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Union High command Orbital: Mirach system: Union space

Hargun stood at the main viewing window on the Union High command orbital over Mirach Prime, beside him stood Captain Volkus and Captain Lydia, two of his high ranking officers. "Today is a momentous day my friends, the Union will help change this galaxy for the better, watch and learn, you are both my prodigies" Hargun said without looking at either, the redheaded Lydia merely nodded but volkus smiled "Then lets hope you don’t muck things up old friend" Hargun turned to Volkus and laughed "Just do your jobs and help the ambassadors and reps land safely, and make sure no funny businessmen happens, I'm guessing they suspect a trap but we have nothing to hide to them. All 3 of them looked up to see a message appear on the viewing glass "Sir we have multiple in bound jump signals coming in system" Hargun smiled "Many have come, today we shall forge a better tomorrow, now come we have work to do, once you have got them all in the hangar bay safely meet me there I will address the masses and then we shall begin the conference" All 3 saluted to each other and Lydia and Volkus walked off, Hargun took one quick look outside and smiled before walking off to the hangar bay to await the guests.

Aboard the CIGO Prowler: Mirach system Union space

Reik arrived in the CIGO prowler, four Orion VI-As in tow, and they immediately started sending off friendly IFF signals. the battleships held their ground, waiting for clearance, as Reik and the Prowler disengaged stealth systems and flew closer to the planet, some Union Firestorms pulling in close for escort.

Reik noticed the other jump-in blips and commented; "Hargun must have sent out a galaxy-wide message, huh? I wonder how many empires are here... in any case, this will be a major attraction for attack"

"I would agree sir" one of the techs on the corvette-sized ship answered

The Prowler, being small enough to dock at a small docking bridge, requested they did so and gained a spot in close proximity to the hangar where other delegates would-and probably were- be docking at. Reik exited the craft with only two CIGO agents, knowing the station was well secured. They walked down the hall which led to a door on the same level as the bay. Looking up, they saw Hargun on the podium.

Aboard the Sova Kol: Mirach System Union space

Several blue lights appear in space above Mirach Prime, materializing into the form of six Trinovan ships. The Sova Kol, grand flagship of the Trinovan Kingdom, and five Guardian-class Trinovan Destroyers appear out of phase space, establishing high orbit around the planet. "Orbit established, my liege," The pilot says to King William, who sits in the captain's chair of the bridge.

The Trinovan flagship follows the Union's escorts and docks at the hangar, King William denying a request for Trinovan security to escort him to the meeting. He touches the Spear of Destiny to the blue crystal on his wrist, making it disappear into energy storage. He senses that weapons and security will not be needed in this place. William walks the path down the hall to the hangar bay and stands next to the representative from Carnaith as he waits for the other delegates to arrive.

Port Asur: SSC Space

An incalculable number of maneuvering thrusters carefully nudged the Illuminary free of her berth within Port Asur. The move was almost an art form, a gentle tapping of the thrusters here, then there all in forward anticipation of the existing obstacles and other craft going about their daily business partly oblivious to the Illuminary’s slow maneuvers. The vessel crept towards an opened bay door through which the flickering darkness of space could be seen albeit slightly illuminated by the distant glare of a planetary body. Within minutes the Illuminary was outside and making a calculated turn the First destination was a designated rendezvous with the vessel selected as an envoy from the DHR and then, a joint trip to the destination region of the conference, a place called Mirach. It could have been called a momentous occasion; definitely the subject of great press had the press been told of it in advance. As it stood Press outlets such as Rothera were appraised only when calls came in claiming that the Illuminary was actually moving under her own power in the space lanes. But as the press mobilized the vessel of legend mostly in the debate of if or if not it existed had already disappeared into the clutches of hyperspace travel.

The trip itself across the myriad sectors and around countless astronomical features was surprisingly quiet and uneventful. For most aboard they barely knew the ship was moving; only those about the power cores felt any noticeable vibration or the minute effects of inertia and even then it was far more dampened then on other vessels. The emergence was no less smooth then the entrance to father than light travel as the ship entered the target rendezvous point to find the DHR’s own emissary waiting already just off the systems Nadir point. At first sensors didn’t quite identify the vessel instead categorizing it as several other vessels in part, sum or whole before Enrico himself saved the bridge crew the trouble.

“That is W-359, she’s a lot like us…the population has no idea she exists and of course a work quite far along in progress. Captain at your ready you can signal them and inform them we’re ready if they are…”

As the Illuminary slowed and banked gently to arrive on station beside the DHR vessel the two exchanged communications and information regarding the destination and nature of the meeting. More or less a final formalization of what the mission was, the two vessels were more or less symbolic, it wasn’t often nations sent out their flagships to conferences however this was important enough to warrant it. After some final calculations for navigation were made, and maneuvering completed to avoid any field effect entanglement the two vessels, the pride of two nations leapt into the void between the stars and made the trip across the face of the galaxy towards Mirach. Sometime later the two emerged at their destination; W-359 arrived first with the usual fanfare of hyper drive appearing in a burst of energy on the electro-magnetic and infrared. Milliseconds later as if in polar opposite suddenly the Illuminary emerged from her transit by merely flickering into existence without any announcing energy emissions save for the sudden change in local gravity fields. Once the confirmations of landing coordinates and such were completed the Illuminary launched a smaller flagged diplomatic vessel, too big to be a shuttle but too small to be a drop ship. The small vessel was more or less an especially large shuttle, typically referred to as a captain’s yacht for its accommodations followed the directives of traffic control as it neared its destination landing wherever directed.

Kui Xui system: DHR space

The large white bismark class would finally leave dock in the Kui Xui star system, where it had been secretly been held in military star port for a month in preparations safety from prying civilian eyes. It starts to reverse slowly as it then starts to angle to the side to bring its front to aim at the northern part of the galaxy. Power systems starting to charge up. Soon, a countdown begins. A massive flash of light and suddenly the ship was no more. then... Somewhere out in space.... W-359 suddenly appears in an un charted star system before setting a course to approach and cost along right next to a SCC vessel while they recharge there jump drive. A coded Allied communications burst spiking towards there counterpart as it drew near. The two large ships would stick together for the remainder of the journey. Passive and active sensors start to soak up the enviro and everything in it along the vast EM spectrum as it starts to aim itself.

After some conversing between the white bismark class and the escorts, the ship powers up its FTL and heads for the designated meeting place. Suddenly appearing over head of the possible other ships from various nations gathering at different places in the * air space * Counselor Rowan, Scissor Kitty, and her security detail make there way to the shuttle. Rowan grumps a bit as she looks one last time at the screen, then to a mirror as she adjusts her outfit. A bit different then normal, more of a business suit seeing not much was known about the other cultures" Bloody S.C.C. I blame them for having me sent here, i really do not trust so called meeting. But, to late to leave without hearing what they have to say now i suppose. "she thinks out loud a bit frumpled as she looks back to scissor kitty as she stands there with her arms crossed. She was wearing a sort of high tech body suit with an interesting combat belt where a new sort of PSU was attached, developed straight from the Din system.

After a moment scissor kitty shrugs, uncertain of it all herself as they both leave and head down the hall t words the shuttle bay. A strange looking brickish craft of large size and wings with internal repsulser rod matting inside glides on in. The high rearward cockpit with strange sensor works propped up behind it completing the strange design. It fly s over choosing a corner nearest the exit and comes to a landing. Counsler rowan soon departs and looks around crossing her arms and decidingly waiting for SCC to land.

Aboard the Might of Nexus: Mirach system Union space

The Might of Nexus appeared at the edge of system, glistening in the light of the distant sun.
“All systems functioning correctly my lord” one of the crew stated as the ship began to move in system.
“Excellent” Laramar proclaimed looking out at the Union system. “Take us towards the orbital but take heed of the smaller ships, wouldn’t do to crash into our allies!”
The Might of Nexus made its way towards the orbital, slowing every now and then to allow the smaller ships in system to dart out of the way. It began to slow as it neared the orbital, allowing itself a relative distance so as to allow other ships to maneuver towards the orbital or other destinations.
Laramar looked out at the orbital and some nearby ships whose markings he did not recognise.
“Ah more allies of the Union” He boomed his voice near echoing such was its volume. “It will be good to finally meet the others who wish for peace!”
With a final glance out, Laramar turned and walked towards one of the hangar bays upon the ship.
Such was its size the Might of Nexus could not get close, let alone dock with the orbital and so a shuttle would be sent towards the hangar indicated by transmissions from Union control.
Laramar stepped into the shuttle ready for him, gave a last nod to his crew, and began the journey to the orbital.
As the shuttle left the ship a wing of Union Firestorms formed up around it to escort it to the correct hangar.  At the last moment, the fighters broke off in a graceful maneuver and the shuttle entered the hanger, before reducing speed and touching down gently upon the deck.
Laramar strode from the shuttle looking at the others gathered in the hanger, towering over any currently there. He still did not understand this human custom of ‘hand shaking’ but did so, greeting the other delegates with as much tact as a 9 foot crystalline being could, then stepped away, and took his place amongst the delegates, waiting for the others to arrive and the conference to begin.

Mirach Prime: Union Space

Alexanduer was usually a fairly impatient man. It was in his nature, all things considered, and few people could blame him. But it was unfortunate that none of that impatience showed through at this point. These were the musings of the Admiral's aide, Jay, as he sat aside him, while he thumbed through page after page of drinks. He settled finally on an emotional relaxing drug, which gently altered mental state to cause people to, in colloquial terms, chill out.
"Are you done now, Admiral?"
"You sound impatient, Jay. You can't rush a choice like that."
"You can when your uniform's not set and we're about to Emerge."
"Oh, relax." He glances down at the vacsuit he wears, and within moments, the colours shift from gunmetal gray to a combination of elegant blacks and whites, with the flag of the Adectu across one breast, and a scrolling display of a considerable haul of ribbons and awards on the other. On each shoulder gleams a single row of four golden stars, and seams of gold run down each arm and down his legs. He runs his hand through his hair, winks at his aide, and says, "Simple."
The Liberty, his flagship, arrived followed by two Carriers and three battleships, all with volunteer crews. Despite his assumptions and reassurances, he was sure to bring enough ships to cover each other. The pilots of the fighters had volunteered personally to provide a screen should the capital ships need to retreat. The Liberty alone approaches, circling around the massive bulk of the Nexus, and avoiding the other ships, being guided directly into a place where they were able to hold, the singularity which yanked the ship along in its wake disappearing, a small shuttle detaching itself from the bulk of the larger- though still small, in the scheme of this gathering- ship.
Alex sits aboard the shuttle, his aide at his side, and as they exit into the room, he looks up to the podium, and mutters, "I can't imagine this'll be exciting, as momentous and important as it is."
Jay stares at him, and says, "Don't say that aloud, Admiral. Be more polite."

Mirach System: Union space

The shuttle of the Eramon council had Just rallied with a Union vessel Also going to the conference in the Mirach system. The shuttle was asked to dock inside the vessel, because it was crossing a potentially dangerous warzone. After all the shuttle hadn’t had enough fuel to go to Mirach
Or a proper defensive systems against pirates raids.

Aboard the Union vessel a gentle man showed  the councillors all the facilities the
Vessel had to over, The Eramon councillors where just finishing the tour  
When an intercom gently said that the vessel was entering Mirach Prime territory.
The tour leader asked the Eramon councillors to go to the shuttle bay as the
Vessel was just entering the Mirach system. The shuttle was refuelled and ready to go.  

The harbour docking positions where given Once the shuttle was in range of the coordination tower at Mirach Prime, a special docking terminals for civilian use was selected since the shuttle was quite small, After all it only had to transport four councillors.

Once there the councillors used a special device that enabled them to teleport to a given location at the meeting point that had been reserved for the Eramon councillors.

The teleportation did go successfully and they saw Hargun on a podium. The councillors said (telepathically) to an informant next to Hargun that they had arrived. The informant quickly responded and told Hargun the massage.

Mirach System edge: Union Space

Haphen watched as his ship jumped into the Mirach system, he stood up and smiled "So this is the Unions capital here... Very nice"  He sat back down and was alerted by a proximity alarm but it died down as the ensign replied "Sir two Union escorts are coming on either side of us, we are receiving co ordinates to the docking area" Haphen nodded "Proceed" The R.N.S Tapper followed in the two Union escorts and as they got close to the Orbital Haphen gasped "That’s a Starship?" He said as ove the horizon of the planets orbit a huge crystal ship appeared "Lets hope they don’t do anything bad..." The Tapper navigated around the monumental ship and a load of other ships. it came in close and proceeded to dock with the command orbital, Haphen straightened his uniform and walked down the access corridor to find two Union marines, they gestured for him to follow them and he nodded. After a small bit of walking Haphen and some of his aids came to a large hangar bay. At the head of it he could see Admiral Hargun at a podium. He could also see many representatives of different nations, he could see the Carnaith General Reik talking to what appeared to be a young man in elaborate cloths with a blue and gold colour. He could also see others talking and many here he didn’t know, he was surprised when a huge crystalline man came up to him and offered his hand Haphen a little stunned shook it. "Your the owner of the ship outside?" Haphen asked The massive being nodded Haphen smiled "I’m the rep for the IRS nice to meet you..." Haphen then started to casual talk like the rest of the waiting reps before the conference started, he guessed there were more guests to come.

Outskirts of Union space

The Coalition's vessel, the CSV Trireme, entered the system under standard Gravitic drive. It had dropped out of slipspace nearly an AU outside of the furthest planet under full stealth and cruised languidly into the system... approaching what they deemed as the system's outer defensive rim... they began lowering the stealth systems bit by bit until the ship finally lowered it's LIDAR screen, becoming visual to the world. The Gato Mark X was one of the best Coalition Stealth ships there was, the very fact that the Coalition was letting one be revealed to the sensors of all the factions here was a wonder and a testament to how they were attempting to be trustworthy and open.

The cruiser scale stealth ship continued cruising into the system displaying the standard Coalition IFF that was used by the dozens of Coalition Escorts and Patrols that no doubt cruised the spaceways of Myric's realm escorting convoys or patrolling the space of the Coalition's trade stations. Inside of the ship, work was being made to bring the ship's Humpback into operation. The old Humpback was older than most of the Coalition personnel onboard the vessel... older than them and their fathers combined.

As the 'tiny' cruiser slipped into the system, it did it's best to keep it's own scans of the area discreet... But they could only do so much to hide the outright sensor sweeps of everything they passed, working to learn everything they could about the factions that had entered the system before they. Cruising towards the immense Crystalline ship the Gato's crew took it in stride, the Captain ordering the Gato to take up station  almost against the Crystalline ship. If a faction was going to build a wall, they were going to hide behind it for cover.

Finally, the old Humpback grumbled to life and the Coalition Delegated gathered. The Lead Delegate, Matriarch Vech of the Therion Minarchy observed the group. A pair of short, stout Teruvians wearing standard Operational Dress Kakhis stood nearby chatting idly amongst themselves... the short, brightly coloured lizards were barely four feet tall and were commenting about the designs of the vessels they had witnessed while inbound.

Two more Delegates entered the drop-bay, it was the Gadzu and Sutfein delegates. The Eight foot tall Gadzu was fussing over her carefully tailored suit and trying desperately to get the zipper of the blouse up to secure her bust. The Sutfein was chuckling, the thirteen foot tall four-armed naga dressed out in a dress uniform that kept things 'secure' without flaunting like her Gadzu companion. The Gadzu and Sutfein were said to have come from the same planet long ago. Both were pirates and mercenaries before their small populations had been forced to join the Coalition due to the IDI advance.

The gentle smell of soot and heat assaulted the Matriarch's nostrils as she spotted the six and a half foot tall Phoenix approaching in his orange, blue, and red dress uniform. The Cinnabaran looked for the life of her like a fancied bird of fiery plumage stuffed into a Humanoid 18th century Naval Uniform... complete with a Tricorn! Chuckling gently, the Grey-Orange furred Therion Female turned quietly, arranging her uniform and eyeing her Thrall. The six males were dressed out in dress uniforms as well, all the Therions were attired in a slate-grey uniform with gold and silver piping. They all wore body armour underneath the uniforms and two of them wore 'ceremonial' dress swords that they knew how to use.

"Alright, let's get this going." She motioned, "If you will follow me?" The Delegates nodded and boarded the Dropship, joining the Jakeili's delegate who was sleeping... the muscular bat-fox hanging from his toes in the darkness. She chuckled, "Poul, please do wake up. We are leaving." The younger bat blinked wearily and nodded, nimbly dropping from the ceiling and positioning himself in a chair.

The Dropship slipped gently from the Gato X's drop-bay and cruised towards the station. It was a normal Humpback, any other day it would have been transporting a Boarding Party to a trade-ship for a security or customs boarding. Today, the slightly rusted, bumped, faded and flaking painted olive drab dropship lumbered into the station... easily a small-craft the vessel was designed to carry Main Battle tanks to the surface and it took up a huge portion of the bay's tarmac.

The front door of the ship dropped open and the Coalition Delegation came out, Matriarch Vech in the lead, flanked by her thrall of males, their hooves gently clanking on the ground due to their metal 'shoes' clamped to their cloven hooves. Under her breath she looked at the group of aliens behind her; "Alright. You know your mission. We got schmoozing to do. The trade fleet is counting on us, and Medical reports that we're facing another ration shortage. Get out there, and get us some trade agreements." The big group signalled affirmative and immediately dissolved to search for their assigned 'delegates'. Matriarch Vech smiled and began moving towards the main Podium, presuming that is where lead Delegates were to meet with the Union coordinator.

Deep Space: Near Union of Worlds Terratory

The Union of Worlds message was picked up by one of the Immortal Empire’s observation drones, operating in deep space near the Union’s territory. From there it was transmitted to one of the Empire’s data processing centres. Here it was scrutinized along with thousands of other signals, transmissions, and intercepted data by hundreds of personnel and C.A.B.A.L. From there it was sent to the Alane System, to one of the data terminals used by the Order of the Emerald Swords. Brought to the attention of the secretive order, the Emerald Swords decided to send one of their own to the conference of empires, to act as a proxy for the Overlord and represent the Immortal Empire. None outside the Council of Thirteen were made aware of the Order’s actions. So it was in secret that one of the Order’s members left the system, heading for Union space.

The defences at Mirach were formidable, designed to protect the empire’s capital against both massive fleets as well as subtle infiltration. Even with all of these defences, the Emerald Sword could have made his way into the conference undetected with only minor effort. But this was not his purpose in coming here. So it was that he announced his presence upon entering the system. Within minutes a Union patrol had surrounded the small craft. The Emerald Sword’s shuttle was taken aboard one of the Union’s vessels, where he was confronted with a stern looking man surrounded by more than a dozen guards. At least he assumed they where guards. They had weapons, but lacked anything that the Emerald Sword would call armour. The Emerald Sword turned his attention to the stern looking man.
”I am a member of the Order of the Emerald Swords. I’ve come to represent the Immortal Empire in the conference that your Admiral James Hargun has called for.”

Obcasio System: Tenebrean Territory

With a small and controlled series of bursts from the small Null thrusters mounted along its dagger shaped armoured hull.  The TIS Comprica Carefully maneuvered away from the Imperial Sector of the massive orbital Orbital known as Obcasio city. Casting it’s shadow on the Superstructure below as it blotted out the suns rays as they shone past the halo of the Lush green planets curve below.  Ship and Hovercraft traffic forming lines of Beacon lights that moved across it’s sprawling form.

Within the last few hours following the union Transmission, It had become Necessary for Obcasio to be the Departure point for the Assembled Tenebrean Delegates for multiple reasons. For one, it was the most direct route to the Mirach Prime system that they had. It’s Quantum Gate route providing enough direction to the union territories that navigation would be Relatively Straightforward, And for two. It was a system that a most of the delegates could easily reach from their appropriated factions and territories.
There had been some natural commotion about in the public sectors, as news of Administrator Xtophers arrival in the system and subsequent departure had sparked interest across the territories, and the Systems news networks. Not being ones to let the situation develop without them had deployed a small fleet of News-Craft that followed the comprica  along its Pre-Shunt course until it had Reached its Point of Departure from the system far from the Orbits around the systems capital planet. And watched with mounted lenses on their hulls as the ship Engaged it’s shunt systems, The Arcane Devices of the shunt making the vessel appear to collapse and implode on itself from a singular point as it exited Tenebrean space. Disappearing in a Burst of Static and Reddish light.

Mirach Prime system: Union Territory

The vessel Reappeared deep within the inner orbits of the Mirach system. The effect of the Warped space around the vessel as it seemingly unfolded from nothingness in a burst of static and red light appearing to make the stars Ripple in Waves as it shunted in. The Sleek hull of the Comprica Catching the light of the systems star as its conventional Null Drive systems began to carry it the rest of the way to the station.
Unlike the other nations, Which had utilized forms of Warp or FTL Drives. The Tenebrean ship had entered largely unnoticed and unannounced due to the odd physics of the Shunt itself. Which Rarely, if at all, Gave Readable emissions.  And would only have appeared suddenly on the unions Readouts of the system with no other signs that they were en route.

The Tenebrean interceptor class Vessel Closed the distance between itself and the Orbital where the conference quickly, It’s null drive carrying it across the bulk of the systems relatively vast orbits in the space of an hour. The other vessels already docked at the station appearing before long in orbit around the capital planet.
The Vessel Skirted around the mass of the Gigantic Nex Vessel. Seemingly un-phased by either its scale or it’s Energy levels that were Effectively pouring off of it. Firing its forward facing Null Drive units to bring it to a gradually maneuvered stop next to the coalition cruiser. Synchronizing its orbit with the Argus stations so as not to drift away.  Its entity immediately Establishing contact with the union Officials aboard to request Proper docking clearance.

As this happened, Colonial administrator Xtopher Stood in the Cabin where he and the other Representatives of the Collective had gathered pending to their shunt aboard the Station after Clearance was given. His Dragon like entity Wrapped around his shoulders, performing last minute checks to the systems that they had in place.  Communication links had been established to the Coalition ship. And contact with their Representatives was in negotiations already in order to strengthen the already developing trade alliance that had begun to develop from the Trade system within the DHRs Territory.

It had been less then 12 hours sense he had received the Union Transmission from his Command Center in the Tenebrean capital system of Exceion. And upon the dispersal of his orders to Galvez. Proper representatives had been gathered from the Tenebrean territories accordingly. And Were now either sitting idly or speaking amongst themselves freely in the Chamber behind him, While others attended to their Dress uniforms.
He sighed silently to himself,

He Turned away for a moment, Looking across the Cabin at the other Representatives that would speak alongside him at the conference.

Among them, one was Stromian, known as Strolm.  Who was clad in the Stone Grey and blue armour of his bulking race. Representing the Stromian Claims within their Territories and their own.

Another was Tenebrean, clad in the military greatcoat and uniform of the tenebrean Style, A system administrator by the name of Pham that was acting to represent the Humanoid race of the Tenebrean population.

Another two were Rahdonain, one, a female clad in a flowing dress of segmented hexagonal tiles of a crystal-metallic nature, that glowed a faint blue around their edges. Going by Lorahah, and Voldoi  a male Dressed in the Long Robes and Stylized armour of his clan. Both Were representing the clans of the Drake like species that had been the Tenebrean empires oldest known allies.

Another was of the Canid race of the Lat,Thanian,  Dressed in Ceremonial armour and wearing a mask of dark Bronze over his face, his Reddish hair spilling out underneath it. Going by the name of Liburnus.

And one, Fleet Admiral Drogan. Who was, like him. A Calvara. Who was Clad, like Pham. In the standard officers greatcoat of the tenebrean military. The major difference being the military grade Armour he wore over it. He was Acting to aid in representing the Calvarian portion of their population, and already had some connections and familiarity with the DHR, having established the Current Trade alliance they now held.

They would be representing all of the multiple factions and major empires and races that made up the Tenebrean collective. The Calvara knew, as he contemplated how the conference might turn out as the Shunt into the station initiated. The cabin around him and the Group, first going Hazy with a reddish glare, before seemingly dissolving into chaotic patterns of static, Quickly reassembling itself into the form of the Stations hanger as they Were shunted aboard. Seemingly appearing in a burst of Reddish light and Static. Unlike the other nations present, they would not be using a Shuttle to get aboard the station.

“An interesting Collection of characters…. Should be plenty more on this station. All differing points of mind as well. We’ll have to tread lightly with those that we’re not yet aware of… make the right alliances and connections where we need to, and Strengthen the ones We already have secured.” The Administrative-Caste Calvara thought to himself as he glanced over the other representatives from the other empires, some already focusing on his group. Turning his head suddenly as the Entity on his shoulder nuzzled the side of his iron skull in order to get his attention.

Well, He thought. Not all of them… Before nodding to it giving it assurance that it would manage to make its protests heard among the other nations reps.
Looking back at the assembled group. His towering armoured form creaking slightly before he spoke.

“We have some time before the conference is properly underway. Most of the representatives will be present in the docks, speak to them, figure out which ones we can trust, and which ones we cant.” He said, already well aware of the potential of the Conference to become violent if things became heated.

“And what of the Immortal Empire presence we picked up in system?” One of them,  Pham, said. Crossing his arms in front of his chest. “they’re in the system, the Scans picked up one of their energy signatures and CABAL links…  Are We to not assume that they may not become aggressive?”

“For the Immortal Empire, you can never not assume something.” Xtopher said in response. “We’ll keep our guard up, Listen well to whomever they’ve sent. And keep the assumption that something can and will happen… But until then, we keep our priorities straight. We’re here to develop our alliances, not make a war even worse… Besides” He said, as he looked back into the hanger’s main area, seeing the Drakes in their human forms walking towards them. “We have Visitors to speak to…”

“Greetings, Helios… Trying out a new look?”

Mirach Prime: Union space: Union Command Orbital Hangar Bay

The air began to ripple in the middle of the hangar like heat on a hot summer day, a sight hardly noticeable to the common spectator. From the large sphere of air 6 figures emerged from seemingly nowhere, all of them appear to be human, well dressed, young, and obviously possessing a very high status.

“Well, it looks like we made it just in time.” Helios said to his party, his human form dressed in a gold suit that almost looked like it was made of that very metal, shining and clean. He had his dark, blood red hair spiked back and his eyes had a golden hue to them. His face was young but still showed great wisdom and charisma.

“Yes, my lord. Although If Aquadie could’ve hurried and finished his grooming we could’ve been here much sooner …” replied a man in a red and gold suit decorated like flames, his hair was brown and messy and his eyes were an unnatural red.  He had a mischievous smirk adorning his mouth.

“It’s not my fault that we need to make a good impression. I refuse to make a first appearance as a messy and uncivilized ash breather like you, Pyracian.” Aquadie quickly retorted only to get an inhuman growl in reply from Pyracian. Aquadie was dressed in a dark blue suit and robes with curving lines that resembled water and currents, his long black hair lied straight and clean over his shoulders and his eyes were a brilliant blue. He had a goblet of milk in his hand.

“Will the both of you quit your bickering? You’re doing us no favors with your petty arguments” replied a young man, much younger in appearance to the others, with pale skin and clean cut snow white hair. He wore a suit of pure white which blended in with the rest of his body.
A chuckle could be heard behind the group, coming from the tallest of Helios’ company:  a large, dark skinned and muscular man with a military cut for his black hair, dressed in a dark brown suit lined with what appeared to be wolf fur on one shoulder and a pauldron of bronze on the other.

“Does something amuse you, Terran?” the young man in white asked.

“I apologize, Glacian. But trying to get those two to stop arguing is a feat on par with moving continents. You spend too much time in the ice lands, my friend!” Terran replied.

“Why do we have to be in our human forms again?” asked a thin man in a black, purple, and green suit lined with dark green feathers. His eyes were a bright emerald green and his hair was spiky and black with a green shine. 3 grouped together strands of hair stuck out in the front dyed in a brilliant violet.

“Because, I don’t want to scare anyone away or make anyone feel threatened, Vortexean.” Helios replied.
Another figure emerged from the portal, this one was a beautiful young woman dressed in an aquamarine dress with a collar and shoulder pads that resembled glass. She had long, blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. The portal closed soon after she left it.

“Ah, Circe, there you are. Well, now that we’re all here, let’s get started, shall we?” Helios led the others to where Xtopher and the other D.C.I. representatives stood.

Just outside Mirach System: Union Space

Just outside of the Mirach system there was several small flashes of light that appeared and disappeared. After they did this a few time the flashes of lights disappeared completely. Then arcs of lightning shot outward as a large portals opened up and Templar's warship came through. Several smaller portals opened up as well and Templar's escort ships appeared.

Templar walked on the bridge of his vessel with Ambassador Drogan who was going through documents by his side. Templar saw the station as well as the other ships and crossed his arms saying "Well it seams more pathetic politicians flock to this so call peace meeting." Drogan looked up from the documents and said "Well General Templar its politicians that are needed to bring peace." He thought for a moment before chuckling and saying "Or in your case war."

Templar turned to Drogan and said with a not impressed tone "Of all the people i have to work with i get stuck with you..." He began walking towards the command chair as one of the captains walked up with a data pad and said "Sir we are approaching the union capital world in the Mirach system and have been hailed by the union escort ships." Templar grabbed the data pad and looked over the data and said "What did they say?" The captain replied "They welcomed us and are directing us to send our representatives to one of the station's hangars via a shuttle." Templar handed the data pad back to the captain and said "Bring the ship to these coordinates and inform the union that we need no escort."
Templar then turned to Drogan and said "It appears it is time for us to go." Drogan nodded and said "Indeed general it is time." He fallowed General Templar who directed the captain to keep a watchful eye on the other races that were not allied with the union. They began to make their way towards the hangar as Templar's massive ship made its way towards the space station. Crew members kept to their stations and fighter and bomber pilots worked in the hangars ready to launch at a moments notice against the enemy. There was a shuttle waiting for Templar and Drogan who were escorted by four of Order's royal guards as well as Drogan's two personal guards. Once they boarded the ship it began to power it's engines and began to take off.

The shuttle launched from the hangar as well as two gunships and fighters as escort. The pilots talked to each other until the union's escort arrived and after several radio transmissions the mars empire fighters and gunships broke off from the formation and returned to the ship as the shuttle and it's union escort flew to the station's hangar.

When it landed its occupants disembarked and made their way over to the area where the representatives were gathered.

Mirach Command Orbital Hangar Bay

Hargun had been notified that the last of the reps had arrived, including a surprising visit that he would announce momentarily. This was the time... He cleared his throat and it echoed in the massive chamber due to his microphone. All the reps turned to face him. He saw allies and friends alike and some who he hadn’t seen before but he was glad they came anyway.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Mirach. I am Admiral James Hargun the commander of the Union in Ancerious. Some of you know me while a lot of you don’t, but I am sincere when I say I am ecstatic for each and every one of you to be here. Before we begin we have another representative who has turned up today...” Hargun gestured to the side and everyone turned to see a member of the Emerald Swords from the Immortal Empire enter the hangar surrounded by armed guards. Hargun looked around to see the faces of the various reps and many were frowning or seemed uneasy. The Carnaith representative however seemed to be fuming however Administrator Xtopher seemed to be crystal calm. The Emerald sword merely stayed silent as quiet conversation erupted among the representatives. Hargun continued to stop the talking.

“We are all here for one reason my friends, Ancerious is in chaos. And we are the only ones who can stop it. We all have the power to unite to stop this and make peace, together we can make the galaxy a safe place for everyone, and we can work with each other to make a brighter future. This conference is just the start. And I hope it will go a long way. Now behind me is the main conference table, there will be seats for all of you, merely sit down and your name will appear on a holo tag. Then we shall begin with introductions. Now let us begin!” He said happily. And with a lot of talking and moving the Union marines either side of the hangar directed to the representatives to make their way to the conference table. The conference had begun.
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