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Ghosts of Orasie

The sunlight glared into the prestine and serene bridge as a clad fully armored warrior broke the unnatural  silence with a gracefull walk onto the command holo field, the lights blazed on while the warriors fingers began gliding through  the glowing holo field which surrounded him.

'Destination to Orasie Comfirmed'
A voice echoed out through the seemingly empty bridge

'Whats the brief?'
Inquired another warrior that appeared out of darkness which never existed.

The warrior that's surrounded by fluorescent lights turned around and shared a glance with the questioning warrior.

'We have reports of a union scouting team going missing on Orasie, it's our job to find them and eliminate any threats'

'Isnt this a job for the union itself Drogo?' Inquired the shadowed warrior.

'It would be if their rescue efforts have not been mysteriously vanishing Eddard' deftly replied Drogo

'The flux?' Inquired a new body in the now brightly lit bridge

'We are not sure, every-time we gather intel it gets compromised, which would mean it could be them, is the dragon ready and primed Jex?' Responded the now pacing Drogo, his armour glistening in the newly bright lights.

'Ready as he will ever be, the calipers are a bit desynced but it shouldn't be a problem once I'm phased in.' Replied Jex now taking a seat next to the holo field.

'Permission to speak freely Drogo?' Inquired Eddard also taking a seat

'Permission granted, that goes for you too Jex' said Drogo taking his seat among his brothers.

All three Sicarii de materialized their helmets and revealed their sharply cut features, Drogo had an ominous scar located on his left eyebrow and a red paint mark on the bridge of his nose indicating that he is the commanding body.

'So what's the plan?' Jex inquired silently but deftly.

'I and Eddard will drop in outside enemy borders and survey the surroundings and scan in a body count while you chill out in orbit until we activate a flash beacon.' Replied Drogo a bit more relaxed as he took in a breath of fresh air which he didn't need.

'Dont hog all the kills Cap'n' joked Jex as he sparked up a cigarette

'Ahhh to the union and humans these 'cigarettes' are harmful but luckily we badassness can break down the carbon and actually improve our performance!' Said Jex as he reclined in his seat.

'What is this? A biology lesson?' Jutted in Eddard. All three Sicarians shared a laugh and Eddard and Drogo each sparked up their own cigarettes. All three looked serene and at peace even in the fact of knowing that at the press of button will be going into combat.

'Everyone ready?' Demanded Drogo as he got up and re-martialized his helmet that had the features of a human skull on his reinforced visor, all other ghosts shared this appearance as they are known for 'ghosting' the enemy.

The other two ghosts got up and re-materialized their helmets and did last minute weapon checks.

'Jump to Orasie stealthed' boomed Drogo as he also participated in last minute weapon checks.

The ships AI stated
'Jumping in 3...2...1'
And in less than a heartbeat the planet of Orasie appeared on the monitors.

'Initiate time warp inhibitors parameters and redirect shipping lanes that are in the proximity of sight and radar' instructed Drogo to the ship

'Already done Drogo' reported
B.I.R.O the ships AI

'Ready chaps?' Said Drogo as he turned to his brothers

'I think ready is an understatement!' Chimed Jex who bowed an then left to the hanger to get phased in his other body.

'Gotta love those dragon pilots!' Stated Eddard as he initiated his spectrum vision.

'Yeah their as hard as that Myric's Athena plate' agreed Drogo as he too initiated his spectrum vison.
Drogo and Eddard walked into the center of the room and activated their ghost drive.
They disappeared from reality but their presence was still know to each other, on each ghosts HUD they could see their brothers as clear as somone seeing a tank. They exchanged a nod and jumped onto Orasie with the determination no human could ever muster.

They landed on top of a sand dune at one with their environment, the winds made the sand glide around their non existent bodies

'I see a fucking army! What are they all doing here so close to home??' Said Eddard astonished.

'Someone or somthing must have alerted Capital that they would be expecting company, I wouldn't worry it doesn't make our job that much harder' calmly responded Drogo

'It does for Jex though' Ed stated while a smile made its arrival on his face for the thought of facing this army.

'He's a bloody dragon! He's been up against worst and survived.

'Hell yeah I have!' Shouted Jex through the neural comms

Drogo ignored his brother and now started the ghost protocol, the commanding ghost made his way down the sand dune signaling for Ed to follow, he surveyed an opening in the enemies defenses and took the opportunity to jump into the capital stronghold but on the way he placed a de activated flash beacon at the main gate.

Jex watched his HUD and nodded to himself while he made his way to the hangar of the orbiting silent ship known as SOUL.

Drogo and Ed were inside with the enemy not suspecting a thing! They made their way around capital corridors without a sound and phased around like the ghosts they are.

'Im heading for the head honcho, you free the union scout party' ordered Drogo while pointing to a wall which the union could be seen several rooms down. Ed nodded and made his way to his objective while Drogo phased out of sight, Ed phased in and out avoiding capital guards and cutting them down when necessary until he reached the bulk head doors where 15 capital trooper stood gaurd chattering amongst themselves.

Ed walked straight up in front of them still cloaked an so close that he could smell them. He briefly listened to their conversation. They were talking about how 'weak' they Union are yet the seemed to disregard the fact that they were constantly hiding from them. Ed intervened as soon as one said.

'That Myric guy is a right pussy..'
At that instant Ed glided his blade through his neck and decloaked himself midway through the action and said

'At least he has friends'

All of the remain troopers recoiled in fear as they watched their comrade fall to the floor with his hand wrapped around his neck revealing the huge skull warrior behind.
They all raised they rifles but did so in vain as they we're cut down where they once stood. Now the only problem that remained was opening the bulkhead doors, Ed rummaged through the corpses in hope of finding a key but a thought rushed past him

'They wouldn't trust these dogs with a key'

Ed attempted to jump into the room but it was in vain as the room was too clustered to for him to phase in. He materialize his blade an drove it into the bulkhead and slowly cut circle through, sparks flew everywhere as he continued cutting his way through.
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