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As beautiful as planet Hao was, the tiny world with its small and welcoming populace; couldn't anticipate the arrival of foreign diplomats. The city of Urbis 'A Hao, just two hundred miles north of the capital Nineva, was buzzing with activity. The military and tourist center of Hao, Urbis 'A Hao, which means City Of Hope, was being prepared for the Stateswoman Jaquelin Mass and her husband Hector Jerome. The magnificent Sistine Flores, the tall diplomatic mission in the colonies, glistened with the arrival of the morning sun. It was 8:56 AM, August 25th.

Sitting in her spacious office, Mrs. Mass, was waiting for the word from the astronomers that the Trinovan flag ship had arrived. It seemed like an hour wait for her, when twenty minutes later, astronomer Elias Nouse walked in to announce that a foreign ship was orbiting above the city. "Flag them down," Replied Jaquelin.

The meeting would be brief: discussions on ideas for trade and a possible peace treaty with this foreign power. Nothing more. As the small Trinovan ship landed peacefully and swiftly on the runway, Jaquelin, looking out her window, waited patiently. The choreographed event would see her leaving the front door of the building to greet the king of Trinova.

"Mrs Mass, we are ready for you and Hector." Stated her security guard. Head Proatorian Ergoz Palpa.
"Thank you, Mr. Palpa." Was Jaquelin's reply. She had forgotten Hector was in the room napping on the sofa facing her desk.

"Okay, my dear?" He inquired of his wife.
"I'm fine," Jaquelin replied. "It's just that we haven't met another democracy out here. It feels so lonley without having true, steadfast allies who understand our system of government." She continued.

The loudspeakers boomed. "Introducing the Executive Statesman, Jaquelin Mass and First Man Hector Jerome!" Soon after, the national anthem started up with composer Hegio Dal conducting.  Pausing at the red carpet, which on either side were military soldiers dressed in the uniform of their branches; Jaquelin surveyed the scene.

The soldiers nearest her were holding S7b assault rifles - for show as well as her protection. They were wearing the dark black and gold dress uniforms of the Hell Jumper Alpha special forces. There were ten of them. Five on either side. Moving down the rank, were the white clad armed services. Wearing their signature Baylar Hats.  They were finally followed by the three seamen in blue, two Civil Defenders in gold; and celestial fleet in green military dress uniforms. As Jaquelin waited at the podium before the red carpet, she saw three orbital strike fighter jets fly past, and one bomber close behind. Flying in a T formation towards the downtown. The anthem faded off, as Jaquelin waited for the cue to introduce her guests.

The cue came in the form of the loudspeakers. "Introducing King William and Queen Serena of the Kingdom of Trinova and her colonies. The Stateswoman will give them a few words before they disembark and join her on tour of our beautiful planet!"
Jaquelin smiled a fake smile noticed only by her. The soldiers saluted while the Hell Jumpers clicked their boots.

"As we all know, the Interstellar Covenanted States seeks to expand our horizons. Meet new friends, and explore the rights and privileges they might provide.  As my mentor - long may he live in peace - would say, we are proud to announce a new star on the horizon. And that star is the bright star of Trinova. King Willion, Queen Serena: I welcome you to Planet Hao. Planet Hope, in light that you would join us in peace, friendship and an exchange of ideas. Welcome to our world."

At this, the King, wearing a magnificent white uniform and crown, disembarked. Followed by the queen, wearing royal purple. The soldiers held out a salute as the civilian crowd cheered. The national anthem played again as Jaquelin promptly shook the hand of King William and hugged Queen Serena. She turned off her microphone, and smiled at the king. "We are pleased to welcome you to Hao. Please don't take offense at our simple ways. We are very welcoming people." She said with a pleasant smile. As the king replied, "Think nothing of it, my dear."  Jaquelin smiled pleasantly, and waved to the crowd. Behind her, Hector shook the King's hand and hugged the Queen. Introducing himself promptly.
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