything I must know about being in an alliance with the Union? Are there any obligations we must uphold?"

Pollux smiled “Well there is the usual stuff of course, mutual defence, trade, joint technological or military ventures... However as you are so new here you wont have to worry about the military aid until you are fully settled here, however we will protect you of course” Pollux brought up his arm and tapped a few things into the holo computer there, a small holo projection was brought up showing a Union alliance document “I have a copy here if you wish to read through it” Pollux spun the document round and enlarged it for Admiral Tchaikovsky to read.

"The terms seem fair." Tchaikovsky stated as he finished reading the treaty. "Seeing as how we would not have gotten far without your assistance, I accept these terms. On the honour of the NUSSR, may our alliance last for a hundred years."

Pollux grinned “Excellent, I must be leaving to go and tell high command of this momentous day. I am very glad indeed our nations are allies” Pollux outstretched his hand and shook Admiral Tchaikovsky's hand smiling “The Union recognises you as an ally Admiral Tchaikovsky of the NUSSR. Our future will be bright together... Oh and one more thing, I have a hold of UEA prisoners... now would you like to be the ones to send them back through the wormhole or should I? I think it would help the situation between the UEA and yourself, I know I know... History would prove me otherwise but at least it would make you the better people” Pollux said.

"I will not play any part in mass murder, or holding men hostage so far from home. We will send them back." Tchaikovsky said. "The UEA's hate of us is too strong to be repaired, but at least we might try to correct some small part of it." Turning to the shelf behind his desk, Tchaikovsky retrieved a sheaf of papers and handed them to Korim. "Major, deliver these to the highest ranking UEA officer held on the Illumination. They are free to go." The Marine saluted, and hurried out. "Captain, one other thing..." he called as Pollux and his aides were leaving. "Is there anything we can assist with at the moment? My guess is that this galaxy is not a peaceful place, and we've already picked up transmissions about a war. If there is anything at all we can do to help the Union, just ask."

Pollux nodded “Excellent I will arrange the transport of the prisoners off the ship as soon as possible, and as for the war...” Pollux frowned “There is a large galactic war on... however I think it would be best for your people to expand and get your territory up first before entering such a war... we may ask for help if we are attacked in our own territory but otherwise we shall defend you until you are ready to help us. How does that sound? I do however have a data pad on the war. Here” Pollux handed over a data slate about the war.

"Gods preserve us all..." Tchaikovsky muttered. The data Pollux had just handed him was mind boggling. The war raging outside the NUSSR's colonial borders was at least twenty times as terrible as the one that had been fought between NUSSR and UEA for two hundred years, and was still going. "Forgive me, Captain." he stated. "I had no idea things were so bad. I will heed your advice, and call for reinforcements from home. In the meantime, we will begin establishing a permanent colony here. Gods speed you on your way, Captain." Tchaikovsky shook Pollux's hand again, then saluted as the Union Captain left theTeshran'sbridge.
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