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December 11, 2013


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The 3rd fleet entered the system at its edge and began their travel towards the energy readings they'd picked up. The fleet constited of the dreadnought Arcing Transendance along with 5 Pracelo class battleships, 4 carriers ,around 10 cruisers and a further 10 light cruisers and smaller groups of escorts. Captain Orras leader of the fleet stood aboard the bridge of his dreadnought and looked towards the bright sun at the systems heart.
From what sensors could determine at this range there seemed to be one heavily colonised planet in system along with a gas giant and an barren planet devoid of any life. The inhabited planet however had one moon which seemed heavily garrisoned and much activity as ships to it from the planet below. In orbit a sizable ship force could be detected but they seemed to be staying at the planet, and did not have appeared to notice the Nex fleets presence.                                                 "Take us in further and attempt to hail them" Orras barked and the fleet advanced towards the planet.

Captain Kurze of the 45th Death Trooper Imperial Fleet was sitting on the bridge of his Taurus Class Battleship when one of the helmsmen noticed a blip on the long range scanners. Kurze was not worried because they looked like they were keeping their distance and maybe they will stay that way and pass around. But just in case he ordered his crew and the other ships crew which was only another Taurus and 50 Nightmare Class Frigates to Battle stations in case it got hairy.

The fleet before them appeared to be holding station, and so Orras decided a hail would be wise. "Hail strangers, I am Captain Orras of the Nexus 3rd fleet. We detected an energy signature in this area of space and came to investigate."

Kurze heard a message play through comms hailing them he then replied.                                                “Strangers this is Captain Kurze of the 45th Death Trooper Imperial Fleet and that reading signature you received was possibly are factorums working so your presence is not needed"

"Finally, a species capable of speech! Long have i bored of mindless herbivores and small rodents. There is no need for hostility my friends, we seek only allies in this strange new place, surely some civility is possible?" Orras grimaced, if things were to get ugly he had no way of gauging this new races martial power and with the number of ships he had he worried that he may be forced to flee.

"This is our quadrant of this system we ask for you to leave now we don’t want any business with you we have only just met". Kurze turned to one of his helmsmen and told him to ready the guns but not reveal them to this species.
"Captain, the enemy are powering weapons but not firing!" Orras sighed and quickly regained his composure.                                                                                                                                                         "We have no quarrel with you and you would be wise to make business with those who offer friendship in this galaxy, if you continue to charge your weapons you will leave me no choice but to engage you". Big words, he thought to himself, but would his force survive an attack from a fleet outnumbering their own?

Kurze was starting to lose his temper with this strange fleet why were they not leaving the system. He turned to the helmsman and said "Open gun ports and target the now enemy fleet and then on my mark fire". Kurze then sent a ground warning to the garrison stationed on Krieg’s small moon and told them to prepare for battle.

"Captain, enemy gun ports are opening!” So yet more bloodshed it seemed, was there no end to that in this galaxy?                                                                                                                                               "All ships prepare to engage the enemy fleet, make use of your speed and try not to get too close! All bays launch drones and target the two larger ships, escorts engage their frigates, same to the cruisers!" At his command the fleet surged forwards at speeds that seemed impossible for such large ships. Orras hoped this display would at least shake his foes, if not at least startle them momentarily. As the fleet surged hundreds of suicidium class drones moved with them with many a diamantus torpedo amongst them. Those that found there mark could potentially cripple the enemy ships, Orras merely feared the enemy return fire...

Kurze watched his new enemies fleet move at incredible speeds but this did not cripple his or his crews moral. Then at a sudden loud roar of Kurze’  voice to "FIRE". The Taurus Battleship open fired but only a few rounds hit their target and the rest miss because of the great speed of the enemy ships. "Damn" said Kurze "How are there ships so fast" "Frigates open fire on those small attack aircraft coming right at us". Kurze under his breath cursed his new enemy.

Orras watched as 2 escorts were ripped apart by the enemies salvo and a further 3 were crippled. Whilst it was a great loss he maintained his composure, allowing a small smirk to cross his face as he watched the torpedoes and drones impact the enemy frigates. As horrific as it was, he considered it a beautiful sight as the diamantus bloomed on the foes, and he imagined what their crews must be doing and if they truly knew the full extent of their doom. As more drones pumped from the hangars and sped towards the oppositions ships he hoped he would be able to cope with the losses he would take.                                                                                                                                                               "Evasive manoeuvres their guns are powerful and will rip us apart if we give them a good shot! Keep firing for all its worth, I count at least 7 of them hit by diamantus, we have to keep up with attacks like that!"

Kurze watch as some of the drones got through the constant fire from the frigates, and then watched as 7 of them got torn asunder by these small nimble craft. For a brief second Kurze bowed his head to mourn the loss of the crew of the frigates. "Keep firing we have destroyed 2 of their ships and crippled 3 so keep firing and we can do some damage". Kurze’s own battleship was damaged from the fray he and his crew know that eventually there speed will out manoeuvre there gun so just he thought keep the fire up and suppress them. He sent another message to the ground forces and told them to bolster defences because eventually they will have to pull back.

The battle raged on for many hours, the Nex's speed allowing them to greatly out manoeuvre their foes, as their nimble ship darted around the Krieg fleet they caused extreme damage with their diamantus weapons. The Krieg struggled to track the nimble ships however when a shot finally hit home, it severely damaged its target leaving many a Nex ship immobilised and drifting, at the mercy of the Krieg guns. After much of this combat the Nex began to start appearing as the victors as their nimble craft peppered the Krieg ships into oblivion.

Kurze knew that that the battle above the krieg moon was being lost so he made a crucial decision to pull off his and the other battleship and the remaining frigates and let the land forces deal with whatever infantry there is. "Kurze  to all ground forces the enemy are now coming for you it is your time to please the Warmaster, Also remember that you are trained to the highest standard so do the Warmaster proud and think the people you are protecting, men i Salute you". With these final words Kurze and the remains of the 45th Death Trooper Imperial Fleet broke off and headed back to Krieg.

Orras sighed with relief as the enemy craft broke off and fled.                                                                 "Do not pursue, they fought well and we will not cut them down for that. Damage report?"      "Arcing Transcendence sustained large amounts of damage but is still operable, 6 escorts abandoned, a further 7 destroyed. 7 Cruisers rendered severely damaged or destroyed, 1 battle ship reads destroyed, 1 crippled, 3 majorly damaged. 1 Carrier destroyed, remaining 3 on station. Light cruisers all but wiped out, 2 still operable, 3 crippled." Severe losses had been sustained, but enough ships remained to continue the offensive.                                                                                                     "All operable ships, prepare to assault the enemy moon! We will show them the fury of Nexus!"

Part 1 of an RP between me and :iconthekorpsofkrieg:

The Nex Belong to me. :iconcrystalnexus:

The Krieg Death Troopers belong to :iconthekorpsofkrieg:
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GratefulReflex Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
good stuff.  I like the way you handled the normal ethics of warfare.
EmperorMyric Dec 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Excellent man! good to see some more background stuff!
Indeed, fun to do to :) This will be an interesting conflict 
TheKorpsOfKrieg Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
indeed it will be hopefully you wont destroy the whole garrison
all depends on your handling of my forces my friend!
TheKorpsOfKrieg Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist

I know I have to be tactical


And if not that, then tactical nuke.
Very tactical XD
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