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October 31, 2013


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Myric opened his eyes. He was dreaming, he was sure of it. It was rare that he dreamed now, this close to the end he rarely slept. He had no need to anymore, and when he did sleep he felt no different than when he had drifted off. However this time was different. He and Duneyer had finally had a night together and for once they had both decided to go to sleep directly after and make the night like those when they first met. Myric had merely turned himself off and gone to sleep, a blessing since the times where he was unable to sleep.

The dreamscape before him was different this time. It was a wasteland, he was stark naked here and had no weapons. It did not matter this was a dream, in his own world what he wanted happened. The blank wasteland was boring, he changed it to a bustling city but all that it changed to was yes a city. But one that had been destroyed. He raised an eyebrow, this was unusual. However it was then he felt the invasive presence, it was then he realized that this wasn’t actually his dream or inside his head.

"It’s a pleasure to meet you, ‘emperor’. Or rather, it's about time." a voice echoed suddenly throughout the open wasteland. “I’ve certainly waited long enough for this chance, this single, vulnerable moment, Myric." the voice sounded so close and yet so far to Myric, it's source unknown.

The Emperor looked around and saw nothing, something or someone was here with him, and it was obviously their doing why he was here. "Who are you? Show yourself and don’t be a coward" The Emperor said, he was unafraid yet confused at how he could be here, wherever here was,

"Coward?!" the voice sounded surprised and amused at the accusation. A trilling, inhuman laughter immediately followed the voice's surprise and the ground began to shake under Myric's feet. "You have no idea how wrong you are, Myric. Although, it's quite amusing that you see fit to call ME a coward."

The Emperor smiled "Then why don’t you show yourself like any true warrior would? Or am I too scary for you?" The Emperor said somewhat amused by this. At least this was something different to get him away from all the current problems.

A chuckle could be heard throughout the wasteland.

"I’m far above any "warrior" you speak of, Myric, and while you don’t seem to see the severity of the situation you’re in, I’ll gladly humor you." for a moment everything went silent, peaceful even save for the occasional gust of wind. until the ground in front of Myric began to crack with the imprints of massive cloven hooves, slowly moving from the direction city towards Myric with no visible body to cause them. the closer they got, the more of the entity began to was a creature, skeletal and blood red with three lashing tails and spikes covering it's body, a horned, bull-like head with a fused mouth and glowing white eyes, and a single, massive vertical red eye on its forehead between its horns. On its chest was a large black and red crystal in the shape of a "V". The beast's right arm was heavily armored and skeletal with 4 long, bony fingers. Its left arm matched its body, save for a long, sickle-like claw on its wrist. The creature stopped in front of Myric, towering over the tall humanoid and watching him with its blank, white eyes.

Myric grunted "So you finally chose to speak to me in person aye?" The Emperor looked the creature up and down, he was impressed, the creature looked very imposing and not of a race he had ever seen before. The Emperor smiled "So I take it you’re the one who has taken me here?" Myric said asking, he wasn’t intending to start a fight, he didn’t have armor or weapons however this did not bother him. He himself was a weapon, his armor and weapons were merely an extension of himself. Myric outstretched an arm as if to shake the creatures hand "I am Emperor Myric of the Union of Worlds" he said, after all this was a first contact scenario he was going to do it by the book.

The creature paused for a moment, as though considering how to react to this odd sight of this naked angel holding out his hand in good will. Despite the oddness of the situation its face was expressionless.

"I am Lord Phobos, the draconian of fear, god of nightmares, and king of the savage."  Phobos leaned in slightly and sniffed Myric's hand, exhaling hot air and steam but eventually placing a single blade-like claw in Myric's hand to shake as the rest of his hand was too big.

Myric cocked his head to one side "Lord of fear and god of nightmares? Sounds like something I actively fight against. I have met many claiming to be a god of fear and darkness though none have ever stood up to their claim" Myric stated, he clearly wasn’t impressed, in all honesty he was tired of being pronouncing their evil to him, it had happened far too many times now... However this had to be resolved one way or another. "What do you want? Why am I here?" He demanded.

Phobos smiled as best he could with his unnatural mouth.

"Then congratulations on weeding out the falsifiers and frauds, Myric, but for once in your life you stand before the truth. I’m not like the other ‘gods’ you have met, I do not lie about my divinity to boost my ego, I’m not here to prove myself to you, and have no intention of leaving here empty handed." suddenly a violent chill shot down Myric's spine.

Myric raised an eyebrow "You really think they said different? What have you come here for? To subjugate me? If so you will find yourself in a dilemma, many have tried to bend my will or break my mind, all have failed. I may as well tell you now, I do not deal with beings such as yourself, so perhaps you should start to become accustomed to being 'empty handed'" Myric suddenly spasmed and fell to the floor, his muscles convulsing violently... "Not here, not now..." He said clenching his teeth in pan.

Phobos laughed his inhuman laugh and looked down at Myric.

"You are not in the position to tell me this predictable drivel, Myric. I’m getting what I came for, whether you wish it or not!"

while Myric was distracted, Phobos' 3 tails swung from behind him and wrapped around Myrics legs and left arm, lifting him into the air, Phobos holding Myric's other arm in place with his own left arm, keeping Myric effectively suspended and immobile as a red haze began to engulf the angel.

"It seems your pain is my gain, 'emperor'." Phobos said with a chuckle.

Myric grunted but didn’t struggle. He knew not to try and stop the spasms. They were so regular now he was used to them. He let Phobos have his moment. Though the Emperor was incapacitated he knew he could fight back. Inside his mind Myric wanted to know what this creature wanted and so played along with the torture "You won’t get what you’re looking for demon. You think I am weak. You are horribly wrong" Myric said in pain as the spasms began to calm down.

Phobos remained expressionless and the red haze intensified around Myric. The scene around them changed to Myric's bed room where both he and Duneyer remain in deep sleep. Phobos grinned, his fangs visible under his skin.

" Dorin, Daniel, Chassavo, Shaw..Duneyer, Kahalin, Saffire... Flux, Carnaithians, Tenebraeans, Humans-" Phobos started listing out names and races until finally stopping on one

"Nakai...hmm...fascinating devices"'

Myric merely waited. He let the creature go through some of his thoughts. Keeping the more classified areas blocked. However at the mention of his family he grew angry "Tell me what you want now. Why am I here, you fool? Do you have any idea who I am?" Myric said and in an instant flooded Phobos’ mind with images of Xanthos and the Draken war. The images of Myric using his powers to destroy the creator of darkness in one final move. Just as Phobos was in his head, Myric was in Phobos’. He rummaged and found a desperation which wasn’t locked away but on the surface. A desperation to the whole again. Myric smiled but kept silent letting the creature reply.

Phobos only smiled, and looked into Myric's eyes with his own milky white orbs, the large red eye on his forehead focusing on Myric's own forehead, an intense pressure could be felt beginning to dig into his skull as the red haze intensified even more. Suddenly Duneyer began to writhe in her sleep.

"You may be strong, Myric, but you’ve made a huge error in judgment. You’ve assumed me to be some common villain in your whole 'good vs. evil' farce. You know why I’m here; you’ve been in my head. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t know who you were or what you were capable of. Give me what I’ve come here for, and I will spare your loved ones of my wrath"

Myric flooded with anger "You touch her, and you will have signed your own death. I will rip you apart with my bare hands, and not just I, but many other powerful beings will do the same. You are here because you want your own body back, the only reason you are here in this form is solely because this is a dreamscape. You are desperate for your body back" Myric said in pain.

Phobos burst out laughing.

"I’m already 'dead'! It doesn’t get any lower for me! Your threat lies empty in this wasteland you call a mind. But my threat-" Duneyer cries out in her sleep and holds her sides in pain. "- is very much alive and strong. A threat that I will make reality if you don’t give me what I want!"

Myric gritted his teeth in anger; he couldn’t help her; however he could still fight but Somehow he knew that wouldn’t work. he started to glow in light as his anger built "Humor me Phobos tell me what you want" Myric said as his glow intensified, Myric then tried to connect with Duneyers mind, trying to sooth her pain however it was no use he was cut off from her, this merely fueled his anger.

"I want my body back, to be free of this eternal nightmare and return to my godhood! You know of a way for that to happen, I saw it in your mind. Give me what I want, give me your secrets, and I shall spare your loved ones" Phobos was starting to lose his patience and Duneyer only struggled more and the red haze was working to smother Myric's glow.

Myric grunted in anger, his glow was intensifying... he could attack now, however this wasnt his dream, it was Phobos realm, Myric wasn’t powerful here; he knew if he attacked now he would fail. However... Myric’s mind rushed through the many possiblities and futures and centered on a course of action: If Phobos was allowed his body back he would be material... then... Myric could hunt him down and take his revenge. Myric frowned and began to speak "There is a machine which can do what you seek. It was made billions of years ago by the Nakai. It has the capacity to make one a body however incorporeal they may be. It would gift you your body back" Myric said.

However, Phobos,  know this: when you do regain your form there is no place you cannot hide. I will hunt you down"

Phobos merely smiled.

"Very well, Myric. But you know this, I’m not the only draconian you must worry about. And while you hunt me, they have already begun hunting the likes of you." Phobos took the information that Myric had made available to him. "And I have every intention of fighting back." Duneyer finally stopped writhing about and drifted back into peaceful sleep.

Myric laughed "You make such assumptions, I too have many like me, and if you want a war, demon, you will have one. Go and regain your body, quench your desperation and regain what you assume is godhood; I will be ready to stop your every move. And next time, Phobos, I won’t be so helpless" Myric said as his glow was reaching blinding levels.

"And neither will I" Phobos responded with a wide menacing grin as the light washed over him. Myric woke up, the red haze dissipating off of him, Duneyer just as she was in the dream.

Myric sighed, his wife moved around and woke up "What’s wrong baby? She said partly tired and confused Myric turned to her with a grimace "Spasms again?" She asked. Myric merely nodded "Yea... Spasms baby Go back to sleep. I’m ok" He said, she smiled and drifted back off. Myric merely stayed sat up looking outside of the Imperial Palace and straight into the flashes of a far off thunderstorm.


a project between :iconemperormyric: and myself. I hope you all enjoy, and happy Halloween!
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GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Myric merely waited. He let the creature go through some of his thoughts. Keeping the more classified areas blocked. However at the mention of his family he grew angry "Tell me what you want now. Why am I here, you fool? Do you have any idea who I am?"

EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student General Artist
Dark-sontheWolf137 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Phobos better not goes into Darkson's mind and dream, sure he's the god of nightmare, but even his mightily power cannot handily the darkest momenst that he hand witness and took part in, and a dark being more powerful then he and you combine won't like anyone enters his mind and be use as a weapon or a slave the demon rumors to he the son the one true Ultimate Evil wi not let anyone in Darkson's mind
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes yes, we're sure your really terrifying to certain know puppies, kittens, gerbils and such... but when will it be that you will be come threatening and scary to something that matters?
Dark-sontheWolf137 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The answer: never
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so....your ultimately worthless and not threatening? good to know...I shall inform the actual powers of all that exists that you are not worth their notice and impotent in power.  Thank you kindly for saving them a lot of trouble.
Dark-sontheWolf137 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
=.= not what I meant Einstein
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
heh heh heh... your cliche too? Oh this gets better by the minute :D
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EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Right... Well considering inside Myrics mind is the essence of darkness Phobos is pretty damn powerful...
Dark-sontheWolf137 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trust me Golden Angel doesn't know the power that Darkson carries
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