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Union High command Orbital: Mirach system: Union space

Hargun after finishing his speech watched as the various delegates were led towards their respective seats, a holo tag appearing when they sat down to show who they were and their positions. Hargun also made his way to sit down with Lydia and Volkus at either side of him. He waited until the bustling and moving was finished and his eyes swept around each of the delegates "So gentlemen. We shall begin. Now... for the first on our agenda... I think we can all safely assume is one thing... The war" Hargun said looking at the Tenebrae and IE representative. Would the two of you kindly put forward your sides?"

Xtopher tilted his head thoughtfully, the calvaras glassy lens like eyes catching the light of the room as he turned his focus towards hargun, the other tenebrean diplomats sitting, largely stern faced in their seats. The raudonian male named aldarian sneaking looks at the teruvian known as Victoria sitting with the coalition diplomats. After a moment more, the Administrative-caste opened his jaws and spoke. "Sides?" He said curiously. "I don’t recall that we took sides. My people had little, if any relations towards his..." He said, giving a gesture towards the Emerald sword. "Yet despite that, they launch a sneak attack directly on our capital system, Glass our terrestrial worlds and orbitally bombard our cities and Destroyed our military command... We, having observed their actions with the cerabians only months before, Choose to defend ourselves, and launched appropriate repercussions as they were needed." he said, crossing his arms and looking at the union captain.

“is that what you would call a side, or an act of Reactive Defence?" He asked, aiming the question at the human.

Hargun made a gesture "Im sorry I was merely asking for your side so the races of this chamber who do not know of the happenings can guage a response or themselves. I didn't mean to offend only act as an intermediary. Besides you know our stance on this subject" Hargun said trying not to cause a argument.

“indeed." The calvara said, his skeletal face seemingly set in stone, his voice now heavy with suspicion following his receiving  of the SSC transmission. "I know all too wel, Captain hargun." He finished. "it is of no offence... But Many under my care Died as a Result of their, unforeseen and unprovoked attack.... After Cerabia, And i know that there are those among you that witnessed that campaign. and utter lack of communications prompted by them, aside from their tasteless defacement of a lunar body in a taunting manner. we were forced to go on the offensive." The calvara said, pausing.

A Jakeili, the muscular, but slim Bat-like creature would lean forward, "I would like to interject at this point, and offer the Coalition of Shattered Star's assistance in helping aggressors, non-aggressors, and simply bystanders caught in this terrible fray. No matter the political aims, the mistakes, or the gains, no civilian should suffer the horrors of war. It is upon these tenants that we offer our goods, nd manufacturing ability to all sides at a remarkably low premium. The Coalition chooses no sides in any war, but the sides of the Innocent civilians who have lost life, limb, jobs, and homes in this terrible war. Our hearts go out to those on all sides, as does our offer. It's a truly remarkable sale price. I suggest all peoples to consider it." He leaned back with a gentle smile

Hargun looked to the side to see Lydia grunt with her arms crossed "Corporate dogs..." She muttered under her breath, he was also sure she had her privacy field up but he ignored the comment
Reik had his head leaning into his right hand, elbow on the table, and was shaking his head slowly, for pretty much the same reason as Lydia.

Xtopher turned slightly to look at the coalition diplomats as they sat further along the diplomats, catching Aldarian sneaking looks at the female Teruvian sitting among the coalition members. giving him a slight look. "While we appreciate the offer, and may very well accept..., perhaps that a discussion best saved for a different period of time then the present one... " He said, the calvaras voice laced with the same tone as lydia and reik. After a moment, and a secondary glance at the male raudonah, he turned back to Hargun. "should we continue?" He asked.

Hargun nodded "Of course"

“What else would you need to cover?" Xtopher asked.

Well all we need now is the Immortal Empires response to this..." Hargun said looking at the Emerald sword who had been silent all this time.

Laramar sat back and watching the conversations of the humans intrigued by the distaste in the tone's of certain individuals. As far as he was aware they were here to discuss not childishly slander one another with hidden insults.

The Emerald Sword gave a small nod to Hargun before speaking.
“First I’d like to thank the Union of Worlds for allowing me entrance. What the Tenebrae representative said was mostly true. It is true that we attacked without provocation or warning. But I think it worth mentioning why we acted so. Even without contact we had some information on Tenebrae. This is solely from the occasional stray signal, and very distant observations. These observations led us to believe one of two possible outcomes were most likely.
The first, and most worryingly to us, is that at some point in the next several thousand years Tenebrae would attack, in desperate need of resources and space to contain their ever increasing population.
The second was that the Immortal Empire and Tenebrae would form a sort of, neutrality pack. At worst we would avoid each other at all costs and at best we would be mildly friendly to each other. This was the most favourable outcome, but also the least likely of the two.
Since we lacked sufficient information to make a proper decision, we decided to perform a test. We attacked you without warning to see how you would react.
If you had sought to know why we had acted as such, attempted to inquire us on our motivation, we would have explained. We would have even lent resources and man power to restoring the system we ravaged. This would prove beneficial to us as we wouldn’t have to go to war and our two nations would at least be on speaking grounds.
If you simply attacked in simple response, then we would be at war. This would benefit us as it would start the war now rather than later. Because the two of us aren’t as fully established as we would be in several thousand years, this would save countless lives, civilizations, and planets from destruction. No matter what you did we would benefit.”
The Emerald Sword turned his attention from Xtopher to address all present. “As for the attack on Excion, it wasn’t as bad as you’ve been told. Yes, we devastated the planets and wrecked havoc on the local forces. But we didn’t target the cities. We attempted to keep civilian deaths to a minimum. The vessels we attacked, we did our best to merely cripple and not destroy them. Death was kept to a minimum. It was a test after all. If we had destroyed everything in the system, left nothing standing, then a retaliatory attack would be completely justified. But it was a test, we intentionally did a minimum of damage. Unless you think us incompetent, with that attack being the best we could muster.
As for our actions in the subjugation of Cerebian space. You are aware they were on the verge of civil war, right? That the Drake were about ready to wage a war against the Furr, the Cog, and the Urdont? That our conquest put an end to it before it could spiral out of control? That we have unified them again, even if it is against us. We did so because, while it would be costly, it would benefit both us and them in the long run. We are not the mindless destroyers that Tenebrae makes us out to be.”

Reik at this moment raised his hand, wishing to speak.

Hargun nodded in acknowledgement to the IE and then turned to Reik "You may speak"

Reik composed himself before speaking, "according to the Comms between the CINS Aurius and IE commanders, you told the Captain of the Aurius that you and Tenebrae had been allies before, and eventually had a war..." he paused, "and to go against your words, you threatened to quote; 'have us burning our own worlds within a year'"...

Xtopher Looked at the Emerald sword, his expression softening to one of Deep knowing. "So, you attack was a Test then? and that you took over the cerabian empire as an Act of stability and good will. Would we all have to assume then, that your Race, or Rather, your faction of humans sees themselves as both the Judge and Jury of the Ancerious Galaxy? Are we to assume that, based on your reasoning?" he paused.

“You forgot executioner. But to answer your question, no. The Immortal Empire is only interested in what would benefit or harm us. There are worlds in ‘our’ space that we have intentionally not laid claim to because it would prove more beneficial for us to befriend the local populace after they have advanced to a proper point. At the same time there are civilizations that we destroyed because they would end up proving more trouble than they’re worth. And then there are those that we have accepted into our ranks, because it benefits the both of us. This isn’t because we feel we are in the right, or morally just in doing so. It also isn’t just to pointlessly increase our own strength or numbers or wealth. It is simply because we are stronger than those whose fate we determine. This doesn’t make everything we do right. After all, the right choice isn’t always the best choice.
Before I address the issue about resources, let me clear something up. The Immortal Empire is not a human empire. It was founded by humans, but they get no benefit or preferential treatment over non-humans. They are just one of the races that make up the Immortal Empire.
As for your point about not needing resources. We have similar technology, so I am well versed in its limitations and can with good authority say that you would still need resources. If things continue to progress as they have, then most of those assembled here would have expanded their holds in this galaxy to the point that we would be 'border to border' within ten years. Within a thousand or so years you would be forced to either export your ever expanding populace out of the galaxy or import massive amounts of resources in. Neither is particularly cheap. Or you could expand into the territories that surround you. Another option would be to use your own populace for the needed raw matter. But the likelihood of that happening was so remote that it hardly even bares mentioning.”

The Emerald Sword then turned to address Riek, "The admiral was giving a partial lie to you. He was attempting to turn Carniath against Tenebrae. No, we never had contact with Tenebrae before now. Yes, we believe that they will turn against you within the next several thousand years. As for the burning your own worlds thing, I would believe he is referring to the deployment of our Bio-weapons, where it would be easier to just burn your world than try to root them all out."

Counsellor Rowan sat somewhere on the side, perhaps in a corner simply observing the exchange. A look of appal seemed to form on her face once the I E exclaimed there rather alien, and grotesque form of logic concerning diplomacy. She shook her head and crossed her arms and leaned back, remaining silent as the floor seemed for the time being dominated by the Tenabrae and I E's rep. She looked over to see if the SCC rep was there to raise a brow concerning the convo so far.

Enrico Hess listened to the debate as it went back and forth. The bit between the Immortal Empire and the Tenebrae was interesting however it seemed odd that no one was addressing the how and who portion of the equation. The addition of the Carnaith delegate’s comments into the mix made for a hard means to interject a point of reference into the debate and then there it was. The emerald sword had clearly made a misstep. Enrico considered his words with a slight smile across his face as he took advantage of the silence to afflict a small measure of political damage.
“The Rationality of such an act is not rational at all. To have assaulted a man because you thought he might compete with you ages down the line is an affront to all things civil. You would have no means to come to those conclusions, as no sane man would think thus…unless perhaps someone told you that is what would happen and in your common fear you bought it, the head, the tail the whole damn thing.”

The Coalition was known for being both random, and neutral in most things and the Teruvian male of the delegation leaned forward, "Taking that out of context, Mr. Hess, one could state that at times a pre-emptive strike while your target is weak is perhaps the most rational and logical point of view you can take. Seeing a nation rise quickly and powerfully... one might fear they would have imperialistic goals and plans... not that, I am going so far as to point such fingers at our good friends of Tenebrae, mind you..." He'd nod to the Tenebrean delegation gently, "But, we are in a Galaxy of many different, and varying backgrounds. Cultures differ, and in many ways... have completely alien idealisms behind them."

Xtopher would listen to the Teruvian male, before nodding solemnly. "Such a route of thought is not without understanding in that aspect... and we hold no offence to your statement." He said, giving a gesture towards the coalition Delegation.

“However, can I assume that, Other parties of a certain "Nature" Were not perhaps involved in reaching that conclusion" The Lah,thainian sitting next to the administrative-caste calvara asked.

The Emerald Sword stared at Enrico Hess for a minute before speaking. "An affront to all things civil? As the Coalition just pointed out, from our standard it is completely civil. What makes you the judge of what is and is not acceptable? Our intentionally weak test strike was unacceptable? That we wish to know more of those that surround us, and more importantly which are a threat to us, is unjust?"

"Highly." the Lah,thanian said in response. "enacting contact with those who surround you is Civil, Attacking them however, is not. actions such as "That" is universally seen as a gesture of extreme Aggression and imperialistic intent."

"And there lay the flaw in your argument. I notice you've not made one of these strikes against say... the Union they're as big as you if not bigger. No offence to our hosts of course, but the point must be made. Can anyone else but the Tenebrae say they were targeted for such acts to the extent the Tenebrae have been? If not, then your attack is illogical and fuelled by something other then paranoia of expansion and competition."

Hargun nodded in the validity of the point and gestured to continue. He wanted all the points out in the open before a solution could be found.

"It had something else in mind." Hess said.

The Teruvian sat back quietly, not exactly snickering... his point had been made... and admittedly, while going around attacking random people could be both good and bad, the people in the room did need to realize something the Coalition had to deal with every day. Races had different backgrounds, different evolutionary prospects, and different cultural idiosyncrasies that would make them 'different' from others. Sometimes it was easy to mesh, other times... not so easy to mesh. Watching the sexually rampant Gadzu interact with the generally asexual Teruvians were one such notable cultural conflict in the Coalition. Cultures viewed things differently, what could be construed as a rampant bar fight to one culture, was a blatant targeted attack to another, and to the other it was a challenge of honour to a worthy opponent. The Teruvian leaned over to the Gadzu and gently muttered these things under his breath, garnering a gentle chuckle from the entire Coalition delegation... trying to force one culture's idealism on others was a sure-fire way to end up with rampant arguments and fights.

The Emerald Sword turned to Hess "The Immortal Empire has worked to be able to predict the actions that a species will make based on nothing but raw data. This is not 100% accurate, but then what is? As it stands, the chance of Tenebrae forcibly expanding its boarders stood at 47.0045% before our pre-emptive test strike. As of right now, with the additional data, it stands at 73.7501%." he then looked towards the Lah,thanian "Universal is it? The Drake of the Cerebians treat any initial, unannounced strike as a simple way of showing power. This is true of many species. It is hardly universal." he then once again turned to Hess, being bombarded by points. “There was no need to attack the Union of Worlds. Attacking them would gain us nothing. It would not start any war earlier. It would not open the table for discussion. There would be no point to it, like there was with attack Tenebrae...” He paused slightly “…like there was with the attack on Tenebrae. And besides, the Union has already been tested by us. Unlike Tenebrae they passed their test.”

Hargun seemed to raise an eyebrow at the statement.

Counsellor Rowan watched the SCC delegate word fence with the I E delegate. Though she looked at the Coalition personal with a bit of a disappointed frown and nearly face palms. But, it was to be expected. That however did not prevent her from feeling what she felt. She rested her face in her paw as she just listened for now.

The Lathanian looked at the emerald sword curiously, not quite in a manner that suggested scolding, but also an amount of pity. Although the majority of its candid face couldn’t easily be read under its mask. "But would it change the fact that they would still view it as an aggressive advance in time, Even a race that follows a warriors Honour system would have to be able to recognize a tactical threat. in that way, while the initial response differs, the end result is usually the same among sentient species in the drive for self preservation, It "Is" Universal in that aspect if said race expects to survive."

“If the attacks continued, then perhaps, depending on what species. The species we called 303.121.4.1 found violence and war to be the greatest of pleasures. There was no ‘honour,’ as you put it. The only reason that they even survived long enough for us to discover them was because of an absurdly high birth and maturity rate. They enjoyed violence so much that even the extinction of their species wasn’t enough to dampen their mood. It was a shame too, they had such interesting architecture.”

The Tenebrean known as pham sat up After Listening to the Lah, thanian diplomat. turning towards the emerald sword from where he sat. making a Gesture that indicated that he wished to speak. "I will repeat the question posed that you have yet to answer." He said. not entirely glaring at the IE diplomat. "Does your civilization consider themselves to be the Judge and jury of the Ancerious galaxy, in their "Albeit poor" Judgements of the empires present, of which you have displayed a clear lack of understanding in terms of resources and territory, which brings up questions towards how much you actually know of us. or do you not? in which case, there would be no "Rational" Reason for the Actions that you have chose to take, which lends further support towards the SSCs argument, That there indeed, is a Secondary Drive to this past what you have told us?"

Hargun stood up “Perhaps then representative of the IE your people should have taken the diplomatic approach anyway. Not only would it have prevented a war between many nations which I may say you will not be able to win, if not for the fact you are outnumbered and out resourced. But it would of also increased your standing and gained you allies, which would mean more trade and the resources you would take in the war, would be gained through trade anyway. And if Tenebrae did turn on you the galactic nations would see Tenebrae as the instigators not you. As everyone here knows the Union of Worlds is one if not the most diplomatically active, well known and diplomatically respected of the galaxy. You could of easily came to us and still can to stop this war and set things straight, that is one of the options you have here open to you both. You must realise this war isn’t going to do anyone any benefits. And me and my superiors see this as a cover for something else, what does the Immortal Empire gain from a war against the galaxy?”

Xtopher turned to Hargun, Looking at him where he stood. "We of the Tenebrean empire would be more then willing to Work with the union in order to come to that conclusion. As its apparent that you Have a greater grasp of our Culture and Technological ability then they can, as it is apparent you don’t base your judgements off of your own follies and short comings. And we thank you for that. We would request it." The Calvara said. Nodding slightly towards the union diplomat respectfully.

Hargun nodded to Xtopher "We have the potential to save thousands if not millions of lives for BOTH sides of this war and all those who may be dragged into it, You do not have to ally however I would be more than happy to help negotiate a cease fire between you two. It all depends on the Immortal Empire now, what is your reply?" Hargun said looking at the Emerald sword.

Pham then turned his attention back towards the Emerald sword, "Xtopher has a valid point... From your own words, You've not given us a Single point of solid Reference towards us in your "Judgement." Of our race. Rather, you've only pointed out that you've used the Technological and cultural limitations of your own and assumed that they applied on a "Universal" scale. something, that is of No offence... A Poor Reference point by most, if not all. comparative standards. As the coalition rep stated, different races have different evolutionary and Cultural development paths. using yours as any sort of Reference of comparison and authority displays a strong deal of hubris on the part of your civilization that, Pardon my saying so, you done nothing to deserve... " the Tenebrean said. leaning forward slightly.

Xtopher paused for a moment as both Hargun and Pham spoke, before responding. "if they would be willing to negotiate a Cease fire, We would be willing to do the same, Provided they leave us and our population alone." The Admininstrative-caste said. Leaning forward to rest his hands on the table, a look of suspicion set on his skeletal face.

Alexanduer remains mostly silent. He didn't really join in the conversation, and merely listened, for the longest time. When he decides to speak, he clears his throat, and says, "If I may."
He says, after a short pause to allow others to turn their attention to him, "I think that it's worth noting that a pre-emptive strike, while admittedly intelligent, is questionable morally. I don't think any one of us here can truly claim mastery of the future, of every future, and therefore none of use can say that we know exactly what is to come. Each and every one of us have free will, and each and every one of our people the same. So this war, to me, seems, while in the name of understanding and pre-emption, quite destructive, and rather needlessly. 'Testing the boundaries,' as it were, should come from free and honest trade of information, not from wanton destruction. Every person in each of our empires deserves his or her own choice in this world, and by waging war we eliminate their choices one by one. With every life snuffed out, every weapon fired- our future, the future of this GALAXY, changes irreversibly. When people such as us expand into this new galaxy, we must become more than we were, more than we ever thought we could be. We, here today, are the representatives of millions of years of history, of military might beyond all imagining- of races as old and as young as one could believe. And- no one of use should choose, due only to curiosity or fear, to disrespect this history and this power. So I think- and it's safe to say my people are behind me with this- that all of this needs to stop. That war, especially amongst peoples so civilized as us, needs to be curbed, and avoided at all costs."
He finishes his speech, and having realized that's what it was- he hadn't originally meant to talk that long- he sits down, not remembering having stood up, and then says, "We should all want freedom and safety for our peoples- that should be the penultimate goal of all cultures. And war, plain and simple, countermands that goal."

"And if any of you decide that you disagree, then all I ask- is that you offer your civilians a choice. The offer of the coalition is quite kind, but I'll add to it- my borders are open to any and all who wish to escape this war, their nations. They will find refuge and safety in our homes and cities. And this offer will stand as long as war and oppression remains a factor in this galaxy”

Hargun smiled and nodded in recognition to the Adectu reps. The speech had been very good and Hargun admired them greatly “I concur, that and the Unions borders will be open to, I suspect we will be working close with the Adectu to help any civilians in Ancerious that are in need, If you would allow that of course?” Hargun asked.

The Emerald Sword turned from Hargun, to the Tenebraen Representatives, to Hess before speaking, “You three have accused the Immortal Empire of having an ulterior motive behind our attack. There was none. We enacted our test and waited to see the results. The result being the destruction of a planet, its population, and a system being ruined almost beyond repair. It was only through happen stance that we where able to repair the damage done. This result gave us all the information we needed.
It would have been detrimental for us to use the diplomatic approach. If we had started with such a course, it would have only delayed the war. We would have eventually reached the same conclusion, and then have been forced to strike first, as to avoid a more massive war. This would prove quite detrimental to our standing in the eyes of others. Now we are not perceived in the best light, but the other course would be far worse for us. No one would wish to align or ally themselves to those that attack their allies.” He turned to Hargun once more “You wish to save millions of lives that currently live in the here and now, which is admirable. But we are acting to save so many more. I’m sure by now that the territories of the largest of us here are already capable of supporting trillions of lives. Think of how many more there will be in a thousand years time. How much more massive and destructive our fleets and weapons would be. How much more devastating this war would be then, rather than now. We will not be seeking peace at this time. We may at some point, when certain conditions are met, but not before.” The Emerald Sword then turned to face Pham “Then you misunderstood me. I merely countered the point regarding the ability to manipulate matter as a reason that a ‘war of resources’ wouldn’t happen. Nothing more or less. We use no scale, only data. When we lack data, our predictions become less accurate. So we work to gather more information. Hence the test.”

Laramar spoke at this point his tone resonating of every surface and echoing throughout the chamber. "I must agree with Alexanduer" he said nodding towards the mentioned. "This galaxy has seen enough war over its lifetime, enough hatred and destruction. Enough races annihilated without cause and enough civilians killed without warrant. Having lived through and seen many of these atrocities and wars, I ask you my friends, to end it with us. End this cycle of war and destruction and allow Ancerious to finally be at peace. Think of the lives we can save by preventing but one war, together we can work towards the peace of Ancerious and forge a future for all of our nations." Laramar finished, remaining calm and collected in stature.

At this point Reik was beginning to fume at some of the things being thrown around the room, especially the fact that an empire would use data compilation as an excuse for an attack. He waited to say anything, wanting some more to say before he said it.

Hargun frowned, an offer of galactic peace had just been openly rejected. They had the audacity to spit on the Unions offer... even in front of all these other representatives. Hargun looked to both of his captains, Lydia and Volkus. He knew what each was thinking as they looked back, Lydia wanted war. That much was wholly obvious as she wanted to execute the Emerald Sword right now. Volkus seemed more worried, he was thinking on war grounds, about casualties and the logistics of such a pointless conflict. Hargun merely frowned, he looked into the eyes of the various reps. He could see Tenebrae was furious, as well Carnaith. The SSC looked disappointed, so too did the Adectu, Drakes, Trinova and various others. Only the Coalition didn’t really looked like they cared. Hargun merely looked at the Emerald Sword “You do realise you rejected peace in front of all these nations here? Our aim here was to achieve peace between us, create a better tomorrow. But you have rejected that. That is your choice, but do not expect reprieve. Many of those here will base their opinions on that very move. Choose your next words wisely. Not for your sake but for the diplomatic sake of your empire and its people” Hargun said with a seriousness few had seen.

Hess watched the back and forth between the Tenebrae, IE and Union as it progressed. The central point of debate seemed to change, essentially evolve from the first open exchange to the current offering of a proverbial olive branch.  "It is most certain that this would be the best time to put an end to a conflict that benefits the few and certainly stands to sow misery to the many. The alternative is unthinkable... however..."  Hess found himself interrupted by the presence of one of his assistants who interrupted by placing a hand on his left shoulder leaning in to whisper something into the diplomat’s ear. “What are you sure?” More hushed whispers continued before the assistant handed Hess a moderate sized box of the sort that often contained data-rods for distribution. The short conversation was entirely enough to ignore whatever it was the emerald Sword was saying. Hess nodded to the assistant who seemed to melt away into the shadows of the room before turning back to the room clearly a bit shaken by whatever the news was.
“I have just received word, of an incident… That is, I must now ask the Immortal Empire to explain why they felt it was a good idea to attempt to deliver numerous deployment devices across SSC territory all of which contained a virulent semi or completely sentient biological pathogen? I may add it is a waste of your time to deny such an action, I have here copies of the investigation of the launched delivery vehicles upon capture, the technology is clearly of your people’s manufacture.”

Hargun looked shocked at the sudden news "Is this true?" He turned to the IE rep.

"Have with me straight from High command twenty detailed copies of the incident reports and studies of the captured devices as evidence of this severe transgression. Any who asks may claim a copy for their own study."

Reik's eyes widened, as well as his assistants, the Carnaithian Fox one's ears perked, and Reik's face went from shock to anger, but he kept his mouth shut... for now. Reik sent one of his assistants across the room to the SSC delegate, and began reviewing it when it got to him.

Xtopher choose that moment to add the information that his own people had gained in the recent events of things back within their own home systems.  "i would also like to interject with news of a Captured device that was recovered within our "Capital" system. A briefcase, which was recovered from an agent of unknown decent and name. a briefcase... Quantum storage field tech built into it... but further scans with Advanced equipment by Black blade units have Detected IE energy and equipment signatures within the storage unit. The agent killed himself soon after within custody, cause of death was a trained neural liquidation. would you care to Answer questions regarding that device?"

The Stromian sitting with the Tenebrean delegates raised a thick arm in a gesture towards Hess. "If we may request one?" the rhino like alien asked in an accent heavy voice.

Hargun nodded too "We would also like a copy"

"As would we" Terran called out from the drake's group

"And I" Laramar boomed.

"And we will too" The IRS rep shouted out. Despite staying out of the war the IRS still wanted more details on any potential event, especially the use of advanced chemical weapons. But for now they were content to sit back and watch.

"Of course." Hess nodded and his assistants began to distribute the data rods to the interested parties.. wait where did his assistants even come from? It was as if they appeared and disappeared as needed...creepy. None the less Hess would wait until the requests were fulfilled before commenting again.  "A select few of the objects remain under stasis while all new occurrences due to the probable nature of the agent contained within are as I have been told being utterly irretrievably destroyed at an undisclosed site of an anomaly. Thus far...twelve such objects. all propelled by solar sails and designed to not be seen...all aimed at critical stations and planets..."

The door opened in the hangar and four figures made their way through and towards their respective spot. Two of the figures being much larger than the other two individuals but they moved as if they were one mind and stood just behind the two smaller individuals. Their armour was a clear indication of who they were from being none other than the Mars Empire's Royal Guard. The two smaller figures were then easy to identify being none other than Ambassador Drogan and General Templar. As soon as they made it to their respective spots Templar and Drogan sat down in their chairs while the two royal guards when to a guard like position just behind them not moving at all like statues but ready to defend Templar and Drogan from any sudden attacks though such a thing was standard procedure.

Hargun nodded "Welcome members of the Mars Empire, good to have you here, You have come at a rather high tension time of debate... over the current galactic war..."

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