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4.7 Months ago.

Myric waited. He sat outside the grand council chambers on Tenebris 888 waiting to be heard. He was alone. He had dismissed his guards and any company. what was to come next would be a huge step between the two great allies. the events that unfolded were enough to potentially break the alliance. It was up to Myric to keep everything intact.
I can't tell them... He thought. no matter what. He knew how to explain them but he wished he could explain in full. alas fate foretold how this would play out and so he waited. The next few hours would be a testing time but one of worth. Myric wore no Armour for he did not need it here. He came before the council humble and open as a friend should. though he was uncovered his form was still imposing and glowing in golden radiance. It was then he looked up.

Within the massive vaulted room of the chamber, the members of the tenebrean council spoke amongst themselves, the Echos of thier individual conversations carrying throughout the meeting chamber in a low rumble. The events following the Attack on exceion and the subsequent outbreak of the Fungal pandemic known as the Vexation had sent the Colonial Councils and Ministries into an uproar, and sending military commanders moving to Deploy troops and warfleets to the over 3500 colony systems under thier command there, before moving on to prepare a return attack force.

Grande Councilmen Skullow was silent as he listened to them, His advisor Temporose standing off to his right. The last few days had been Hectic as they prepeared to defend their systems from further attacks by the Immortal Empire, Naturally. They had Reached out to several of their allies within ancerious to assist them, and while they had received promise of assistance from the empire known as Carnaith, they were shocked to hear that The union, one of their closest and oldest allies, had Refused To take part in the struggle.
He tilted his head thoughtfully, There had to be some sort of reasoning for this, it was totally unlike their usually war-eager Allies of the union, the union leader, Emporor myric was to attend their council that day, Skullow creased his brows as he hoped that the Emporor would shead some light on the situation.

Myric stood up. he sensed now was the time. He entered the council chambers. Not with his head cowed but open and looked straight at the council. He knew he had done know wrong and prevented an even greater tradgerdy than this war. He stood and crossed his arms behind his back and waited for the council to address him.

The councilmens debates and arguments among themselves slowly abated as the radiant figure entered the chamber. the council members going quiet as they watched his progress to the center of the room, where he had stood so many years ago on the day that the two empires had become allies. Some, the councilmen representing the colonial councils, continued their conversations and debates. But largely. the room went silent.

Skullow sat forward, Temporose taking a few steps forward behind him as he did. "Greetings Emperor. For my people i must say that it is an honor to have you standing among us yet again."

Myric bowed "It is an honor to be here too Skullow my friend. Too long it has been since i was here among friends"

"Indeed." the Skull masked wolf-like Creature nodded. "I would only wish that it would be under better circumstances."

"Agreed" Myric said saddened "I am here to explain my actions Skullow... I know you need to know why my people cannot intervene despite how much i want to"
Myric turned to all the council "I am here to explain to all of you"
"I have come as a humble friend seeking both understanding and forgiveness"

Skullow inhaled softly. "That would be true Emporor. These are dark times for my people, of multiple races and empires within the Collective as well i might add. An explanation for the unions lack of movement might be necessary."
At this many of the members of the council broke into arguments again, a huge number of them aimed at the glowing figure standing in the center of the room. Temporose Raised a hand ushering silence, and their voiced died down again. "Silence" the Drake ushered. "the emperor has yet to explain his position..."

"You wish to know why i cannot help you. It is both simple and complex. I understand your need for an explanation and i shall give one. My friends it all bogs down to a decision. Between two timelines. I did not think on this lightly and i cultivated every option. but in the end i could only choose one decision" Myric explained.

"My friends, i was confronted by a choice. A choice between the death of millions and the death of uncountable numbers. Either a limited war where the Union didn't get involved and billions would be saved or one where we heeded your call and trillions from all nations died. Faced with this choice i too think you would of chosen my decision" Myric said turning to Skullow.

"Timelines?" Temporose asked. Raising a ridged eyebrow. Skullows expression remained unchanged as he heard the emperors explanation. "And from where, might i inquire, did you receive information of these "timelines" Myric? Such things are difficult to gain knowledge of, even amongst my people."

"I have access to the Nakai library of Dreams. I have read the Unions future and i am not allowed to speak of it due to the oath i took to the library keeper. I cannot reveal exactly what would of transpired for i would break that oath. You would understand the damage of wrong knowledge and knowing timelines you shouldn't" Myric replied.

"And have these "timelines." Told you of the Fate of all of the lives within our colony regions in ancerious? Or was that let out for Convenience?" Temporose Asked, skepticism heavy in the drakes voice." Skullow raised an arm for silence. pausing a moment to sigh before responding.
"Myric... i understand your reasoning, and i have made choices of that level as well in my time, but i am sad to say that Temporose has a strong argument. If you know the timelines as you say. What is to be the fate of the People of the empire that reside within the ancerious regions. Billions upon billions of lives... Was that information not given to you?

"It was... The war will spread and i will not lie. Millions will die. weapons will be unleashed of great power and death will rein" Myric said heavily.
"But... that is nothing compared to what could of been... Ancerious would have been the start... entire empires would have fallen... I can say no more im afaid" Myric muttered.

"But the Union WILL give you humanitarian aid as well as supplies ans resources. We will not be denied giving you that help. Only military action cannot be taken. I am sorry my friends"

"Are we not privy to the fate of our own people?" Temporose asked, as a new chorus of arguments and accusations resurfaced in the chamber.

Myric sighed. He would have to tell them eventually... he would have to tell a half truth... one which was oh so real yet not the whole reasons for the absence of intervention Myric cut through the arguments. "The Union is to soon succumb to civil war" He shouted with his head down.

"SILENCE!" Skullow shouted above the din of the chamber, standing up as the echos of the council members died away. He looked directly at myric. "Myric, I've known you for a good deal of time. And i understand that you would not place lives in danger unless it was for good reason, I cant say that i agree with your actions. but i trust you in that there for good cause..."

He sat back down in his chair. "But what did you mean by denied? is there someone directing you in all of this?"

"No i work as fate commands me. I know the timelines and i cannot re write them. I know what must come to pass... I have to make it happen for the good of all of us. You are right i would never harm anyone if i didn't have to but this is the only way. Skullow you know if i could i would stand by you side in an instant. But this is not that time" Myric continued.

"You understand the risk we face in light of the Immortal empire don't you?" Skullow Asked. "They would subjugate our people if they gain ground, we've seen what they did with the Cerabian empire... and there is no doubt that they would spread even further then that..."
"But, Still. i do trust you in all of this..."

"It wont come to that you have my utmost guarantee. If it came to that i would break any timeline to help you. But for now... I cannot" Myric said honestly.

"....Very Well." Skullow said. as a new chorus of protests came from the council chamber around him.
"We'll trust you on this Myric. but understand that other powers might not be so Honorable in how they follow through with agreements, i will ask this however, if the worst comes to worst. This war will last for years, Perhaps decades. space is vast, systems too, a single battle could very well last for a month or more. if and when that occurs... Our people will need to be E-vaced elsewhere." he looked at myric intensely. "Can we trust the Union for that at least."

"Of course my friend. But do not despair in the end i will stand beside you. I can offer you that much solace. It will be a while before i can allow such things but the timelines will change. I can tell you that much... and even then im not sure if the guardian will allow me such. All i can say is Skullow we are still your allies and will do everything we can" Myric said honorably.

The Creature nodded, rising from his ornate chair yet again, his eyes glittering behind his skull mask. "While my fellow Councilmens opinion on the matter may differ. i still believe you on that matter, Emperor." almost in response, a small wave of Din arose from the men seated about the room as they once again fell into talking amongst themselves on the matters at hand, while others continued to throw accusations towards the glowing figure of the emperor, and the standing grande councilmen.

Temporose remained silent, his Armored robes catching the light of the chamber, his armored head bowed, his face a mixture of mingled respect and Dubious resentment at the agreement.

"As i said before i will say it again. I am sorry i truly am. But take heart the Tenebrean empire is a grand nation. You will not be defeated by the Immortal Empire. Now my friends this is all i can give you explanation wise. I suggest you come to a conclusion with your opinions on the matter" Myric said ready for their verdict.

The council members voices died down to a low murmur as the men in the room went to talking quietly amongst themselves, skullow Turned his head, looking at all of them amongst the rows of chairs that circled the room, some already pulling up the Holo function units of their administrative V.E.A. units to cover their Decision of their verdict for the unions actions. With a somewhat wary sigh he sat back down again. "I can Overrule their decision if its of a negative level if i have to, But i can't guarantee anything myric..." he said, half exasperated. To the Emperor.

"Of course Skullow i understand" Said Myric waiting with patience. He hoped this would go the way he foresaw it to go.

the council members one by one, stopped their individual conversations, some going to their Holo screens, or Scribbling down note in small Drake leather bound books or loose sheets of Paper. as the  Councils collective entities began to tally up the statements and votes of their verdict. it started to compile a short summery of their majority voice on the matter, with smaller notes on the feeling of other factions listed below it. all appearing in the odd Concentric hieroglyphics of the Codex on a Holo-screen that projected itself in front of  skullow so that he might announce it over his V.E.A.s Vox function for all to hear.

Myric readied himself for the answer. the fate of two close nations now hung in the balance. Myric bowed his head and closed his eyes seeing the different timelines diverging showing the myriad of ways the next few moments could go and the probability of each until finally he grasped one. he then looked up and opened his eyes ready for Skullows announcement

The wolf-like creature leaned forward in his seat, reading over the text on the Screen hovering before him. his eyes moving from one side to the other as he looked it over, his face unreadable as he did. finally he stood, looking at the emperor as he did. "The council has Decreed, that the unions stance on this war, While both questionable and without properly addressed reasoning, remains sound, for the time being...

"their government, has acted upon the information, however ludicrous in nature. as a Rationally thinking Government should act. putting the risk of the few behind the risks of the many. colonial Administrations, while highly Against  the movement of non aggression by the union and its commanders on this Prospect, never the less appreciate the promise of Humanitarian aid, and the promise of a safe location to Evacuate the civilian population should a system find itself drawn into battle." he paused for a moment as he read over the notes further.

Myric sighed quietly the timeline had indeed been correct. He looked up and smiled "My friends i thank you greatly. I will stand by you still and you have my word on your civilians will safe with us. You will always have sanctuary in the Union. And your civilians will always be protected" Myric bowed.

there was a low murmur as the councilmembers in the room took in the Emperors words. skullow himself only nodded as he looked back down at the screen, a look of confusion on his face. Behind him, Temporose looked over his shoulder at the Holo display. "There is, something else here...  but its not part of the Report. Truth be told i don't know what to make of it myric. But the file is addressed to you..."

Myric raised an eyebrow " What? A file addressed to me?"

Skullow looked up at him, his own brows creased in mixed confusion. "Yes..."

impossible... Myric thought "Please show me"

Skullow touched the Screen, moving the file to a link in order to spin it over to the emperor, where a small Holo screen appeared in the air before him. Several councilmembers looking on with confusion, what was occurring was something that had taken them all by surprise. outside files could not simply appear within a Council chamber, the Council grid and its entities only spread so far as the building, and the security systems were nigh Impossible to hack. Naturally, they were all taken by surprise.

Myric tapped the icon in the center of the screen, a moment later a small Codex text file opened, to small for the councilmen to read, but still large enough for myric to see clearly.

Emperor. Don't place too much of your trust in what the messengers of the flux state, They don't hold as much control of the situation as they claim. their plans are going to Blow up in thier faces, and war is going to spread throughout ancerious. prepare yourself and your people, rough times are on the horizon, and even if your not in its path you'll still be slammed by the waves it puts out as it passes through.

~The Renegades

The Emperor read the message and looked up at the council members staring intently at him "My friends. I have some news for you. There will be a time when i fight by your side. Not soon but it will come" He closed the message and crossed his arms. "Is there anything more the council wishes me to discuss?"

The council went into an uproar at this, the Council men murmering and speaking of the news out loud to themselves and their neighbors. skullow while he remained silent, showed his expression with his face, which showed a mixture of ultimate surprise and mixed confusion. "no..." he said."But if i might inquire. What was on that File that has changed your outlook on things myric? its not for light reasons that one changes their stance so suddenly on things of this nature."

"Skullow my friend. There are forces at work bigger than all of us. Forces that have and haven't happened. I wish to say that the message was from such Forces. I am unable to say anymore. But i promise when the time comes i shall tell you everything. And you will understand" Myric bowed.

Skullow, nodded. "I have very little idea of what you've been getting at. But i am a creature of Great patience. Until the time comes, I shall wait for your word. but until then I'll keep my peace.

"Thank you" Myric said smiling. "Now council members i have a matter of great urgency to attend to. I thank you kindly for your time,patience and understanding. Your judgement was the right one. In time you will learn but for now..." Myric looked at Skullow "Goodbye my freinds" Myric said, raising a hand in fare well as he turned to leave the chamber. The councils debates following him out as a series of echoing sounds.

Skullow, watched the Emperor leave, leaning back in his chair slghtly as he did, Things were going to become difficult, war was on the horizon for the ancerious regions, and at this point, there was no backing out of it. He knew that just as well as the other council members knew it... They would have to prepare.
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