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A Space role-play dedicated to help make friends and to make alliances between empires. A new mysterious Galaxy has appeared called Ancerious and many empires are now trying to exploit its many treasures, both strategically and economically. There are many mysteries in this galaxy ready to be discovered, will you be here to make alliances and allies? Or to destroy and make enemies? It’s all up to you.

Galactic Map:…

current empires:

Union of Worlds: :iconemperormyric:
D.C.I Tenebrae: :icontenebraesrising:
Spartan Infinite Empire: :iconsoundwave3591:
Interstellar Republic of Singapore: :icontarget21:
Mars Empire: :iconjudgementnollid:
Drake Empire :iconlordnagaetros:
Capitol: :iconemperormyric:
ShadowBlade: :icondaniellandrom:
The ShadowGuard: :iconmeowmeowmeow21:
Grand Droid Empire: :iconcaptainironstar:
The Nex: :iconcrystalnexus:
Ostech Combine: :iconwyvern-1:
Hjelmsdeläre: :iconvoughtvindicator:
Immortal Empire: :icon0verlordofyou:
Carnaith: :icondaniellandrom:
Interstellar Covernanted States: :iconthe-port-of-riches:
Trinova: :iconmeowmeowmeow21:
SHEATHES-10: :iconrafael-domination:
United Frontiers: :iconseventhfleet:
Atlantis: :iconthe-port-of-riches:
Triarch Industries: :iconemperormyric:
Flux Ascendancy: :iconcommodorehorton:
Ancerious Sicarii Order: :iconmijity:
Unitary State of Mineva: :iconmendeddragon:
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Jan 3, 2012


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Role Play

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Section 1: Getting Your Empire Started

“In each sector of this galaxy there may be a people out there taking their first steps to the stars. It is how we treat our younger brethren that determines if they become an agent for the betterment of the galaxy or a terrible blight on its existence. Thus it is all well and good to be great in size, but the measure of a nation is not in the girth of its borders but how it treats its smaller neighbors.” – Emperor Myric, Reflections of a Galaxy, Volume I

1.1: Military Power Limits
New empires that join the Ancerious Galaxy Roleplay start off with a base cap to the number of warships they may deploy within the confines of the Ancerious galaxy itself. This cap is 250 ships and has no effect on what the player has back in their home universe or reality. For reference a warship is a vessel designed to travel in outer space that may or may not be able to land on a planetary surface that is built with the intention of military use and is armed thusly. Civilian vessels whether they are armed or not do not count towards this limit as it takes many civilian ships to maintain the needs of a star empire and its’ military apparatus. In a later section we will discuss what counts as a warship by classification and how to fill out the force declaration list. Once you have fully joined Ancerious you will gain an additional 250 warships each two weeks in real time up to a maximum set limit of 4000. This also goes for reinforcements to losses sustained in galaxy as well and must wait for the end of the two weeks to gain 250 ships back. This amount is not fixed and is being fine tuned.

1.2: Colonization
New Empires also start with 5 solar systems for their beginning territory.
In the same process as is allowed with the increasing of warship numbers, players are allowed to colonize an additional 5 solar systems per two weeks up to a maximum of 50 solar systems. It is left to the player’s discretion as to how the colonized solar systems are arranged and what type they are but the galactic map (The map is a work in progress for note.) will be updated each month in accordance with this fact.

1.3: Super Weapons Limits
Your Empire may also have access to a certain amount of Super Weapon slots. These slots are by no means compulsory and are optional.

Note: Superweapons Rules revised, see section 8A for details

1.4: Required Information Forms
You must also fill in the following entry forms for your empire:
Overall Empire information form:…

Force Declaration form:

Super weapon form (NOT COMPULSORY):

Biology form (Only required if you have a very alien and diffrent race): (under construction)

Section 2:  Alternate Empire Options

"Once one comes two shall follow... It is only a matter of time before flocks of other races both good and evil descend upon this new discovery, War will come to Ancerious. Mark my words it will come..."-- Lord Skullow of Tenebrae privately addressing his subordinates

Players have the option of playing up to two alignment balanced additional factions or empires in addition to their main empire. For instance if your main empire is evil you may play an additional neutral and good aligned empire and vice versa.
These additional empires are for the purpose of aiding to plot development and the maintenance of storyline arcs for the galaxy, but they are not for the use of gaining military or any form of advantage that a player would not normally have. Using alternate empires for the sole purpose of gaining an unfair advantage or cheating to evade the rules is referred to as ‘Milking’ and is strictly prohibited.

Section 3: Fair Play

" “In the great endeavor to find our answers in the stars know that we shall brook no aggression nor seek it. We understand there are myriad species out there with as many means to view the universe. Thus we enter with a tolerant hand and a principle of understanding that indeed all things should not wind up in death. In this effort to bridge the dark expanses between the stars perhaps a great state of cooperation could be born of those with compassion and vision.”– The First Prime, Reflections of a Galaxy, Volume III

It needs to be said that when role playing with another faction it is best to work together.
Anyone overriding another faction by intimidation out of character or anyone controlling someone else's faction without permission instantly gains a Black mark. These Black marks are given out by administrators to those who have broken the rules and transgressed. If three black marks are by your name you will be kicked from Ancerious after a period of 2 weeks we will offer you a place back in if you apologize and promise not to do so again. BUT you will only have ONE black mark this time. If you transgress again we will permanently kick you from the group.

Section 4: Semi- Limited Galaxy:

"A Million worlds and more to explore... such wonders waiting to be uncovered... And such horrors to be faced. A new galaxy, both a place of wonderful mystery and terrifying evil"-- Former leader of the Cerabian Empire on discovery of Ancerious

For all intents and purposes the Ancerious Galaxy itself is the absolute limit of the game play area. No faction is able to go outside the galactic boundaries and no alternate timeline or reality versions of the Ancerious galaxy exist. This may seem harsh however there is a reason for this and it may even be part of how your people have come to take up residence in the Ancerious Galaxy. This is a weird place after all... However you may have contact with outside parts of your empire (such as you getting your reinforcements etc.) and communications however you may not bring in your entire factions forces etc. You are still restricted to the limits (its assumed your factions main parts are more focused on other things) you may send stuff back and forth but of course has to stay in the limit.

Section 5: The Limits of Belief

"It is obvious we will find others who are radically different out there, but then again... the laws of physics are a harsh mistress, whoever we find will be just as constricted as we are"-- Agion Commander of the ShadowBlade fleet

The Ancerious Galaxy’s role play operates within (mostly) the realm of physics. This means that the basic understood laws of physics are in effect and players should read up on the subject but expect a little movement room for the science fiction effect. For instance light does not instantly travel, it takes time and thus faster then light does not mean instantaneous travel. Inertia, velocity and mass all have effect son objects and thus, there is a set frame of operations that governs the galaxy. This does not mean that anything that is not real cannot be possible. If you have a technology that technically cannot operate in the laws of physics' or for say real life then all you need to do is explain to the administrators how it would work. This is not to so say techno-jargon will save the day but putting time and thought in to the function of said weapon will increase the likely hood of it receiving approval. For example, if a weapon is submitted that does [insert effect here] and should not for some reason work in real life because it operates on some imaginary particles or energy all a player has to do is explain in detail how the weapon should work. Making the weapon or technology sound real and or believable as well as putting some effort into the information presented will go a long way towards approval. This process and the nature of these technologies and or weapons doesn’t mean you can bend or break the rules governing limitations on weapons, warships or other rules in general.

Section 6: Time Travel Technology

"Time. Time is merely another tool to be melded to our will. It was gifted to us by the great Khamood' Ur. Who are we to question our god?" -- Emissary Dyxis to Emperor Myric

Now time travel IS allowed in Ancerious with a whole army of exceptions. I cannot list them all here because I would die of old age (too bad i don't have a time machine BOOM sorry) But You MUST state to an admin that your faction has time capabilities. We don't mean to be harsh but we will only give you time abilities IF you can prove yourself a very good Rper. The damage that someone who has never RPed before having time tech could do is infinite and so consult with an admin. Even if you are granted this you WILL BE WATCHED by the admins. Any wrong move or abuse will be either rectified and we will warn you or you will get a black mark. Time travel is far too powerful in this RP to be abused and so our resident time traveller :iconcommodorehorton: will be on the look out to help those time tech people.
However we will limit time travellers in this RP to only a few good players. Everyone having it just ruins everything.

Section 7: The Specifics of Warships

"I Have a thousand ships at my command! That alone should show our grand purpose! Have mercy for any fool who gets in my way, for I shall not"-- Lord Emperor Garren of Capitol

In more detailed and precise definition a ‘Warship’ is a craft used to wage some form of warfare against an enemy. In the strictest sense it is often a military craft built for that express purpose however, retrofitted civilian craft, pirate vessels and militia vessels can fall under the grouping and if armed for this purpose must be noted within the ship limitations. The warship declaration sheet can be found here:

The above template is submitted to ancerious when you enter the RP, or for previously existing empires is due as of the public release of this revised rules set. Officially warships fit into the following primary categories but, players are allowed to judge which class their vessels fit into by their nation’s own criteria.

Special Units – Artillery ships, Mobile star bases/Battle fortresses, Space Faring Mechs.

Traditional Warships – Super dreadnought, Dreadnought, Battleship, Battle Cruiser, Carrier, Heavy Cruiser, Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate, Corvette, Sloop, Gunship.

(Please note Ancerious has a limit to warship sizes being 300km maximum, anything over will not be accepted and this limit is for truly large ships, not 'all my cruisers are 200km' please be somewhat sensible with sizes. However starbases etc. may go beyond this size)

Customized warship categories are welcome as well especially in the case of vessels that fall between noted roles and uses. Please try to deploy relatively balanced fleets that consist of a mix of classes and types, as opposed to claiming something ridiculous such as 250 super dreadnoughts. The administrators will often suggest changes or if the list violates balance or fair play rules you may be asked to outright change your listing.
More detailed information on the nature of the force declaration can be found on the force declaration sheer itself.

Section 8: Superweapons in detail

"Let those lapdogs think they have won, give them a few moments of celebration. That is enough, prime the Void Distortion Cannon. Let our enemies burn. But make sure some stay alive, I want word to spread, I want them to fear our power"-- Member of the council of thirteen Carron on the Cerabian fleet

In Ancerious as described in section one you are allowed certain super weapon slots. Because super weapons fit such broad categories and can encompass different things
players often have different concepts and classifications of what a super weapon is or is not. For all intent and purposes Ancerious has a standardized scale setting a basic limit on the classification of super weapons in regards to their destructive force and the number of slots they consume.

[Slot info revised, see section 8A]

Keep in mind these are very rough boundaries for super weapons and thus may be subject to revision at a later date pending the study of their effect on game play. Each player must submit a super weapon’s listing of any super weapons you wish to use in Ancerious so that the administrators can review the weapon and appoint the appropriate cost in slots to your limits. Please use the form included below when submitting a super weapon. Also of note you may only ever have ONE of each super weapon, having multiple of the same class will result in them being additional super weapons and hense filling up more slots (aka you have two slot ones the same this means they take up two slots not one)

Physical Description: (what it looks like is it a facility a ship? Etc.)
What exactly does it do: (why is it a super weapon? Does it break down molecules? Breach reality? Make massive explosions? Etc.)
Physical Capabilities: (can it defend itself? If a facility does the facility have defences? Does the ship it's on have good weaponry other than the super weapon?)
Weaknesses: (can the facility be easily attacked? Does it have a small area of effect? Insanely long charge time etc.?)
How many Slots do YOU think it takes up?:

Super weapons also run on a Warship basis. If one is destroyed you must wait two months for it to either be rebuilt or whatever, no instantly replacing them.

Section 8A: The Proliferation Act of 2014</U>

Due to the proliferation and abuse of the Super weapons rule this revision; the proliferation act of 2014 has become required as an amendment to the original rules that overwrites some or all of the original super weapon rules. As with any far-reaching amendment it is best that players consult the administrators if they are unsure of their super weapons status or the status of any super weapon submission. As before all proposed super weapons must be approved by the administration corps prior to use in role play.

As noted in the original super weapon rules a player receives a set number of super weapon slots based on the number of ships he or she is able to build at the time. This is not based on damages or losses received but the point at which the player reaches the ability to build and support the following numbers of ships.

[1 slot] – Requires 1,000 vessel capacity
[2 Slots] – Requires 2,500 vessel capacity
[3 Slots] = Requires 4,000 vessel capacity

Super weapons by definition are weapons used in either a defensive or offensive role to effectively render a given target either unable to continue combat* or effectively destroyed.
The means in which you the player may be able to achieve either effect are as varied as the factions in the role play themselves. As a general rule, the less specific the targeting of your super weapon and the greater its area of affects the more slots it would use. So the following revised definition as taken from the primary super weapon rules would now apply

Super Weapon Slot (1): Typically limited to weapons of terror, that are not directly deadly but the chaos they cause can be. Some examples include biological weapons (IE) that don’t destroy planetary ecology, weapons that kill a ship’s crew but don’t destroy starships (SSC) and weapons that otherwise make it difficult or impossible for the target to fight back (Flux Ascendancy).

Super Weapon Slot (2): Two slot super weapons are weapons that bear the ability to destroy a planet in a repeatable fashion either by destroying the planet outright (Union) or by destroying it’s ecology to the point recovery and use is rendered impossible (Aberration).

Super Weapon Slot (3): Three slot weapons are the ones you really hear about but do not ever want to experience firsthand. They are the single most destructive weapons in the game and at most possess the ability to snuff out stars and by extension or by intention the solar systems that orbit the said stars (Sparta). Three slot super weapons are weapons of pure terror that thankfully are rare and seldom used.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the player to fill out and submit a detailed document regarding their proposed super weapon using the Super Weapon Information sheet and have it approved by the Administrators before they may use their super weapon. It also should be said that the super weapon should not be confused with the concept of a ‘Unique’ unit as noted blow in section 8B.

Section 8B: Unique units </B>

Eventually the leaders of a nation get the idea to build something that represents their people in the light they intended. The resulting unit is always unique to the nation and cannot be mistaken for anything else as it often encompasses the true spirit of a nation and is a demonstration of the nation’s capability. This is where a unique unit would come into play in Ancerius, each faction would at the time they receive their third super weapon slot also receive the ability to build one unique unit which would be expected to be a starship. The use of the vessel would vary based on the nation constructing it and thus the first limitation to constructing a true unique unit is that the unit itself cannot be a super weapon. Players might design it to carry their super weapons however or perhaps have it exist for industrial, diplomatic or for trade purposes. Players may only design one unique vessel and may only have one in any state of service or construction at a time. Should such a unit be destroyed players must wait six months in real time to replace it.

Unique units are subject to the same approval process as super weapons and the following information should be provided to the Administrators at the time of submission.

Dimensions: [length, width height]
Super Weapons Carrier?: [Yes/No]
Purpose: [what do you intend to use it for?]
Capabilities: [What is it able to do?]
Limitations: [what are it’s flaws?]

*Unable to continue combat as a term may include making the crews of a target fleet unable to man their stations, killing the crew whole sale or otherwise making them unable to continue fighting.

Section 9: Deities and Entities

"The circumstance of our birth is irrelevant, It is what we do with our gifts that determines who we are, and what we fight for"--King Helios of the Drake Empire

It is the nature of most that they want to be powerful and it is thus more tempting to be so while role playing a nation-based role playing game. It is then one of the points of contention for a good role play. For the purposes of this document such powerful beings are considered in two categories, the Deity and the Entity.

9.1: Deities
A Deity in the context of this Universe represents an all powerful omnipotent being. While such a being may or may not be infallible it is a being several magnitudes of power above your average mortal. These deities are incredibly powerful and while may add to plotlines have the potential to be incredibly abused and used for OP and power play. In this respect you MAY use up to 3 deities in Ancerious IF your faction has them or requires them for your faction to be played. You cannot randomly make up deities to be used because of this rule. HOWEVER if you DO have deities in Ancerious you WILL be closely watched by the admins just like with time travel. These Deities work under this theory. They may be all powerful and have incredible power to change things only IF they do not intervene (sort of like a god but one who merely watches and guides through words not actions) the second is the option that they do directly intervene but CAN be hurt/ beaten etc. And are not as all powerful as their non action brethren. Either way this area is under scrutiny and any with such characters will be dutifully watched...

9.2: Entities
An Entity is a being that is generally often immortal or very long-lived but is not omnipotent nor does he or she possess any major powers or abilities such as being able to create life or eradicate an entire race at a whim. Entities can be the leaders of Nations or other major character roles, but should be treated as Semi-NPC if they bear significant powers, and PC’s if they merely bear something as minor as a long life span beyond the norm of their species.

Needless to say both Deities and Entities need Administrator approval, with the use of a impartial third party stand in should an Administrator be the one submitting such a character.

Section 10: Biology:

"Its strange for you to comprehend our bodies in a normal way, we live with this crystal just as you live with the blood running through your veins. Although of course Diamantide does give you far more bonuses..." --Praxian Commander of the Nex

No species is immune to everything and so different races can have infinitely diverse biology's. In this regard is advised for you to describe your species biology and detail what they are resistant/immune to or weak to in regard. You cannot be resistant to everything and there is always a weakness to a race, if you do not have any race weaknesses the Administrators are obliged to make one for you. This section is especially important if you are playing a race which is far different to humans. If playing a human race you may just put human down but again your humans may be different... It's always best to have these things down on your entry form rather than turning up later in an argument. If you need any help on biology ask an admin we are all very adept at Chemistry physics and biology.

Section 11: Fallibility of Empires:

"Nothing is perfect. You may build the mightiest defenses in creation, given enough time someone will learn how to defeat them, that is the way of the Universe. There can be no perfection this side of the grave"-- Emperor Daniel of Carnaith

No one is perfect nor do they make perfect things. It is the nature of life itself to bear imperfection and the driving force of biology itself to try by one means or another to slowly correct these errors. That said one can also conclude that no empire is perfect, and thus neither are the peoples that compose it, regardless of origin or species.  Therefore no one’s defenses are impenetrable or their society immune to upheaval or subversion.

Section 12: Magic:

"You call this what you don't understand magic because you cannot comprehend how it works. It is merely a method which has been passed down and learned by my people for many generations. In a way I suppose it is magic... maybe it's better that way, sometimes it is better to believe than understand"-- Lesser Empress Gaia to a still learning race

Magic IS allowed in Ancerious but again is under close scrutiny and watch of the administrators. Magic is again another area which can be woefully abused and power played. In this regard Magic is just as limited as technology. In this regard you can use magic to fill any role technology may play and you may have magic users in your military but you are required to describe and explain the use and effect of your magic just as a technology user must justify the nature of his technology. This means that you are not allowed to perform maneuvers which are illegal or otherwise and just say 'my magic allows me to do this'. Contrary to some sources magic does not mean you override the laws of physics, they will always apply unless in certain circumstances. If you have individual concerns consult and admin and we will be happy to help.

Section 13: Out Of Character & In Character Boundaries

"Not everything you learn through intelligence can be trusted... my dear freind" -- Spartan interogation team

Anything said Out Of Character is not admissible in any way shape or form In Character. This absolute boundary extends to conversations via deviant’s note function or comments made in response to submissions on Deviant art that are clearly of OOC nature. Furthermore Skype conversations are considered to be all OOC unless an IC status is agreed upon by all participants.

A lot of Ancerious RP is also going on Skype and most players do talking on Skype I will list everyone's individual skype names (if willing) in order for contacts. It is advisable to join this for ease of contact. Skype is free and easy to set up if you do not have it.

Section 14: Timing:

"You can plan for a billion years and finalize it to every conceivable variable, but when a plan requires timing... If you get it even one second too late those million years are gonna seem a whole lot longer..."-- ICS unnamed Strategist

No agreement between player-nations is considered complete and legal until the event reaches it’s agreed upon ending. The date of the last posts or the conclusion of the event is official as of the Primary Roleplay’s time line and thus may or may not effect what a player or players are able to do without consequence. In addition a timeline for Ancerious is under construction for ease of dates and whats happening.

Section 15: Ancerious Canon:

"Ancerious is like nothing you have ever seen before. Take the advice, I have lived here for hundreds of years and still things surprise me. This galaxy isn't natural and I can tell you now, if you're not ready for her she will chew you up and spit you out" --Raiden supreme grand master of the Sicarii Order to Captain Volkus.

The official storyline and concept of the Ancerious galaxy is considered the official cannon of the role play. This cannon role play is independent of all others and is designed so it will not within reason infringe on your creative works or story lines. What you and your empires do here will affect the Ancerious cannon, but what you do elsewhere has no effect on Ancerious. That said back home you might be the most powerful galaxy ever conceived but here, everyone starts equally and you may find your superiority is not so superior. In ancerious you operate under the primary galactic plotline and we admit this may not be for some people. Balance is the key to any role play and in ancerious no one’s individual cannon overrides anyone else’s cannon. The individual player’s canon in Ancerious is often melded together to create a balance and also to create a pretty damn cool canon at that. If you have any questions on this regard ask an administrator.

Section 15A: The Golden Cannon Rule </B>

It is the nature of Role Play that we inevitably will see something that inspires us to want to design an equivalent, parallel or introduce a copy of it. The fact is science fiction does copy itself a bit and is really good at introducing flashy ideas that change the game in their respective series. In light of current events in Ancerius and with consideration other players involved it has been discussed and is decided that should a player see something in a given science fiction series or other genre they want to implement in Ancerius the following standards apply.
You the player must absolutely accept all of the item’s limitations as stated in its official source material as published by the original source. You must also explain in full detail through actual role play how this foreign item came under your control. What you may not do is alter the design in any way to address its existing limitations before you use it in role play. This means for instance if you want the death star, you cannot patch up the thermal exhaust ports or make it faster or shorten its super laser recharge time without significant Ancerius role-play that involves other players.

In certain cases such items may count as the player’s allotted (1) unique unit for their faction due to Administration review. As a final note, all items that fall under the “Golden Cannon” rule are subject to review upon introduction and periodic review after being accepted by the Administration to ensure the item is not being used out of context. It also may be required by the administration in some cases that a item require calibration to work at full capacity in the Ancerius galaxy which may take a set amount of tome or certain conditions as noted in the review.

Section 16: NPC Factions

“Ancerious seems to be a honey pot of Empires, don’t be fooled boy, there are many out there that we have yet to see...”- Captain Alexander of the Adectu Empire to a Adectu ensign.

The Ancerious galaxy role play is based in a massive spiral type galaxy not unlike the Milky Way galaxy we know in real life. As the current map indicates the known nations have barely explored the massive expanse of the galaxy. Such a sight as seen on the map is surely inviting to those sentient species out there looking to expand, or perhaps merely looking for some place to call home free of some great trouble. We know clearly from the areas of the galaxy that are charted that there are many races in the galaxy already and there is the potential for contact with countless others in the unexplored frontiers.

This plethora of populations leads to a critical role play concept, the non-player nation. An NPN is a sub-faction that it’s not exclusively controlled by one player but can be created by any standing member of the role play. The purpose of such a nation is to add a greater variety to the universe by allowing players to create other nations and peoples but not necessarily have to worry about their day-to-day operations as they might with their main faction.  Make no mistake a NPN is not a lesser nation but an equal one and is bound by the same rules as any other faction created in the role play. It can be said that the following five guidelines are functional rules for the creation and operation of an NPN.

1. All NPN nations must undergo an approval process using the same form as a normal player nation. Extra information on the Empire info form should be added by the creator to cover the nation’s character, motivations and nature/alignment (ie god, evil, lawful good, neutral, chaotic and so on.).…

2. No NPN nation can be conquered by its creator.
3. No NPN nation can exist simply to give any one player any unfair advantage such as acceleration of tech development, additional units and so forth.
4. While there is no current limit to the number of NPN’s that can be designed and created, please consider the vastness of space and the relative rarity of life. (ie please don’t flood the admin’s with NPN requests.)
5. Any NPN that is proposed by a player that effects another player’s nation by existing and its basic actions must have that players approval before it can be submitted for approval by the Administrators. (example; player 1 wants to create a pirate group that raids player2’s commerce ships, player 1 will need player 2’s permission.)

For a functional example, Myric has thankfully provided one of his works in progress as an example of how an NPN might be designed. Consider the case of the Eos as stated by Myric.

“Take the Eos Consortium, a new NPN faction who originated in Ancerious around a very devout and radical religion. The Consortium seeks to bend all they encounter to their religion’s will and will make frequent attacks against unbelievers. Because of this they are unlikely to ally with anyone and before anyone requests use of them they should consult me to find out their abilities. While unlikely to ally it is possible they may be convinced join with factions to prevent their own destruction in short term agreements. It is also possible they may determine a random target and wage a holy war against a random empire.”

Section 17: Combat

"On the ground, the foe has us outnumbered and dug-in. No man or woman in their right mind would mount an assault on such a fortified foe. But you're not in your right mind. You're in the Corps."
-Chief of Staff Bradley Novak to a company of Marines.

In Ancerious, combat, be it in space or planetside, is a prevalent aspect. While definitely not the most important part of the group, a vast majority of the roleplays and development are about combat or are combat. Generally, in a combat-based roleplay, there must be rules or a system in place to help prevent discrepancies; since there is no longer a stat system, there'll just be general rules on it covered here. A few key points and terms are as follows:
-No godmodding; essentially, godmodding is when someone has the capabilities to do anything without limits or boundaries, and/or simply cannot be harmed or affected by any and all means the other RPers try.
This could be killing or injuring without the player's expressed permission in certain cases.
It could be when a player simply cannot be hit and dodge all things directed at them in an incredulous manner.
It can also be using or controlling another's forces or characters in any way without the other player's expressed permission; this is commonly reffered to as powerplaying. The usual outcome of this is a character/force being portrayed as something that they're not, making them appear weak to make another character/force seem superior, etc. This can sometimes go beyond that irritating line and become straight up offensive.

-No autohitting; to clarify, autohitting is the act of writing the attack, and explaining the damage inflicted upon the one recieving the attacks in a post without their consent or prior approval in a post. Have some trust in your fellow player. Leave the damage one takes to the one recieving the attack.

-No metagaming; metagaming is, simply put, using out-of-character knowledge for an in-character advantage, with information that in-game would not have been known. This is a way of abusing the game and is generally considered cheating. It can be hard not to be influenced by OOC information that could save you from total annihilation, but do your best to immerse yourself and act in-character.

-Try and reach a happy medium with those you are going into contest with, to avoid arguments. Settle your arguments with reason.

-Be alright with taking hits and losses, even heavy ones, every now and again; not everyone has to win every time.

-Be flexible. Try and work with other people's concepts and grasps on combat in general

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“In what direction, ensign?”
“…towards us, sir.”

Captain Bacharach stood slowly from his command chair on the bridge of the Adrianople-class battleship Herodotus, looking up at the tac-scanner that encompassed the whole of the bridge ceiling.  He could see the icons of approaching starships as they neared the event horizon between real space and light speed.

“Looks like the Supreme Overlord’s message was received after all.” He muttered. Turning, he accessed the ships intercom.
“Attention, this is the captain. Now hear this: we are about to receive foreign dignitaries. Repeat foreign dignitaries. I want everything to run like a well-oiled machine, is that clear? No mishaps. This is a direct order from the Supreme Overlord.”

he turned back to face the bridge as, in the distance, the first signs of arriving vessels appeared…..


Castle Fredericus Rex, Sparticus IV

“sire, we have received confirmation from the reception fleet.”
“sir, it appears your message was well-received. Many parties have arrived. “

Robert O’Mannion, Supreme Overlord of the Spartan Infinite Empire, slowly turned away from the massive window, where he had been staring out into the impenetrable blizzard that constantly enshrouded the planet in ice and snow.  He paused, for a moment, to look at the young woman seated next to where he had been standing, her skin pale and eyes closed, as they always were.
“Tanya.” He said, laying a hand on her shoulder “it’s Time.”

The girl did not move. She made no indication that she had even heard him.
“I must go now and prepare for the arrival of our guests. I shall try not to disturb you.”
“thank you, Uncle.” The girl said, her flat voice almost a whisper. Next to her, the sleeping form of one of Sparticus IV’s Snow Wolves stirred and raised its head to face O’Mannion.  He considered the creature with a practiced eye.
“Daisy” he said, in a commanding tone “Watchdog.”
immediately, the wolf stood, stretched, and turned, sitting down between the Girl and the Door. It seemed to freeze in place, and its blood-red eyes were locked on the small doorway of the chamber.
“Good girl.”  O’Mannion smiled as he turned and walked towards the door. He didn’t even react to the bowed heads of the two women dressed in Nurses garb that stood ready to tend to the girl’s every need.  
Passing through the Door and closing it behind him, O’Mannion stopped to consider the 2 Amazon battle legionnaires that flanked it, their bronze-colored armor polished to sheen.
“No one enters. Not even me, until the Conference is over.” He said in a tone that brokered no argument.
The BL’s said nothing. They merely moved silently to blockade the door with their bodies. The message was clear: no one was getting in unless it was through them.
And that would be no easy task.

O’Mannion nodded turning and walking down the corridor. Much to do, and little time to do it in…..

Admiral Hargun watched from the bridge of the Aurora as they neared Spartan space. The signal which had been sent out was received a few days ago in response to another potential conference. Hargun had actually laughed at the thought of another peace conference, with the events of the last conference still fresh in his memory. The small Union fleet approached the Spartan co ordinates, The Dart class and its escorts holding its position. Hargun himself was dressed in his Admirals uniform, full medals resplendent on his chest.
“Sir we have arrived” the sensor operator announced.
“Excellent, thank you ensign” He opened a comm. link to the Spartan ships “This is Admiral Hargun of the Union of Worlds on behalf of my empire I am here for the conference.”
Minutes later he got up and made his way down to the Union hangar bay, 5 aids stood talking awaiting their Admiral and another 5 men stood silent behind them. Jet black armor denoted their rank of Ghosts, Union Special Forces, assigned to protect Hargun. He nodded to the aids and saluted the Ghosts; behind them all stood the Minevan rep, Marina Hacket who had tagged along to represent her empire. Hargun saluted her.
“It seems its time”
“Indeed” She smiled as they awaited the Spartan shuttle to pick them up.
Kennedia watched as the Yteran cruiser ripped itself out of FTL. It had arrived at the Co-Ordinates given by the Union of Worlds, its dark mottled skin changing in the light. Its systems detected multiple ships around and she merely waited as the scans revealed they were friendly and unknown. She nodded to herself and opened the coms systems
“This is Kennedia Lucrene of the Yteran Nomads. We have arrived in peace”
She received a confirmation and went down to the opening pods, seeing her assembled aids, a few of them she knew personally, while the others were Yteran Soldiers, ready to protect them if anything went awry. She made a mental link with her fellows.
“This is Kennedia, we are going in soon”
The small vessel held station above the planet below. Nexus, the capital of the Nexus Empire. Sylvie smiled as she stood on the bridge, her father had requested she attend this new conference whilst he was busy to which she had obliged. She wore a dark blue dress that extended to her heels, its color broken by streaks of light blue and around her neck an ornate crystal necklace. "It is time." a crewman spoke and the ships activated its fold drive. Seconds later it appeared at the coordinates they had been sent, the Spartan Infinite Empire had requested the people of the galaxy attend a conference and she had decided to represent her people. She looked out so see other ships already there, notably ships of the Union. She tapped her chair arm and the channel opened. "This is Knight Sylvie of the Nexus, I have come to attend your conference" she spoke clearly. "You are cleared to dock, I await your arrival" she finished, walking towards the ships small keel hangar bay, alone, to await the shuttle's arrival.
"Approaching at cruise speed, Approach vector clear to the Spartans, sir" Said one of the aides on the bridge of the lightly armed diplomatic ship, actually a variant of an Ozark II, with the grey replaced by white and the red by blue, and the only combat craft being two gunboats in special mountings on the sides, and all of the turrets on the ship removed, replaced by extra communications arrays and scanners, the main turrets replaced by escape pod clusters. A lone MR-71 dropship sat in the hangar bay, with the same paint scheme as the ship it resided in, a prep crew running fuel lines away from the ship, as it would be leaving soon. A man, with two Royal guards in their iconic coats and five aides stood at the side of the hangar, the man in the center, Admiral Samuel Jaseron, was a seasoned commander, and opposite his title, diplomat. He was dressed in normal C.I.N. Commander's garb, with a coat hung over his left forearm, and a cigarette holder in one of the coat's pockets. He had recently been transferred to Ancerious along with Kate after Reik had been expelled, and wanted to make Carnaith look good after the events of the previous conference.
The intercom sounded; "Approaching Spartan vessels, prepare for Envoy launch.” The bridge transmitted, while they sent a transmission to the Spartan group flagship as they approached.
"Very well," Said Jaseron, "This should be interesting. And if any of you are harboring grudges against other factions in this galaxy, stow them, our hosts, as well as I, will not have ear for it." He said, as the hangar shield activated and the blast doors opened, offering a view of the space to the front-bottom area of the ship.
"This is COE Diplomatic ship 'Swan', hailing Spartan ships, over"
Stokes stood on the bridge as the cruiser came out of FTL, They had arrived at the rendezvous point sent out, He looked out as his ship made its way to the co-ordinates, He saw other ships of different races ships, Including Nex and Union, He sighed and thought he had only come because Lock made him. He disengaged his Helmet and turned and walked off towards the hanger bay.
Stokes walked into the bay to see a squad of Elite Soldiers waiting for him, they stood to attention when they saw him, He stood them down, "Ok boys, now we wait for the Spartans to pick us up and take us to the Conference" He spoke calmly.
President Dagger stared out of the bridge of his Relic-class ship. He was nervous about being at the conference. He never had been to Sparta before, and knew precious little about the nation.
“Mr. President” said the Captain.
“Yes Captain?” said Dagger.
We have arrived.”

President Dagger nodded, and made his way down to the hanger where he would, according to the invitation, be picked up by a Spartan shuttlecraft. He spoke into his communicator.
“This is  President Dagger of The Wolf Federation,  to the Spartan command:  I have received your instructions and Await your transport.”
Helios emerged from a portal that he had opened in the far corner of the hangar the Spartans had provided. He had hoped that the Spartans would understand why he arrived the way he did as he recalled the message sent to him by the union of worlds made it clear the Spartans were to transport all of the guests and the visitor ships were to be secured.  He had decided to come alone this time as the others had business to attend to back in the drake world and he needed no security or guards of his own.
He was in his human form, still dressed in the same suit he appeared in at the last conference. He gave a friendly smile to the guards as he adjusted his suit and hair. As he did so he also looked around as the other representatives started to arrive and get used to his new surroundings.
“The Atlanteean Empire, emissaries of our long gone city of Troy, respond to this conference in kind. To set the record straight on our hostilities with the weak and inept empire of the Covenanted States, for which our grudge must be understood. Representative Haile Dedalus is at your service. For the emperor of Chronulus, and the empire he built.”
Senior Commissar Sarakis watched as the ship made its way out of FTL. Responding to a call for a galaxy wide conference. Sarakis really didn’t see the need to come. The other races here being inferior and only worthy of conquest, however. The Empress Ranara had ordered it. The bridge crew called out.

“Senior Commissar we have entered 'Spartan' Space and are awaiting the orders” The commissar nodded.
“I will be in the hangar bay waiting for pick up. I will go unarmed, if they try anything destroy them all” The man nodded as the Commissar walked the Trident class battleship to one of the large side hangars, and awaited the Spartan shuttle.
“This is Senior Commissar Sarakis of the Empire of Capitol. Awaiting pick up to the conference”
aboard the ICS vessel, Romziqa replied to the transmission.
“I am Romziqa Romos, representative to the Interstellar Covenanted States. Her territories and her republic. I will speak on behalf of Planet Hao, Praetor and Libert'e on behalf of the republic. All comers are welcome. Trading partners desired, and allies against the evil empire of Atlantis are most high upon our lists of trade. We are happy to respond to this conference in honor of our friends and allies in Sparta.”
As the various factions rendezvoused including the very surprising sights of Capitol and Atlantis, space-time buckled at the edge of system as the large form of the A'Zores pulled itself free of FTL. Its glowing white runic form hanging silently in the void.
Par'Lan stood on the bridge of the A'Zores, watching the various factions move away from his ship, some powered shields while others merely sat there, he smiled to himself.
“My name is Par'Lan of the Nakai Geniocracy, Captain of the A'Zores. I received your message. I am here for the peace conference, however I may have to come by shuttle to your own ship” He said aloud, his angelic voice very calm, denoting his wish to actually be represented here. All he did was await a reply.
Bacharach waited as transmission after transmission arrived, each one increasing his confidence in the Supreme Overlord's words.
"sir, the representatives who required...."Special transport" have arrived as well." His XO reported as he read off a computer pad. Bacharach nodded.
"Deploy shuttlecraft to pick up their assigned diplomatic parties, and stand by to provide escort."
Bacharach turned to his Communications officer.
"Are we patched through to the foreign vessels?" he asked. The Comm officer nodded.
"Ready to transmit, Captain."
Bacharach stepped over to the communications panel and picked up and donned a spare headset with mouthpiece.
"Attention all vessels: this is Captain Arthur Bacharach of the Spartan Infinite Empire. I welcome you cordially to our territory, and extend the Supreme Overlord's thanks to your attendance. I now ask that all parties be prepared to receive Spartan shuttlecraft to convey their representatives to the designated meeting place.
I must remind all members attending that their nation's starships are to remain outside the demarcation line, as instructed in the Supreme Overlord's Invitation. Violation of Spartan Space will result in immediate ejection from the conference. I apologize for any inconvenience, but in light of the dangerous galactic situation, this is paramount."
Bacharach stepped back to await reply and confirmation, as the diplomatic shuttlecraft departed from their hangers below and immediately made for the arriving vessels.
Kennedia her aids and the soldiers awaited the arrival of the Spartan shuttlecraft to take them towards the planet for the conference eager to meet with other foreign races to see what knowledge they possessed and what efforts could be made for alliances..
Jaseron sighed, and moved his hand to move the diplomatic shuttle from the launch position. "Looks like we are being picked up. Sorry, flight crew" he said as the men ran back up to the ship to siphon the fuel back into its hold, and otherwise bring the shuttle back from launch.
"Thank you, Captain Bacharach, The Carnaithian Empire will refrain as requested, opening hangar entrance shields for shuttle arrival" The Bridge transmitted, and the ship fired forward thrusters to come to a halt, as it had still been moving. Now all to do was to wait for the Spartan shuttle.
Hargun and Marina watched as the Spartan shuttle came down onto the hangar bay and opened its doors as the engines powered down, the Spartan rep that exited bowed and gestured inside, Hargun let Marina go first out of courtesy and soon followed the remaining Union personnel and guards then entered the shuttle. They strapped in as the craft flew out of the hangar bay and toward the Spartan ship. Hargun looked at the Capitol vessel and A'Zores before making a comment “This seems it will go even worse than the last conference...” He remarked to Marina as the Shuttle touched down in the Spartan hangar, the doors opened and Hargun went first, straightening his uniform he helped Marina out who merely smiled. Before them was the Spartan delegation. They seemed the first to arrive.
Sarakis, surrounded by his Hydra Guards, boarded the shuttle as it’s ramp lowered, ignoring the Spartan rep as the shuttle then made its way towards the Spartan ship. As it landed the Lord Commissar stepped out, looking over with a sneer at the assembled Spartan crew and the Admiral...

“I didn’t expect to see such filth here” He said gesturing to Hargun, who merely laughed.

“Can I not just shoot him?” Hargun asked the Spartan rep. Immediately the Hydra Guard raised their weapons and the Union Ghosts did the same.

“Say that again and I will end you Union Shit”

Mr. President said the Captain. There's a Spartan shuttle approaching the hanger. Alright let him in said Dagger. Captain turned on the tractor beam to help guide the Spartan Shuttle in. When the shuttle landed and the Spartan rep stepped out. President Dagger shock his hand in greeting's to him. Dagger and his guard and aid boarded the shuttle and it.
Helios watched as the other visitors arrived and began to approach the shuttles, looking for familiar faces and hoping to meet new ones.
So what's this big shindig about asked one of Daggers Wolf Guards
I think it's a peace Conference said the other Guard.
Just keep your heads up men we don't need to get killed before we get there said Dagger.

Par'Lan send the coms message “This is Par'Lan I will be teleporting over. I have the co-ordinates standby” A few moments later the Nakai captain resplendent in his white and gold armor without his helmet appeared in the hangar bay, two Spartan marines there to greet him “I am unarmed” Par'Lan merely said as he walked over to the assembled members, nodding to Hargun and staring at the Capitol delegation. He chuckled slightly “You younger races...” He smiled as the Commissar merely looked at Par'Lan in rage “Don’t even think about saying or doing anything Commissar. You know what the outcome would be” He then turned to Hargun “Good to see you Admiral” Hargun nodded in reply as Par'Lan then turned and waited for the others to arrive.

Marina adjusted her coat a bit as the weapons went up, just enough to expose the bit of a handgun. Not that she'd planned to use it, with the strong doubt of a legitimate confrontation at another peace conference. She leered at the Commissar and the Nakai through crimson eyes, quickly covering the piece back up. She couldn't help but hold some doubt that all were invited, but if it were to be a legitimate conference, all entities would surely need to be present.

Few minutes after, the Spartan shuttle returned from the Carnaithian ship, and dropped off Jaseron and his group. His two guards flanked him, while his aides simply followed behind. He walked towards the group of parties in the middle of the hangar, and watched with the Union and Capitol delegations threatening each other. He turned to the Union, not knowing much of Capitol, and asked; "Admiral... Hargun, i presume? Admiral Jaseron, glad to meet you" He said, throwing a glance at Capitol, and extending his hand to Hargun. He held no fear, confident in Sparta's ability to maintain the peace.
Hargun shook his hand "Good to meet you" He kept short and to the point still not fully trusting of the Carnaithian representative. Jareson continued;
"I apologize about General Reik's behavior at the last conference, He is known for his... spontaneous personality" He said. "I hope that his behavior does not affect your opinion of myself, or the rest of the Empire." Hargun grunted "Yes I am fully aware of his personality... And unfortunately Captain, it’s a little late for that if I am to be truly honest"

As the Yteran arrived and departed Kennedia and her crew were surprised at the amount of different races there were attending this meeting in the psychic link conferring that they must make good first terms with these delegates

"Sir a Spartan shuttle is coming into land" one of the hanger crew said as the shuttle entered the hanger, Stokes nodded and as it landed he and his guards walked over, the doors slid open and the ramp dropped. Stokes and his guard embarked and the shuttle took off and made head way to the Spartan ship, they entered the Spartan hanger and disembarked Stokes looked around at the assembled, "Keep calm men" He said calmly walking over to the other delegates.

Representing the Interstellar Covenanted States, Romziqa stood at the shuttle bay of the Shima, his envoy class diplomacy ship. "Riqol!" He shouted. “Get ready. We are being picked up shortly!" At this, Riqol, his bodyguard, stood up and walked beside him. "Scouts report that Atlantis is attending this conference," He said. "I understand." Romziqa replied. "We should say our piece, and then return to Keosteyon. Heading back to Hao is too dangerous." The men frowned at this. "Why so?" Asked Riqol, who had never been to the warzone that is Hao. Romziqa, a war veteran, looked longingly at the arriving shuttle. "You might not have been on the ground, but the Praetor system - Hao and Praetor and Libert'e - are very much under the occupation of our enemy. It will be unwise to travel there." Romziqa said. "Well, I hope you're as confident as I am, in Sparta's ability to protect us should Atlantis do something stupid." Riqol said. "I am confident Atlantis will be civil for these negotiations." Romziqa said. Looking down at Riqol's magnum. "Leave that on ship." He said. As Riqol took off the holster to his magnum, and walked to his cabin.
The Spartan shuttle docked and Sylvie walked aboard with a slight bow of her head to the Spartan representative. The shuttle moved quickly back and landed. She disembarked to see the many gathered races and remained silent as she took her place slightly away from the others.

The Doors at the far end of the Hanger parted as Bacharach stepped through, flanked by 2 Spartan marines in expressionless black helmets.
"Honored Dignitaries, I welcome you to the Herodotus. It will be my honor and privilege to convey you to the Orbital platform where your staff will be residing during the Conference. I must reaffirm that no weapons above Handgun in capacity are allowed to be in the possession of your security teams, and all other members must surrender any weapons they are carrying."
As he spoke, a pair of deck hands wheeled a cart with a number of silver cases across the deck, flanked by 4 more marines. Bacharach continued.
"you will place all weapons in these boxes: they are programmed with genetic thumbprint scanner locks that only the head of Security for each team can activate." he paused "if you do not have "thumbs" as it were, accommodations have been made for you."
The men approached each group, one of them carrying a scanner to detect any hidden devices, the Marines standing respectfully back but ready to intervene.

Jaseron asked; "are my guards permitted to keep their blades?" He said, as they swung open their coats, disarmed their carbines, and placed them in the box designated for his group, and he took of his belt with sidearm and sword and placed it within as well.
"No weapons, sir. I apologize, but this is non-negotiable" the deck hand replied.
"Very well" Jaseron replied, and the guards took off their blade's holster belts and placed them within the boxes, leaving them only armed with the quick-draw sidearm holsters under their arms.

Sylvie stood quietly as she watched the rest of the races disarm. Why anyone would bring weapons in the first place was beyond her.
"I am carrying no weapons, gentlemen." Helios replied when the men approached him.
Kennedia and her associates stared at the containers and then at the Spartan marines blankly clearly unarmed and simply wearing their bio suits
Hargun and his aides watched as the Union Ghosts took off their energy blade arm attachments, not that they needed them anyway "I myself have no weapons" Hargun said horrified at the notion of more weaponry at the peace conferences.
Dagger and his men got off the shuttle and began to walk towards Bacharach.
The guards started making their weapons safe before placing their rifles into the box, Stokes looked at them before taking placing his into the box as well, "There we are clean of any weapons" He said to the Spartan Marines
Karakis went to argue but merely stood motionless, putting his side arm in the box along with his Hydra guards doing the same clearly angry about it.
“ Nice to meet you Bacharach. I'm President Dagger. “ Dagger said, grasping the captain’s hand.
"An honor, Sir" Said Bacharach as he shook Dagger's hand. "If you will excuse me, i must see to our transit."
Dagger nodded as his guards placed their weapons in the sealed container. Romziqa and Riqol took a quick glance around the Herodotus. Observing the conference members. "This looks like a peaceful lot." Riqol said happily, as Romziqa introduced himself to Bacharach with a stiff handshake.  Riqol told the attendant he hadn't any weapons, but the attendant didn't understand his language, so Riqol pointed to his empty belt. "Weapon" he said in accented Covenatrian. "No weapon."
The guard looked at him puzzled, but moved on nonetheless.
Par'Lan watched as the scanners went wild near his armor "I think my tech doesn’t agree with yours... I am unarmed however my armors power levels rival those of your weapons, this may be a misunderstanding on your scanner part, I assure you I have no weapons" He said calmly in his angelic voice trying not to make a scene or be suspected of something he wasn’t. The cocked eyebrow on one of the deckhands suggested suspicion or skepticism, but the marines did not attempt anything, so he assumed all was well.
Being that Riqol was just a bodyguard, he could actively speak at the conference, and he hadn't bothered to learn any of the languages of the attending diplomats. "Perhaps you should let me do the talking?" Responded Romziqa. "Agreed." Riqol replied.
Marina tugged the rather sizable revolver out of the holster on her waist, removing the munitions in the cylinder with a swift, dexterous ease She smirked at the notion as she forfeit her firearm and the bullets that accommodated it Although she understood the precaution, she found it just a tad amusing. Now her and all other denizens of the galaxy were on rather equal footing. She let the marines do their work, and they found nothing. Marina sincerely attempted to hide nothing, so had nothing to fear. Everything was expected, thus far.
Dagger watched the crowed of diplomats. Hmm well I guess I should go make conversation Men go do whatever.

Romziqa and a trailing Riqol spotted various members. Including a man shaking the hand of host Bacharach. "It is an honor to meet you," He said to Dagger as he vied for his attention. Riqol watched in amazement.
Okay well have a good one. I hope you Spartans know how to have a good Conference.
Atlanteean representative. He picked up on their conversation. "I am Haile Dedalus. I have fought your kind for centuries since the fall of Troy. Don't test me!" Haile said. "All we want is your revolver." The attendant said, as Haile grudgingly handed it over. He turned, and spotted Riqol, who was wearing his gray military BDUs, and pointed a threatening finger to him, before milling undetected, through the crowd.

Bacharach returned to the Bridge, keeping an eye on the security scanner on his data pad. So far, many of the nations appeared to be comingling peacefully. how long that would last was anyone's guess. But he was hopeful as he walked across the bridge.
"Sir" his XO reported "we have clearance to pass through the security barrier fields to Sparticus 4. Ready to launch on your order, sir."
"Very good." Bacharach replied. He leaned down to his intercom panel once more as he sat down in his command chair.
"Attention, this is Captain Bacharach, attention.
Now hear this: all foreign weapons are secured, all personnel please ready you for a hyperspace jump. We will jump to Sparticus IV in five minutes. From there you will be conveyed to the orbital station to prepare yourselves for the meetings.
Jump commencing in 4 minutes, 30 seconds. That is all."
Hearing this, Romziqa and Riqol found a spot to brace for hyperspace. This is because the own ships, however equipped for hyperspace, are ill suited for people standing up. You'll get sick very quickly.
Kennedia and her fellow Yteran found an area to sit and brace for launch unfamiliar with making a jump not connected to a ship during this process
The Carnaithian delegation followed suit, inferring from the other group's actions that these ships aren't exactly easy to take FTL travel in, unlike Carnaithian ships where the crew can simply punch it and all would change is the space of travel and speed.
Stokes looked around at some of the delegates bracing, "Seriously, it’s nothing new" He said waiting for the ship to jump
Par'Lan standing next to the Union sniggered "Younger races...."
: Sylvie stood near Stokes, keeping an eye on him. "How primitive" she sighed.
Helios planted his feet to the ground and stood in place, glancing over to the other races as they braced themselves.
The crews of the foreign vessels watched as the bulk of the Herodotus turned, maneuvering on thrusters as a pair of Marathon-class cruisers positioned themselves into the Battleship's original position.
With a blink and the momentary appearance of the battleship elongating into infinity, the vessel disappeared into hyperspace
Haile Dedalus looked on, as he noticed the ICS delegation bracing. "How primitive they seem." He thought to himself, as he walked over to greet the men.

"An abstract concept of revolution, the greatest bringer of change. Change being our paramount virtue. It was oddly logical that past bringers of revolution were retroactively associated, even equated to the Son of Man. That way the Son of Man was also Rousseau, Columbus, Robespierre, Hitler, Gandhi, Muhammad, Jesus, Zoroaster or Plato."

No muscles gave the skeletal face an expression, the face that only possessed the vaguest of anthropomorphic features and was instead mostly a contorted, predatorial skull with sharp saber tooth fangs and molars protruding from its upper -and only- jaw. Sunflower Seeds's demiorganic body was hidden in a minimalistic black-and-white coat with wide geometric patterns, its long sleeves only revealing the clawed tips of his bony hands, like an eagle's.

"Weirder still; things like mass extinctions, diseases, earthquakes, mountains and planes that shaped their natural surroundings and eventually human society would also be the Son of Man despite not even being alive, never mind sentient."

The folds of his monk-like attire were wrinkly and moved unnaturally, at the same time too heavy and with too fluid movements to be made of any material. The sigil of the Axiom Hjelmsdeläre was engraved under his neck, as well as between the hollow sockets where eyes should have been. Taller than a human, his movement was so smooth one couldn't even tell if there were legs under his attire or if he simply floated.

A small cube floated several inches above his head.

"Though with all those revolutionaries counted, you still have millions of lives adding changes to vast revolutions that spanned centuries, so now every human is the Son of Man. But each individual was changed by billions of neurochemical and quantum processes that in themselves changed the individual, you continue to kinda go down the rabbit hole until you find the quanta of change, by then you've long included the entire universe, everything that happened, happens and will happens in the Son of Man."

Sunflower Seeds paused; he looked at the small girl that held his hand, or rather the tip of one of his fingers. With her other hand she carried a small flowerpot. She was dressed in bright colors, no malice or intelligence tainted her childish, curious looks at everything around her. The sigil of E Pluribus Axioma was the only thing unusual about her.

The girl looked up at Sunflower Seeds before looking at the small lily she carried, more interested by the flower than by the intricacies of the theology.

"Cool." She said.

The couple walked into where the other representatives laid, pausing for a moment before bowing.

"In the name of our holiest Axiom, Hjelmsdeläre..." The girl said, trying to remember her memorized speech. Sunflower Seeds nodded, which encouraged her. She said the other words with an excited smile. "I greet all of you; most noble and respected representatives, and humbly ask that we be allowed into your grandiose conference. My name is Vynnyv; I represent the holy order of The Many. Please accept my gift."

She extended her hands, still holding the flower, to no one in particular.
Par'Lan smiled and took the flower "Why thank you Vynnyv"

Romziqa, still walking towards dagger, spotted the young woman holding flowers. Figuring he stood a better chance with the surrounding group of people, he walked over, as Riqol followed.
"Welcome to the conference, Ms Vynnyv." He said, remembering her name from his logbook of attending delegates.
Haile followed too, shoving past Romziqa, and walking over to Par'Lan. I am representative Haile Dedalus. Of the empire of Atlantis. May I ask who you are?" He asked.

Par'Lan looked down to the clearly brash man and smiled "I am Captain Par'Lan of the Nakai, current commander of the A'Zores, Who are you?"
Haile, by no means a tall man, simply smiled. "Dedalus." He said. "Haile Dedalus. Representing the Atlantean empire."
"I must be honest" Par'Lan replied "I have not heard of that empire. Then again I do not know most of the younger races"
Behind him, the much taller Romziqa smiled at Vynnyv. Wondering when she'd respond.
"Thank you, I am honored." Vynnyv bowed to Romziqa, while Sunflower Seeds stood completely still. The girl looked no older than ten, vastly outsized by the demiorganic that stood by her side. "Can I in all humility inquire as to your identity, sir?"
Clearly taken aback by her comment, Haile frowned. "Atlantis might be new to Ancerious, but we are no strangers. We have been watching your nation for millions of years. We are not a younger race." He said with a wink.
Kennedia had noticed that the varying races had decided to talk to each other unsure as to what they were doing and decided to remain silent unknowing of the other races policies and beliefs
Romziqa smiled. "I am representative Romziqa. I represent the proud democracy of the Interstellar Covenanted States. From our home world on Keosteyon, to our outposts in Ancerious. I am the governor of that outpost." He said, offering her a small bird-like token. "This is a gold-tailed phoenix. Native to my home world of Keosteyon. We will be happy to offer one as a pet."
Looking on, Haile was clearly annoyed at the confusion he cause don Par'Lan's face. "I'd love for us to be allies against the Covenanted States. They're aggression towards us since we raided their capital four years prior must cease. If not by my blade, then by our combined forces." He offered a calm smile, hoping to ease tensions a bit.
Par'Lan merely chuckled "I am afraid I have but one ship, although it may be far superior I do not associate with petty squabbles in this galaxy. The younger races are most amusing going about their petty wars, reminds me of the galaxy a few billion years ago" Par'Lan smiled again "I am sorry but i reject such an offer Haile of Atlantis"
The young girl seemed a bit unsure at first, timidly hiding behind Sunflower Seeds' right sleeve, before being slightly pushed by the Demiorganic towards the ICS representative. She took the small token in, smiling.

Sunflower Seeds turned its head towards her, raising her hand a bit with an interrogating gesture.

"Oh, right" She whispered. "Thank you, sir." She put the token in her pocket. "I like birds, and coloring."
Stokes looked bored as the people around him talked, "So are we there yet?"
Romziqa, having a daughter who he assumed was her age, smiled. "Then for you, I must offer the best Gold-tailed phoenixes in me collection. I breed them. In hopes that our allies might love them as much as we do." He smiled. "Ojiolz." He said. "In our culture, it means good day. And many blessings."
"Thanks! Thank you very much, sir! Ojiolz!" She jumped joyously, imagining the many permutations the majestic bird could take, already feeling more familiar with her task as the ambassador of her people. She looked at her demiorganic partner, pulling his sleeve. "Mr. Sunflower, can you tell him I'm grateful?"

"Vynnyv thanks you for your gift and has taken an utmost positive impression of you, she feels much more at ease with her task now, and I thank you as well on her behalf." The demiorganic said those words in Riqol's language, with perfect, mechanical fluency.
Romziqa smiled as he started to walk away. He paused, and asked the girl for a hug.
Romziqa accepted it, after he trotted off from Vynnyv. He gave the man a firm handshake and smiled. "And I bid you well, Jaseron. Dayol, and many fine greetings." He said.
"Ojiolz! Ojiolz, Ojiolz!" She said, waving at him after the hug, before following her taller partner around the room.
Riqol, sure that Romziqa, was safe, simply wandered. Looking around for the coffee machine Jaseron simply looked on as things were said, he sizing them up for when the meeting came. He carefully watched the entity called Sunflower Seeds, and the girl named Vynnyv, they were an intriguing pair.
Hargun looked around at the many reps, he knew many of them but turned to the Minevan rep "Well we may as well go around and talk" He walked off to find the coffee machine while the Capitol delegation kept to the corner eyeing up everyone with anger.
Spotting Jaseron, Romziqa smiled at Vynnyv. "I fear I must depart," He said. "I wish to meet other representatives at this conference." He walked over to Jaseron. "Excuse me, sir." Romziqa said, stroking his chin. "I am Romziqa. Representative to the Interstellar Covenanted States and Planets Hao, Praetor and Libert'e. May we bid you welcome?
As if on cue, the door at the far end of the hanger opened and two young women in the white Uniforms of the Spartan Diplomatic corp. entered, followed by two Ensigns pushing carts bearing plates of small cakes and another bearing two large coffee dispensers, with trays of cream, sugar, and other additives. "Until we arrive at our destination, gentlemen, we would be happy to provide you with refreshments and anything you may need" the first of the two women spoke, as several more women wearing the same uniform entered the chamber and stood at attention.

"Finally" Hargun remarked going over to get coffee
"At last!" Stated Riqol, as he rushed over to the carts.
Romziqa, spotting the large carts, looked on, as Riqol tried to start a conversation with Hargun.
"Coffee" Stokes said walking over
"So... where are you from?" He asked Hargun.
"Earth, I am an Admiral of the Union of Worlds, it’s been a while since I saw your people again of the ICS" He said smiling drinking his coffee
"I see. So you are our allies?" Riqol said, smiling. "Perhaps our representative could speak with you. He tells me that you are very great people." Riqol said, pointing to Romziqa on the far side of the room.
Hargun smiled "Of course, there is plenty of time to talk about such things in the conference" He said finishing his drink "I’m sure we will be arriving soon"
"Agreed, Riqol said, before collecting the coffee for Romziqa.”Nice to meet you." He said, before walking off to meet up with Romziqa.
Helios approached the plates and began sampling the cakes.
The Yteran just watched blankly wondering why the other races were partaking in the strange looking liquid and solid matter on the flat round objects then in psychic link "i believe this is what other race refer to as food and drink though i have never seen them before"
Romziqa sighed pleasantly. "Well, we are new here. Interested in meeting partners and making trade alliances. Can I say the same to you?"
"Yes, we are interested in making alliances, for we are not as fully wanting for war as our general Reik would make one believe;" Jaseron said.
"Understood, understood." Romziqa said. "Perhaps an alliance is in order once this conference has finished. We can arrange trade deals with planet Hao. T'was nice to meet you, Representative Jaseron. "
Romziqa turned angrily to Riqol. "And what may I bother you with?" He asked his bodyguard."Coffee, sir?" Riqol said happily, as Romziqa accepted it.
"Same to you, representative Romziqa." Jaseron finished with a friendly tone. Before sipping the coffee, Romziqa offered once final handshake and a smile. Riqol did the same.
Haile frowned. Wondering when Par’Lan would speak to him. Unsure of how to respond, he simply walked off. Getting mildly annoyed by the little girl chanting "Ojiolz!" He avoided her, and walked over to Hargun.
Hargun looked up at the representative of Atlantis "May I help you?"
"I am Haile Dedalus." He said. Looking back at Riqol, who was milling around, looking for Romziqa. "Mighty foe, I am hoping you could lay down your weapons of war against us, and turn them against t he Covenatrian scum. They are thieves, who took resources from us millennia ago."
Hargun laughed "You don’t intimidate me Atlantis representative. I am well versed with your people. The Union doesn’t negotiate with those who murder and pillage. Move along Haile Dedalus" He ended sternly.
Haile was taken aback. Smiling, he simply walked off to find someone else to speak with.
"Attention all personnel, Attention, this is Captain Bacharach speaking" the intercom cut in, cutting off all conversation.
"We will be arriving at our destination in approximately 5 minutes. Please be prepared to depart to the orbital. Repeat, we will be arriving at our destination in 5 minutes. Please be ready to depart. That is all."
Helios' ear twitched at the captain's announcement. In response he ate the last of the cakes and quietly moved away from the carts.
"Ojiolz, Ojiolz, Ojiolz..." She sang, walking alongside him, until the two of them ended up facing the Capitol representatives.

"Ojiolz!" She said.
Sarakis looked down at the girl with a stern expression clearly not amused "Who are you? Identify yourself" He demanded, as the Hydra guard made slight moves forward as the demiorganic came closer along with the small girl.
"I'm Ojiolz" Vynnyv said, breaking out into laughter before being tapped on the back of her head by the much taller demiorganic. She nodded and regained her composure somewhat. "My name is Vynnyv. I have a bird coin." She said, taking out her token to show it to Sarakis.
Sarakis nodded "Very nice, now run along child, this is no place for games" He growled.
"Mr. Sunflower told me it was, and he's smart. He's smarter than the grown-ups." She said and took out a coloring book from her backpack. "Do you want to play a game?"
Sarakis looked to his guards, somewhat annoyed- he had an eye trained on the coffee, and the rather fetching young ladies serving it- but sighed angrily "What game did you have in mind?"
"You take a pencil, I take another, and we color whatever is that color in the picture." Vynnyv said, taking out a pencil case, taking out a pencil blindly and inviting Sarakis to do so as well. "Whoever finishes first gets chocolates."
Curiously enough, they both drew red pencils. All pencils seemed to be red.
Sarakis raised an eyebrow and bend down "Alright. Though they all seem to be red. The color of blood" He said somewhat confused but still stern
"They're not the same shade of red." She said, opening her coloring book to reveal the image of a human sacrifice having his ribcage splayed open, surrounded by druids, as an effigy of the Son of Man materialized in the rivulets of his blood. "The liver isn't the same color as the stomach, and the lungs are a different color."
Sarakis merely grinned "You’re definitely not a normal child..." He laughed "I am well versed with what such internal organs look like. Having killed so many" He bend down and started coloring the liver as quick as he could.

Marina looked on, arms folded behind her back in a disciplined manner. If she'd spotted a seat she would've taken in, but she was more focused on the folks flooding around and enjoying their festivities. The only move she made was a crooked brow and shifting eyes.
The Yteran remained silent in the hopes there destination was near as none would come near them
Haile spotted Marina, and walked over to her. "To whom may I make introductions?" He asked.
Dagger walks over to the Union Diplomats, a hand extended.
“Hello I'm President Dagger nice to meet you.”
Hargun held out a hand "Hello it’s a pleasure to meet you; I am not familiar to your race"
Jaseron took the handshakes, "Good future to you both" he said finally.
At this, Romziqa smiled. "And many fine blessings." He said, before walking on with his coffee.
Sylvie stood alone silently. These other races were of no interest to her, with the exception of the Nakai man calling him Par’Lan. She sighed as she stood there and ignored the other delegates.
Par'Lan merely stood back smiling as he reminisced about the old younger races, just like this event. Which had played out billions of years ago. Time really does repeat itself he thought...
By the time Vynnyv was done coloring in the inner walls of the ripped-up thoracic cavity, Sarakis had long finished coloring the relatively small lung. Vynnyv seemed genuinely impressed by the coloring job, as her interlocutor had managed to stay within the lines and finish quickly.

"Wow, Mr. Sunflower! Look!" She showed him the book. "He's good!"
"He is. He's earned the chocolates."
"But I'm hungry..." She lowered her head, sounding disappointed.
"You know the rules."
The demiorganic then preceded to hand the representative a fistful of candies, all while trying to console the little girl.
Sarakis took the chocolates and smiled "Thank you, but you are good too. Here" He gave the girl some sweets "Have some too"
On the Bridge, Captain Bacharach stared out the main view screen at the infinity of hyperspace beyond.
"Captain" his XO said quietly, coming up next to him "I...have a request. From the crew, i mean."
"Oh?" Bacharach replied, though he had a feeling he knew what was coming.
"I know's a most irregular request, sir...but some of the men were wondering if....we could broadcast the arrival on the main view screens."
Bacharach was silent. Images of Sparticus 4 were few and far between. The representatives were not to know it, but they had changed course 7 times to avoid accurate tracking.
'Most of the crew has never seen her, sir." the Xo said quietly.
Bacharach harrumphed congenially.
Speaking louder, he addressed the bridge crew, any of who had only just been assigned to this vessel.
"Come sit on Daddy's lap kiddos. You’re about to witness the brightest pearl in creation."
He turned to one of the men standing to his left.

"Pipe the ship's forward camera feed to the veiwscreens. Let’s let our guests also have a gander."

Over the ship's intercom, the Navigator's voice echoed as view screens popped to life across the ship.

"Deceleration in 5...4...3...2..."
Helios looked over to the screens.
Marina didn't move from her position, only acknowledging Haile via speech.
"This must wait, sir. I believe introductions shall be made later. My apologies."
Haile frowned. "Very well." he said, before looking at the screens.
Hargun smiled "Of course Dagger" While staring up at the view screen "Seems we have arrived"

And suddenly all screens were filled with pure white.
The assembled representatives heard a muted gasp behind them as the deckhands, service girls and support pilots all turned their attention to the nearest screens.

Called by some "the Pearl of the Empire" Sparticus IV was the oldest planet in imperial records. It was also one of the most secretive, with only select few Spartans having the coordinates and no foreigners.

Its nickname was appropriate: the whole planet gleamed a pearlescent white, floating in space like a pure orb of impenetrable light. Knocked out of its proper orbit countless millennia prior, the once lush world was now covered with ice and snow, and wrapped in an eternal winter.

And yet, life carried on.

And it was because of this inhospitability-among other reasons-that the leaders of the Spartan infinite Empire had chosen to build their last bastion here.

As the Herodotus slowed to cruising speed, the silvered disk of the orbital came into sight, a black speck on the white background.

"I’ve never seen anything" Bacharach heard one of the men stammer.
"indeed." he said as he stood. He could see a pair of the Corinthian guardsmen's fighters angling on an intercept approach, to escort the shuttles to the orbital.
“I am going to see off our guests. XO, you have the bridge."
"Aye Captain."
Hargun smiled at the view screen "So our destination finally reveals itself" as he then went back to talking to President Dagger.
Sarakis was more concerned about what was happening with the other delegates, keeping an eye on those he saw as threats, most notable Par'Lan.
Helios smiled and spoke quietly to himself. "Truly beautiful...”
Haile merely rolled his eyes. (An ice world) He thought to himself. (You'd figure it'd be something lusher.) He continued milling around.
Par'Lan himself stared not at the world, but at its past, he swore the last time he saw this world was in its infancy, when it was nothing more than a volcanically active rock. "How times change...."
All Yteran heads turned in unison towards the screens curious and eager that they might study the planet but knowing they were here for a much more important task
"Now that is a beautiful world," Riqol said, sensing that he had an honor to see something few foreigners ever do. "I agree," Replied Romziqa.
Dagger looked at the screen and smiled. Well would you look at that he said before bringing his attention back to the Admiral
Sylvie barely even glanced at the world, another dead world in a galaxy full of them. She looked at the men who were gasping in awe with disgust at their pathetic reactions.
"Looks like a nice place" Stokes said casually looking at the view screen
"Look Mr. Sunflower" Vynnyv said, shoving candy into her mouth, as she gave her demiorganic companion the coin. "Look at my bird coin."

"Please look at the planet, Vynnyv." The demiorganic pointed towards the window. "A place greatly appreciated by its inhabitants."
Jaseron watched on, the planet being one of those rare sights that you would almost think was created by a god, naturally beautiful.

Marina looks to the view screen. It was certainly a neat sight, but quite exorbitant for her tastes. She shrugged; to each, their own awe.
"So Admiral tell me what's the Union of Worlds like."
Hargun smiled "Peaceful, we strive for peace and equality in creation, we always strive to make new allies"
Dagger smiled back "Well it seems your doing a better job than my Government'

"Esteemed guests" Bacharach said as he reentered the hanger, the service women and ensigns cleaning up the refreshment trays and empty mugs
"I thank you for your cooperative behavior and cordial manner while aboard ship. I must inform you now that you will now be transferred to the Orbital where, as agreed, your guards and assistants will remain while you descend to the surface. You will have 2 hours aboard station to refresh yourselves, set up communications, and make ready. A shuttle will ferry you to the surface once that time comes."
"Thank you for your patience, and I wish you the best of luck. A different captain will be transporting you back to your ships once the conference is over."

The assembled representatives said nothing as they boarded the executive shuttle, its outer hull as gleaming white as the planet below them. their teams were squared away in comfortable, if rather appropriately Spartan, apartments, where more of the white-uniformed service women were prepared to attend to their needs as the conference carried on. Here and there, some of the reps shot glances at the others, particularly their national enemies who had arrived at the conference unexpectedly.
As the shuttle silently lifted from he hanger floor, rotating within the large space to bring the cockpit to face the hanger shield and the void beyond, the attendees sat in silent anticipation: would these events bring about the oh-so-long desired goal of intergalactic alliances?

Would it bring peace?

The shuttle entered the atmosphere without a hint of buffeting or turbulence, and as the observation ports opened, the ambassadors could see the light of the sun shining off the top of the major cloud layer....

...before the shuttle entered the maelstrom of ice and snow. Almost immediately, they felt the temperature in the ship rise to accommodate the extreme cold, as heated panels on the outer hull activated to prevent ice from building up and destabilizing the vessel.

"Honored guests" the pilot spoke over the ship's intercom "we will be arriving shortly at Castle Fredericus Rex: if deemed necessary, please don your cold-weather gear as issued on the orbital. I fear that the environment-enclosed hanger doors have malfunctioned, and we will thus have to make a quick movement from an open landing pad to the interior. That is all."
Hargun raised an eyebrow "I guess these things happen" He said as he put on the gear over his admirals uniform careful not to mess up his appearance. Let’s just hope nothing worse happens he thought to himself.
Sarakis rolled his eyes "Useless. Totally useless" He said angry as he donned his commissar’s helmet of his own armor, it wasn’t fully adapted to cold environments but it would do. He had grown up on an ice world it was nothing new to him.
Par'Lan merely chuckled slightly and looked around seeing all the delegates donning various kit of either their own or Spartan origin to deal with the cold. He just stood there knowing his own physiology would be sufficient enough.
Sylvie’s face turned to an ever so slight frown "Pathetic." she thought as she readied to depart.
kennedias bio suit adapted to the atmosphere of the planet regulating heat around her body "what a fascinating planet" she thought to herself "i hope this meeting goes without the need of bloodshed" as she readied to move
Helios observed the others and waited. He examined the suit provided and put it aside.
Stokes yawned, great another bloody ice planet he thought as his armor adjusted to keep him warm.

As the shuttle continued to descend, a massive black object loomed through the otherwise impenetrable whiteness, towering over the small vessel as it came towards a flat landing pad outlined by beacon lights. The men looked up at it, their thoughts private at the sight, though a few scoffed at what seemed to be obvious intimidation tactics. If only they knew.....

As the shuttle came down, settling on its landing legs, the representatives watched as the ramp at the front of the shuttle descended...and they were hit with a blast of the coldest air they had ever encountered. Frost instantly appeared around the open hatchway, and the heating seemed unable to keep up.

(No BS about how "it's not that cold" please, it's not that important)

As they composed themselves and stood, a Spartan officer wearing a greatcoat with the rank pips of a Major briskly marched up the ramp and snapped to attention.
"Honored representatives" he said, his voice deep "I am Major De'Scero, and I will be overseeing your escort to the conference center. Please follow me. It is but a brief walk to the sanctuary of the castle."
Hargun walked with the rep as the cold bit through the suit "Bastarding weather" He grumbled "I hope it’s not this cold inside"
Kennedia began her walk with the Spartan rep along with the other representatives of other races eager to begin the talks
Vynnyv simply tucked her arms against her body, the ambient cold making her shiver, while on the other hand the demiorganic regulated its own internal temperature to cope with the environment. Wading through the snow, they passed by the Major.

"Hello..." Vynnyv managed to say, her teeth clattering.
Sylvie ignored the man’s words and began making her way towards the building.
Sarakis merely ignored the man and cursed at the weather as she made his way inside "I hate this planet..."
Stokes walked along grumbling, "Why is it everywhere i go it’s either freezing or blistering hot"
Helios followed the representative. As soon as he made contact with the ground he started to radiate heat. He had to keep up his pace to avoid sinking too deep into the now melting snow underneath his feet.
Par'Lan also looked around, at the representatives and bowed slightly to the escort "Greetings Major" He said in his angelic tone, Par’Lan’s bare face exposed completely to the elements.

De’Scero smiled down at Vynnyv before turning and leading the representatives towards a large doorway that was cleared of snow, past a line of Corinthian guardsmen who stood at attention in their bronze-colored armor.
As the representatives entered the tunnel, they were immediately relieved to find that it was a comfortable temperature, as a pair of stewards came forward to receive their cold-weather gear.
“I apologize for the need to land outside, gentlemen” De’Scero said but rest assured that by the time you depart the all-weather hanger will be accessible. Please follow me once you are composed: the Supreme Overlord is waiting.”
The reps followed De’Scero down the well-lit corridor, lines with fine wooden paneling and a carpeted floor of a deep Spartan red. Sconces in the form of ancient naval lamps lit the way, and the howling of the outside wind disappeared behind them.  
After a few minutes of walking, they approached a set of doors that, while not large, looked well-built. Two more of the bronze-armored guardsmen stood flanking them. They stood at attention as the group approached, and silently opened the doors.

“Welcome, honored representatives of the Galaxy” a deep, booming voice echoed as the group entered the room. It was decorated in a classic gothic style, with stone walls and a large fireplace. Two Spiral staircases led to an upper gallery over their heads, and chandeliers hung from the ceiling, lights cut in the shape of candles illuminating the space.  Stretching out across the room was a long thick wooden table with stalwart legs, surrounded by chairs which, to the surprise of the representatives, each seemed to have been imported from their home nations.
De’Scero bowed, and silently exited, as the assembled guests looked to the far end of the chamber where a figure could be seen outlined against a towering window that looked out into the storm. He turned to face them as the doors closed behind them.  His face was old, his head nearly bald, and on the whole he was seemingly normal, but his eyes burned with an internal strength that showed any who looked into them that this was not a man to be trifled with. His plain red coat bore few decorations, though those that knew Sparta could recognize the Corinthian shield, Sparta’s highest medal for valor as it shone in the light of the fire.  He stretched his arms wide, and smiled accommodatingly.
“I Am Robert O’Mannion and I welcome you all, and thank you for attending. I hope that an agreement that is to the benefit of all can be reached and that we may soon have true peace in our time.”

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