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"Oh, Creator! Can monsters exist in the sight of him who alone knows how they were invented, how they invented themselves, and how they might not have invented themselves?”
― Charles Baudelaire

== (O) ==

The Altmans entity Reeled in the wake of the energies and distortions released by the opening of the devices known as the Uller’s boxes on the outer hull of the as of yet unknown ship. The distortions released forcing most, if not all of its rear sensors and scans into massive frenzies of data, that. Upon reviewing, made little to no mathematical or physical sense, the shapes and forms displayed in the place of the smaller ship breaking most of the known 3rd dimensional rules associated with normal space, going into the insane realms of the 4th and further dimensions often glimpsed while making shunt and rift jumps. Normal scans and optically based monitoring systems serving little to no useful purpose towards seeing through them.
As it turned its attention momentarily away from the aptly dubbed flash bang of quasi dimensional insanity occurring off of its stern, it took the precious milliseconds to check the status of its other rear side defenses and Ops. The entities manning the guns reporting back stating that their own methods of observation and tracking had been similarly disoriented, their lines of fire straying far from where the enemy craft had been sighted last, following mirror images and gravitational reflections of their attacker.
The manned guns had faired better in that aspect, but their crews would suffer for it none the less.. For while they could still roughly make out the location of the enemy vessel. The side effects of having such sights that multi-dimensional distortions and manipulations caused so rapidly appear before their eyes were quickly on setting them. The symptoms that had begun affecting them reportedly matching the effects of being exposed to a weak resonator pulse, those that were still living had been near totally incapacitated. While those that were calvarian, being of much sounder bodies and older more experienced minds, withstood the effects to a much better degree. But still found themselves both disoriented and too few in numbers to make an effective stand against the enemy craft.

Effectively, the altman and its rear defenses had been rendered both blind and disoriented by the unknown enemy ship. But for all of their ingenious methods of hiding themselves, they had not stripped the ship of its ability to strike back at them.

The Entity had known that it would have had little time before the Craft would open fire on it with whatever weapons it might have had mounted onboard it. Which it deducted, based on its disorientation tech, would doubtlessly be quite powerful. As well as utterly crippling if it was willing to get that suicidally close before attacking them, and it knew that it likely had even less time following the unleashing of the distortion effect.

But the unknown Race had failed to take any sort of action against the rosaud, now docked in the rearmost hanger. Facing their ship dead on. As the entity had hoped they would, the enemy ship had not accounted for it, assuming “Incorrectly.” Instead that it had intended to use the cruiser in conjunction with a living crew or an entity to either engage them, or perform a last ditch bomb run. What it had in mind was quite different.
The ship, it’s payload, engine cores, and its additional piece of specialized cargo that had been loaded into its forward hanger by the Altmans Loading automaton, was, In effect, one gigantic missile. Akin to the ancient fire ships used against the Spanish armada by the British navy so many millennia ago in the nearly forgotten battle of the Grave lines on the sphera of earth, And now. The microseconds counting down following the appearance of the distortions, the Entity chose the moment to deploy it.

The tethers holding the Rosaud in place in the vast hanger disengaged. The doors to the rear most hanger long sense standing open, “an oversight of the crew following their earlier engagement at ambrosious” as if in preparation of the movement the entity was about to pull. The cruiser now being held suspended. In the center of the hanger, held in place by a particular number of docking tethers.
These shifted, aiming the Rosaud towards where the last reports of the vessel, Coupled with very painfully recorded and acquired real time feeds intercepted from the SCC vessels as they moved to engage the lithe xterranian vessel. Allowed the entity to very crudely determine where the enemy craft was in relation to the rear of its hull, and it saw in those few moments of feed that it was rapidly closing the distance between itself and the Carriers stern.

Rushing headlong directly into its Trap.

The tethers holding the Rosaud in place first shifted in their position, aiming the nose of the cruiser towards the constantly shifting distortions. Aiming it at the roughly determined position of the enemy ship as it bore down on them with near blind determination, weapons no doubt primed and ready to unleash destruction on the carrier.

Then the entity released the Rosaud, Pivoting the Grav-tethers holding the cruiser in place forward at a rapid angle. The sudden tension forcing the vessel out of the hanger and through the shuttle doors in a massive sling shot movement. Sending the cruiser, minus its baffled flight crew. “Who had been, much to their confusion. Notified before hand not to board the vessel.” on a beeline towards the oncoming enemy ship. The Dimensionally generated distortions affecting its armored hull visually as its hulk closed the gap, but otherwise unchanging it on its course as it passed through the space created by the collapsed boxes on the attacking crafts outer hull plating.

It’s path bringing it to impact the oddly ridged hull of the Flux ship slightly off center on its starboard side, where its central fuselage connected to its forward most engine fin.
An automated Proximity alarm telling its onboard systems to begin deployment of its payload, Creating a spreading cluster of armed and explosively charged tellums as it impacted the Xterranian vessel. The combined kinetic force of both ships opposite momentums causing greater amounts of damage as the cruiser Smashed its way deep into the Fortunate Sons hull, crushing several of the mounted uller’s boxes inward as it did so. the tallums impacting across the vessels face mere moments later.

The gorgon had so offered a glimpse into the void, but the Altman had instead responded by plunging its sword into her neck.

[a response to Commodorehorton's post which can be found at the link below:

I know that this was a bit late in its nature, but hopefully now we can begin moving forward with this again.
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