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"You're heroes. Children in our schools will learn about your heroism.
You have come through missions that were complex and demanding,
missions for which you have risked your own health and lives."
- Czech Republic Minister of Defence Jaroslav Tvrdik

The 1MC crackled loudly; "FIRE FIRE FIRE, Class D, Fire in Compartment 2E, Engineroom 2, Away Shipboard Fireteams, Supply from Damage Control 2 Charlie! Fire Fire Fire!" The ship seemed to turn into a bustle as 2nd Lieutenant Sindrion Kaeven was shoved to one side into a bulkhead, cussing as a Theropodan Damage Controlman shoved him out of the way...  "Gods bedamned!" He cursed and turned to follow, being an A-Ganger, while Auxuillary wasn't in Engineroom 2 it was still engineering and he was part of one of the Damage Control Teams.  He turned down another passageway... smoke choking as he kept low... lighting was flickering in this section of the vessel as the shrill klaxon rang hard in his ears as he rushed to Damage Control 2C.

Arriving, he grabbed his space-mask and began suiting out in his Hard-shell skin-suit. Turning to look at his Fireteam leader he checked the Raptorian's collar seal and thumped him on the helmet. "You good, check me!" The Raptorian looked him over as the 1MC Clanged again; "Now, Venting Atmosphere, Compartment 2E, Engineroom 2. 15 Seconds to full compartment seal, all hands to stand clear! Now, Venting Atmosphere!"  The Raptorian grit his teeth as he was given a thumbs up by the team leader. Grabbing the Plasma-Cutting lance he nodded to the Theropodan who was hefting the massive pack of the Cryo-extinguisher. There was a squealing sound and then a loud *CRUMP-WHAM* As the passageway air-doors were slammed shut and then a loud *wooooosh*-ing sound as air was violently vented. Sindrion stumbled at the rush of air, but was caught by the team leader.

"Class D, burning metals. Oxygen depravation isn't going to do -shit-, but it stops us from having A, B, and C class fires as easily. Let's go!" The team of six saurians slipped out of the fire, staying low and moving carefully, eaching having one another's back as they entered the engine room. The place was like Dante's inferno. Lights had long since gone out in this compartment, but it almost instantly caused Sindrion to shield his eyes as he shouted; "Orders..?!" The Damage Control Chief looked around briefly, "Sindrion, Allens, take the left side, Sindrion start using your cutter to separate the metals that are burning from the rest of the core. Allens, use your Cryo-unit to try and slow the fire or put it o-"

A massive explosion of a plasma conduit shook the room and the fireteam was peppered with shrapnel. As Sindrion got his senses back he heard... screams... as he looked around he saw the Chief, hanging from the nearby wall, a jagged piece of metal right through his face-plate gore being sucked out the broken crystalline metallic compound used to make the face-plate... he wasn't screaming, As Sindrion looked around he spotted the theropodan, warm lopped off at the elbow and the only thing keeping him alive was the fact the stump was frozen solid... along with half his lower body... the screams were going quiet as the damaged Cryo-unit quickly froze his body from the inside out... Four more casualties... "Bridge, we have Six men down, do you copy?! Second more tea-" As he looked up, there was a shudder and a crackling...-sound...? In a vacuum? He looked up at the core... and the world went white.

the SKSV Solitude went up like a Roman Candle with nearly 500 Saurian Souls aboard. the white ball of a fusion explosion vaporized half the ship and caused Engineroom 1's Fusion core to go up in a massive secondary explosion. No survivors were ever found.

--SKSV Reticent

The 1MC Crackled, "This is your Captain speaking, We have recieved word that the SKSV Solitude was recently lost to unknown reasons. Lost with all Hands. We've been tasked with her mission. I have just been informed of that mission and the reason why. Shit just went hot in this universe. The Immortal Empire and the Tenebreans just made this cold war into a solar flare. We're the nearest intelligence vessel to the conflict, so we've been retasked from checking out systems to dropping our asses into a warzone. We don't have all that good of intel on these guys, it's the reason we're gunna be watching. So get your game faces on, because our easy day was yesterday." The Theropodan paused; before clicking it off. "Sound general quarters. we're going in."

The SKSV Reticent came about and powered it's Slipstream drive as the sharp call of; "General Quarters, General Quarters! All hands man your battle stations. Up and forward to starboard, down and aft to port. General Quarters, General Quarters!" echoed through the passageways, followed by the dim of clawed boots thundering throughout the ship. Ten minutes later the ship disappeared under stealth and Slipstream jumped towards the system known as "Ambrosius" by locals... hopefully appearing on the edge of the system under full stealth to monitor the battle while creeping closer.
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0verlordofyou Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
Careful. The Eye of the Overlord is ever observant.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Student General Artist
What caused the ship to be destroyed?
Toby-Phealin Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
Presumably, the fusion core exploding rather violently. But some claim it was the chief engineer lighting farts. =P

Oh! You mean what caused the fusion core explosion? The fire. Who set the fire? Well now... -that- is an interesting question.
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Student General Artist
so the ship was probably involved in a fire fight with either faction...
GratefulReflex Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure whats going on in this one other then a saurian ship getting blown up...was this a collab RP event? Otherwise great writing and good attention to detail especially in the departments of damage control the hazards of space and that poor guy who got turned into a dino-sicle.
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