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December 26, 2013


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Hey guys im putting this up as an idea to be reveiwed and maybe incorporated into Ancerious to help solve some of the problems between factions in conflicts. A few people have suggested to me that Ancerious would be better if we introduced 'stats' to each individual unit but this is impractical. The sheer amount of units and ships in ancerious would make it very hard to do and so I thought about it for a while.

While we cannot give and devise accurate stats for ALL the units in Ancerious I thought about giving each nation a generalise stat line in different technological areas. In this respect it will help solve somethings like the old 'Your empire seems to have so many strengths but little weaknesses' arguments that pop up occasionally.  Now this wont solve it totally but it will help show who needs to tone down or who needs an upgrade.

So. All of the stats which are shown below will be rated from 0-10. 0 being you dont have any of the stat (say you have 0 stealth you have no stealth capabilities for example) while 10 is the epitome of the stat so having 10 stealth for example (like the Flux or the Sicarii) means you will only ever be effectively detected by very very few things (unless you go waving your arms about screaming of course)

So here are the stats I have devised however more may be added on or amended:

Weapons: This is the stat to determine the power level of your weapons, so having a low grade from 2-4 means your weapons are under par and might not be able to contest with other nations shields or armour however you still may have some around that does damage. 5-6 on the scale means you have pretty average weapons while 7 upwards will mean your weapons are to be feared and will do serious damage to the enemy. A level 10 weapon stat will be very powerful indeed and only the most high end armour and shields will stop it. Of course these weapons may be balanced by having a long recharge time or something etc. if you need to balance them.

Armour: This stat is to determine the effectiveness of your armour composites. Having a low grade means your armour isnt very effective and so most weapon systems will penetrate it. Having an average grade will mean its partially effective and having a very high grade will mean the armour is incredibly good and able to withstand much firepower. They way you could think about it is that say your armour rating is 6 then it would absorb 60% of the weapons fire against it.

Shields: Much the same as Armour though of course the shields will be taking say if your grade 6 60% if the total weapons fire and the armour can then absorb 60% of whatever gets through or when the shields go down 60% of it again. Either way defenses if effective will allow your ships to survive more (obviously)

Speed: The sublight speed of your empires ships, if high then your ships will run rings around other factions and if slow they will only be able to go slowly. As a note if your ship size stat is over 6 then your speed stat will need to be lower than 6 mass does have a place in space and so if your ships are stupendously large then you obviously wont be going very fast in comparison to smaller ships.

Stealth: the stealth stat is how good your empire is at hiding itself, if the enemies sensor stat is higher than your stealth then they will be able to detect you most of the time. If its equal then you will be able to occasionally detect them. And if its lower depending on how much lower they will be able to only detect you with extreme rarity.

FTL: this stat determines the effectiveness of your nations FTL. If its low then your nation will take some time getting to its target and hense reaction will be slower, if the stat is average then you will  be able to respond fairly quickly and if its very high your FTL will allow your ships to be able to redeploy and move with extreme speed and efficiency. Obviously this stat all depends on what type of FTL your faction uses, fold drive and instant travel devices will obviously be high end while more traditional hyper space and slipspace travel will be lower.

Numbers: the number of ships that are typically deployed in a fleet or the total number of ships deployed for you in Ancerious if you have small fleets then obviously the stat will be low if your fleet sizes are average then a middle stat is needed and if your empire deploys huge waves of ships a high stat is needed. This is more to do with telling people what size your fleets are rather than a comparison stat though of course numbers count. (a small fleet is around the 5-40 mark, average is 40-200 and large fleets can be anywhere upwards. Though these numbers can be debated)

Point defense: this stat determines how good the nations point defense is against missiles and other incoming projectiles, if you dont have PD then put a 0 if yours isnt brilliant a low stat is good and do on. A PD of 10 would indicate your point defense is very close to infallible with 99% of incoming missiles, torpedoes and other projectiles being shot down.

Sensors: this determines how good you can detect stealth and other anomalies, if your sensors are low then 1-4 is in order, average sensors are 5-7 and high end sensors are 8-10 though a sensor rating of 10 would be able to detect pretty much everything though those with a stealth rating of 10 would be able to offer still some serious detection problems.

Size of ships: again this isnt a comparison stat more like a indication to people on how big your ships are, with such a wide variety of size in Ancerious its best put into these catagories:

0: max sizes of 2km
1: max sizes of up to 5km
2 Max sizes of up to 10km
3: max sizes o up to 15km
4 Mx sizes of up to 20km
5: Max sizes of up to 25km
6: Max sizes of up to 35km
7: Max sizes of up to 80km
8: Max sizes of up to 120km
9: Max sizes of up to 200km
10: Max sizes over 200km....

These again are very experimental and subject to much change.

Ground Forces: Here to determine the effectiveness of planetary and ground based forces, a low stat will obviously mean your forces are not well versed or geared for ground combat and so will be less effective vs other ground forces, an average stat indicates your armies are good enough as the norm for ground forces, and a high stat indicates your faction is more geared towards ground combat than maybe space combat. And a stat of 10 indicates your ground forces are the epitome of power (Take the Sicarii their ground force stat is 10 to indicate one of their people taking on entire companies of other troops)

Magic: To show the power and amount of magic a race has access to so a low stat means the race has little access to magic while a average stat means you have access to it and use it just as much as a normal weapon. A high stat indicates your race has powerful magic and it is one of your prime attributes, while a stat of 10 means your race is literally the epitome of magic in Ancerious.

As said these are not fixed or finished and is meant to be a founding basis of an idea for stats in Ancerious these have the capacity to be changed and debated and I hope if stats are made they are somewhat balanced to some degree, for an example I will do the Unions here:

Weapons: 6 (our weapons are pretty average mainly the usual will some extra bits)

Armour: 8 (our armour composites are very effective at what they do)

Shields: 9 (Again our shields are pretty damn effective as we focus on defense in space)

Speed: 5 (we use Ion drives and so our speed is average in combat)

Stealth: 3 (the reason this stat is low is our stealth is good but we HARDLY use it, and so its very low)

FTL: 5 (again we use slipspace and so its pretty average)

Numbers: 3 (our fleets are pretty small mainly 40- 70 ships at most for our usual fleets)

Point Defense: 9 (Again defense is very high)

Sensors: 6 (their good but not insane)

Size of ships: 5 (max Union sizes are 25km which is mainly Average from what I have observed in Ancerious)

Ground forces: 7 (Our ground forces are well versed and well trained/equipped)

Magic: 0 (we dont use or have access to magic)

So this is just an example, if you have any questions, suggestions, or want to do your own please do so below. I know this will spark some debate and I hope for this to be fine tuned with the help of suggestions.

Please comment
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Sartanis Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Weapons: 8 --- The Vistasi make use of a mixture of particle beam, energy/plasma, and crystalline missile-based weapons. They pack a punch, as they should. 

* Carriers/Dreadnoughts --- 5
* Drone Fighters --- 3

Shields: 4 --- [i]The will of the many will survive the death of the one. [/i]

Speed/Maneuverability: 10 --- [i] We are like lightning; stir the nest and you will be struck.[/i] 

Stealth: 2 --- [i] We have little use for stealth. Come to us directly, if you wish, and we will reciprocate. [/i] 

FTL: 8 --- The Vitasi make use of space-bridge technology, which allows very rapid FTL travel between spaces. 

Numbers: 10 --- [i] We are the Swarm. [/i] 

Point defense: 4 --- [i] You will run out of missiles; we will not run out of soldiers. [/i]  

Sensors: 4 --- [i] Hide from us, if you wish. You will emerge from the shadows eventually, and we will strike.[/i] 

Size of ships: Hugely varied. The drone ships are itty-bitty but numerous, the carriers average-sized but relatively unarmed, and the super dreadnoughts are large and in charge. 

Ground Forces: 5 --- [i] We are innumerable. [/i] 

Magic: 5 --- Biologically, the Vitasi possess psionic abilities that are more on the end of power psychokinesis and telepathy than 'magic'. They do not view these abilities as 'magic', but as a simple extension of their biology.

[[ So, basically, they are hella fast, there are a helluva lot of them, and the pack a helluva punch. The strength of their fleet depends on numbers, speed, and offensively geared tactics to overwhelm the enemy. While they are empathetic and each loss is felt throughout the entire collective mind, in the end, each soldier and ship is expendable for the greater good of the race. ]]


0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
I've read some of the others. They seem... unbalanced. A lot of very high numbers for no real reason. I mean, this is what I've got.

Expeditionary Fleet Stats:

Weapons: 5 (Whoo! Average!)
Hull Points: 7 (Tough and thick. Works great!)
Shields: 5 (It helps, but the IE doesn’t focus on shielding)
Speed: 5 (Whoo! Average!)
Maneuverability: 4 (Like a whale with an eating disorder.)
Stealth: 0 (What is this ‘stealth’ you speak of?)
FTL: 7 (Hyperspace travel, to be explained later.)
Numbers: 3 (General fleet size is anywhere from 10 to 150.)
Point Defense: 8 (Ships are bristling with it.)
Sensors: 7 (Sensors may not be powerful, but each ship has a lot of them.)
Size of ships: 5 (They are of average size, at least in Ancerious.)
Magic: 0.5 (Under development.)

Warfleet Stats:

Weapons: 7 (Disruptor weapons have the ability to bleed through shielding. Which is fun. Weapons are bigger, more powerful, and slightly more varied. And I.R.K. cannons, which are guns the size of ships.)
Hull Points: 9 (It’s like trying to hammer through a brick wall with an orange!)
Shields: 7 (It helps, but the IE doesn’t focus on shielding.)
Speed: 6 (Two engine types: Plasma Burst Engines and Warp Field Generators.)
Maneuverability: 3 (Like a necrotic whale with an eating disorder.)
FTL: 8 (Hyperspace, to be explained later.)
Numbers: 8 (Warfleet size: 250)
Point Defense: 9 (So many lasers. It’s like a rave in space!)
Sensors: 7 (Sensors aren’t strong, but there sure are a lot of them.)
Size of ships: 7 (Bigger is better.)
Magic: 0.5 (Under development.)

Void Fleet Stats:

Weapons: 10 (Tactical Void Distortion Cannons + Total Conversion Cannons + Shield Disruptors = Ouch.)
Hull Points: 1 (“We don’ need no armor. We’re so fast nothin’ but light can catch us, and that’s debatable.”)
Shields: 10 (Special Snowflake Shielding + Void Shielding = Can’t touch this.)
Speed: 9 or 10 (“We race light for sport.”)
Maneuverability: 10 (“We can dance across the ordinance of any enemy. No, really. This one guy actually danced his ship across enemy fire. It was crazy!”)
Stealth: 0 (“We don’t need to be stealthy, we’re fast!”)
FTL: 9 (Hyperspace, to be explained later.)
Numbers: 1 (There are only 300 in all of Ancerious.)
Point Defense: 5 (Whoo! Average!)
Sensors: 7 (Sensors aren’t strong, but there are a quite a lot of them.)
Size of ships: 2 (Bigger isn’t better.)
Magic: 0.5 (Under development.)

Hunter Fleet Stats:

Weapons: 3 at a distance. 9 in melee. (Limited to lasers and claws.)
“Hull” Points: 8 (Armor isn’t that tough, but it does grow back.)
Shields: 0 (Can’t mount shielding.)
Speed: 6 (Slightly better than average acceleration, for catching cowards.)
Maneuverability: 6 (Slightly better than average, for catching wily cowards.)
Stealth: 1 (Only optical camouflage.)
FTL: 4 (FTL is hard to do when you’re only working with living material.)
Numbers: 10 (The IE will drown the enemy in them.)
Point Defense: 3 (Can only support limit numbers.)
Sensors: 1 (They have eyes. Good eyes, but they’re still just eyes.)
Size of ships: 1 (The absolute largest may reach 1.5 miles in length.)
Magic: 0.5 (Under development.)

Ground Forces

Infantry: 8 (Excellent power armor, good training, excellent gear, and ¾ of the soldiers are tougher than nails. And so far they’re the only basic infantry that have their own shielding, I think.)
Vehicle: 6 (Powerful weapons, good adaptability, tough defenses, and fairly quick.)
Mech: 5 (Not one of the IE’s strong points, but what mechs they do have are strong.)
Aircraft: 4 (Mostly drones, with a few piloted aircraft. Personally, I plan to update the IE’s flyers soon.)
Magic: 0.5 (Under Development.)

Possible Stats

Cannon Fodder: 10 (In space, there are drones. On the surface, more drones. These drones do more than just attack and draw fire, they support the main force in various ways. On the ground, which I’ve yet to release, there are drones that project shield domes, repair vehicles, heal soldiers, act as mobile point defenses, support anti-air, etc. The basic cyborg soldier is easily the equivalent of most nations’ basic infantry. They are incredibly fast, numerous, tough, well armored, fairly well armed, easily replaced and suicidally brave.)
TenebraesRising Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Student General Artist
I'm with you on this on. These are some very well rounded statistics that make a lot of sense, and your use of multiple fleets is rather clever.
I might use this as a strong Reference base for when i submit mine.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Student General Artist
well taking out all the extra stuff and looking at your empire stats.

My freind yours is the most balanced yet, and i 100% agree with you, alot of high stats for no discernable reason at all alright yes a few deserve high stats on certain parts but not on everything.

Im currently thinking into a stat allocation system (Set number and you allocate to stuff)
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Is it safe to assume that a faction with 0 Weapons Stat and 0.055 Numbers Stat needs some serious boosting in the other areas to survive this RP?
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Student General Artist
yep though we are currently working something else to help this all
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I shall stay tuned, good sir! :D
0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
If you do include a set number, make it so that the 'Numbers Stat' doesn't use up any points.
After all, we all have roughly the same number of ships, or are limited to a certain number for various reasons. This means that the number of ships in a fleet is more of an individual preference than a stat. After all, fleets can be combined or split depending on the situation.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Student General Artist
oh dont worry ship size and number of ships wont be an allocation stat. 
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I thought this was supposed to be for your empire as a whole? Splitting it up like this LOOKS balanced, but added back together as one might when fighting a battle it's crooked.
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