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Vulkan System: Triarch Space

John Triarch stood admiring his new find, it had been an incredible one at that however it had cost him a lot to squire it. The history behind such a piece was even harder to come by but he was happy. He had procured it from a seller on a far off planet who had found it on a planet in the Golden Expanse obviously from an ancient war zone. It was a suit, very tall and a brilliant white and grey. It had come from a race called the 'Sicarii' Triarch didn’t know more than that however he was impressed. He had tried to wear the suit but still after all these years the AI in the armour had stopped him wearing it. It didn’t matter it was a grand piece of his private collection and something he wouldn’t let go of. There was a sudden movement in the room and Triarch smiled "It is truly amazing you got into this place without alerting my security you know. I take it your either hear for my head or my collection..."

The figure stood into the light to reveal himself, he was tall beyond any human but not outrageously so,
'Well it all depends on the words you exchange, and those words are your choice John'
The figure took several steps forward to analyse John Triarch, his face still hooded and only his lower jaw could be seen

John nodded "So..." He said turning around, he took one look at the man and smiled "You would be the one who has come for the suit?" He said, Johns mat black short hair covered some of his young features however he was not defenceless he knew he could call his security forces or even fight himself however that was bad for Business.

The figure took several more steps towards John and lifted his cloak to reveal his swords
'I would advise that you don't resort in conflict' Said the figure exchanging a smile

John laughed "My dear fellow Conflict is bad for business, here" John gestured to a seat in front of a long wooden desk, he walked around and sat behind it "Come sit and we shall discuss, I would love to know more first... Tell me are you a Sicarian?"

The figure took the seat that was offered to him but still kept his hood up
'I was...not any more'

John raised an eyebrow "Not any more? What happened?" He seemed genuinely interested in this new man who had appeared.

'I chose the path of the Ghost and I am dead' the figure then took off his hood to reveal his face, he had a scar on his left eyebrow and lip

"Hmmm you don’t look very dead to me... Anyway how can I help you my friend? As I said your either here for my head or my collection... and you haven’t killed me yet so I assume its the latter"

'I have come to reclaim my armour, so yes it's the latter. I have no quarrels with you'
The figure flexed his fingers

Triarch looked stunned "Your the wearer of that armour? You must be truly ancient! Tell me... how is a warrior without his armour?"

'One must sacrifice everything on the path enlightenment' the figure relaxed in his seat

"Enlightenment..." Triarch laughed "So you want your armour back aye? Well i cant just give it to you..."

'And whys that?' The figure asked while straightening in his seat

"I procured it from a deal, I paid great money for it, and seeming as you don’t look like the type to carry money around I cant make a monetary deal... Then again you have no reason to listen to my deal, you could just kill me and take my armour but then you would have to fight your way out and have to kill Destro... which would take even you effort. So I propose you in return for your armour do me a little favour"

'And what favour is that?' The figure stood up from his seat and walked towards Triarch

"Well, you seem to be a master of stealth so... perhaps you could... eliminate someone for me? That’s if you have the guts to do so" Triarch smiled.

'Patronising me will get you no where, but you have intrigued me... Who is the target?'#

Triarch almost sneered "A certain Admiral Hargun of the Union of Worlds... that is if you are up to the task..." Triarch smiled

'You would have me slay Hargun, why do you ask this of me?'

"Because... His new conference he is going to be hosting will ruin my trade. I have my sources, and this will decline our trade routes, I want him dead at the conference. However you seem to have a problem with this..."

'He is an ally of the Sicarii and is heavily guarded, not that that's a problem'

Triarch smiled "Hmmm I see your not up to the task... that’s a shame, that mans removal would be sorely needed for us... So what do you propose we do then?"

'I am Eddard former member of the Sicarii and you are coming with me'
Ed snapped his arms outwards and his armour rushed towards him and when he was full assembled his armour changed colour to matt black, only legend speaks of a Sicarian's armour turning matt black, it is a symbol of ultimate sacrifice and the Sicarian to have reached a new path and with it new abilities

Triarch frowned and stood up He first off detached what seemed to be a katana from under his desk and drew it to point at Eddard its blade then energised "I’m afraid that wont be the case... DESTRO!" Triarch roared. Almost instantly the doors to the grand room swung open and the sound of servos and massive bulk moving filled the room. Destro entered in his Forgemaster battle armour and carried a modified Resonance Feedback Hammer, the armour was huge and its bulk full encompassed the man inside, its servos hissed and moaned as they flexed the artificial muscle bundles in the arms and he swung his hammer around into a combat position "You, Stranger. You have overstayed your welcome, don’t think we didn’t notice you in here. Triarch wishes you to leave now leave" The coms grill projected his voice as a booming grating voice that echoed in the room.

Eddard kicked the table with such a force that it rendered Triarch unconscious he then turned to face Destro and Ed drew his sword which shone with great power
'I will be leaving, this is you chance to stand down'

Destro roared at the gesture and swung the resonance hammer with full force, normally this swing would be enough to crush a Heavy tank in one blow but Destro used his full force making it much more powerful.

The hit landed and a massive shock wave emanated from the hammer and debris flew everywhere and once the dust had settled Eddard could be seen grasping the hammer with blue flames surrounding his whole body in a huge crater, Ed through back the hammer with all his strength which has been amplified with his armour and new abilities

Destro grunted as the servo motors in his armour kicked in, he managed to absorb the back swing though he was caught off balance. He quickly regained it and swung again, this time the swing was aimed at the side to smash Eddard off his feet.

Eddard did a side flip and when he landed he struck a blow to Destros unguarded side

Destro using the momentum of the hammer let go of it, the hammer impacted the round and smashed a hole in the floor, however due to the thickness of his huge battle plate the Sicarian merely punched through one of the outer layers, Destro laughed and turned, impacting Eddards head with his fist with frightening speed now he didn’t have the hammer.

Ed was caught off by the blow and was blasted into the wall creating a gaping hole filled with smoke and debris

Destro laughed in a booming grating laugh and walked over to the hole in the wall "Fool you don’t know who you are dealing with!"

'And neither do you' Ed said his fist emerging from the hole and knocking Destro to the other side of the room creating more holes in the walls as he went flying past them, Ed ran through the holes after Destro to see him finally land on his side

Destro laughed "This armour was made to withstand the likes of you! your blows mean nothing!" Destro leapt up and began to run at Ed, it took some time before the heavy foot falls gained pace but he kept going like a juggernaut, his grating voice boomed a roar as he charged.

Ed also started running towards him with a head start that shattered the floor around his feet, when they were both within distance and both had their fists up ready for a blow Ed unsheathed his blade and cut through Destro wrist with lightning speed
'Was it made for that?' Ed said mockingly

Destro cried out but quickly ignored the pain, his hand flew away across the floor and he roared again "Die you scum!" He reached over to the hammer which was close to him on the floor where it had impacted and picked it up incredibly one handed, he then brought it back and swung at full force

Eddard side stepped out of way and had another blow at his ribs

Destro missed and felt the crack of the armour, it didn’t break however he swung the hammer back to try and hit Ed again determined to shatter the smaller man.

Ed redirected the blow into the floor, he then burned bright with blue flames
'That’s new' He directed the flames at Destro's leg joints melting and fusing the components together rendering the leg immovable

Destro grunted as he felt his skin under the armour blister and burn however he couldn’t move his leg, he still turned and again dropped the hammer and tried to punch the Sicarian in the chest.

Ed caught the fist and snapped it with an audible snapping of bone and armour

Destro Roared and collapsed on the floor, despite the stimulants flooding his system the pain was too great, he tried to get up using his remaining leg and his elbows

Ed punched him the chest forcing him to stay down
'Do you yield?'

Destro grunted "I cannot yield, it is everything I stand against!" Destro swung his broken fist out across the floor to knock Ed over

the pain that Ed had inflicted on Destro was now noticeable as the swing that landed against eds legs was not powerful enough to knock him over, Ed pushed down on his chest with a foot and unsheathed his two swords and plunged them into Destro's shoulders pinning him in place,
'I’m not going to kill you, I admire your ambition and for that reason you will live another day'

Destro merely breathed heavily "I will... Kill you... Someday... Sicarian..." He finally went unconscious and sat laying there, by this time Ed could here lots of voices as more guards started to pour into the buildings higher levels after all the racket and commotion.

Ed pulled out his swords and flicked the blood off in the shape of an 'x' on Destro's body he then looked around to see all of the Triarch forces that surrounded him

The men all had guns pointed at him, some where in light body armour while some behind had suits of armour like Destro's

Ed stood there motionless and waiting for someone to make the first move

"STAND DOWN! THATS AN ORDER! YOU WILL STAND DOWN AND COME WITH US!" One of the troops shouted, the soldiers all seemed to aim and ready to fire

'If you value your lives you will forget this moment and move on' Ed said with a booming unnatural voice

"THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING STAND DOWN!" the man repeated, as they did so a few soldiers went to tend to John who was now regaining consciousness

Ed simply ignored them and Walks towards John

John picked up his sword and pointed it at Ed "Leave this place, you have your armour now leave! There is no purpose of further bloodshed!"

'You have said words which state I have a further purpose, you are coming with me!' Ed leapt at Triarch and knocked the Guards around him out the way, the force of the Sicarii charge smashed some of the guards in front out of the large window behind Triarchs now wrecked desk smashing the glass. Triarch made a sweep with the Katana and almost struck at one of Eds weaker joints with a inhuman speed but the Sicarian was upon him before the blow could hit, Ed grabbed the leader and then with a grunt continued with full force out the window falling into the space port below.

Part 1 of an RP between me and :iconmijity:
Rafael-Domination Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Action-packed! :D
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