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A Space role-play dedicated to help make friends and to make alliances between empires. A new mysterious Galaxy has appeared called Ancerious and many empires are now trying to exploit its many treasures, both strategically and economically. There are many mysteries in this galaxy ready to be discovered, will you be here to make alliances and allies? Or to destroy and make enemies? It’s all up to you.

Galactic Map:…

current empires:

Union of Worlds: :iconemperormyric:
D.C.I Tenebrae: :icontenebraesrising:
Spartan Infinite Empire: :iconsoundwave3591:
Interstellar Republic of Singapore: :icontarget21:
Mars Empire: :iconjudgementnollid:
Drake Empire :iconlordnagaetros:
Capitol: :iconemperormyric:
ShadowBlade: :icondaniellandrom:
The ShadowGuard: :iconmeowmeowmeow21:
Grand Droid Empire: :iconcaptainironstar:
The Nex: :iconcrystalnexus:
Ostech Combine: :iconwyvern-1:
Hjelmsdeläre: :iconvoughtvindicator:
Immortal Empire: :icon0verlordofyou:
Carnaith: :icondaniellandrom:
Interstellar Covernanted States: :iconthe-port-of-riches:
Trinova: :iconmeowmeowmeow21:
SHEATHES-10: :iconrafael-domination:
United Frontiers: :iconseventhfleet:
Atlantis: :iconthe-port-of-riches:
Triarch Industries: :iconemperormyric:
Flux Ascendancy: :iconcommodorehorton:
Ancerious Sicarii Order: :iconmijity:
Unitary State of Mineva: :iconmendeddragon:
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Jan 3, 2012


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Section 1: Getting Your Empire Started

“In each sector of this galaxy there may be a people out there taking their first steps to the stars. It is how we treat our younger brethren that determines if they become an agent for the betterment of the galaxy or a terrible blight on its existence. Thus it is all well and good to be great in size, but the measure of a nation is not in the girth of its borders but how it treats its smaller neighbors.” – Emperor Myric, Reflections of a Galaxy, Volume I

1.1: Military Power Limits
New empires that join the Ancerious Galaxy Roleplay start off with a base cap to the number of warships they may deploy within the confines of the Ancerious galaxy itself. This cap is 250 ships and has no effect on what the player has back in their home universe or reality. For reference a warship is a vessel designed to travel in outer space that may or may not be able to land on a planetary surface that is built with the intention of military use and is armed thusly. Civilian vessels whether they are armed or not do not count towards this limit as it takes many civilian ships to maintain the needs of a star empire and its’ military apparatus. In a later section we will discuss what counts as a warship by classification and how to fill out the force declaration list. Once you have fully joined Ancerious you will gain an additional 250 warships each two weeks in real time up to a maximum set limit of 4000. This also goes for reinforcements to losses sustained in galaxy as well and must wait for the end of the two weeks to gain 250 ships back. This amount is not fixed and is being fine tuned.

1.2: Colonization
New Empires also start with 5 solar systems for their beginning territory.
In the same process as is allowed with the increasing of warship numbers, players are allowed to colonize an additional 5 solar systems per two weeks up to a maximum of 50 solar systems. It is left to the player’s discretion as to how the colonized solar systems are arranged and what type they are but the galactic map (The map is a work in progress for note.) will be updated each month in accordance with this fact.

1.3: Super Weapons Limits
Your Empire may also have access to a certain amount of Super Weapon slots. These slots are by no means compulsory and are optional.

Note: Superweapons Rules revised, see section 8A for details

1.4: Required Information Forms
You must also fill in the following entry forms for your empire:
Overall Empire information form:…

Force Declaration form:…

Super weapon form (NOT COMPULSORY):

Biology form (Only required if you have a very alien and diffrent race):…

Section 2:  Alternate Empire Options

"Once one comes two shall follow... It is only a matter of time before flocks of other races both good and evil descend upon this new discovery, War will come to Ancerious. Mark my words it will come..."-- Lord Skullow of Tenebrae privately addressing his subordinates

Players have the option of playing up to two alignment balanced additional factions or empires in addition to their main empire. For instance if your main empire is evil you may play an additional neutral and good aligned empire and vice versa.
These additional empires are for the purpose of aiding to plot development and the maintenance of storyline arcs for the galaxy, but they are not for the use of gaining military or any form of advantage that a player would not normally have. Using alternate empires for the sole purpose of gaining an unfair advantage or cheating to evade the rules is referred to as ‘Milking’ and is strictly prohibited.

Section 3: Fair Play

" “In the great endeavor to find our answers in the stars know that we shall brook no aggression nor seek it. We understand there are myriad species out there with as many means to view the universe. Thus we enter with a tolerant hand and a principle of understanding that indeed all things should not wind up in death. In this effort to bridge the dark expanses between the stars perhaps a great state of cooperation could be born of those with compassion and vision.”– The First Prime, Reflections of a Galaxy, Volume III

It needs to be said that when role playing with another faction it is best to work together.
Anyone overriding another faction by intimidation out of character or anyone controlling someone else's faction without permission instantly gains a Black mark. These Black marks are given out by administrators to those who have broken the rules and transgressed. If three black marks are by your name you will be kicked from Ancerious after a period of 2 weeks we will offer you a place back in if you apologize and promise not to do so again. BUT you will only have ONE black mark this time. If you transgress again we will permanently kick you from the group.

Section 4: Semi- Limited Galaxy:

"A Million worlds and more to explore... such wonders waiting to be uncovered... And such horrors to be faced. A new galaxy, both a place of wonderful mystery and terrifying evil"-- Former leader of the Cerabian Empire on discovery of Ancerious

For all intents and purposes the Ancerious Galaxy itself is the absolute limit of the game play area. No faction is able to go outside the galactic boundaries and no alternate timeline or reality versions of the Ancerious galaxy exist. This may seem harsh however there is a reason for this and it may even be part of how your people have come to take up residence in the Ancerious Galaxy. This is a weird place after all... However you may have contact with outside parts of your empire (such as you getting your reinforcements etc.) and communications however you may not bring in your entire factions forces etc. You are still restricted to the limits (its assumed your factions main parts are more focused on other things) you may send stuff back and forth but of course has to stay in the limit.

Section 5: The Limits of Belief

"It is obvious we will find others who are radically different out there, but then again... the laws of physics are a harsh mistress, whoever we find will be just as constricted as we are"-- Agion Commander of the ShadowBlade fleet

The Ancerious Galaxy’s role play operates within (mostly) the realm of physics. This means that the basic understood laws of physics are in effect and players should read up on the subject but expect a little movement room for the science fiction effect. For instance light does not instantly travel, it takes time and thus faster then light does not mean instantaneous travel. Inertia, velocity and mass all have effect son objects and thus, there is a set frame of operations that governs the galaxy. This does not mean that anything that is not real cannot be possible. If you have a technology that technically cannot operate in the laws of physics' or for say real life then all you need to do is explain to the administrators how it would work. This is not to so say techno-jargon will save the day but putting time and thought in to the function of said weapon will increase the likely hood of it receiving approval. For example, if a weapon is submitted that does [insert effect here] and should not for some reason work in real life because it operates on some imaginary particles or energy all a player has to do is explain in detail how the weapon should work. Making the weapon or technology sound real and or believable as well as putting some effort into the information presented will go a long way towards approval. This process and the nature of these technologies and or weapons doesn’t mean you can bend or break the rules governing limitations on weapons, warships or other rules in general.

Section 6: Time Travel Technology

"Time. Time is merely another tool to be melded to our will. It was gifted to us by the great Khamood' Ur. Who are we to question our god?" -- Emissary Dyxis to Emperor Myric

Now time travel IS allowed in Ancerious with a whole army of exceptions. I cannot list them all here because I would die of old age (too bad i don't have a time machine BOOM sorry) But You MUST state to an admin that your faction has time capabilities. We don't mean to be harsh but we will only give you time abilities IF you can prove yourself a very good Rper. The damage that someone who has never RPed before having time tech could do is infinite and so consult with an admin. Even if you are granted this you WILL BE WATCHED by the admins. Any wrong move or abuse will be either rectified and we will warn you or you will get a black mark. Time travel is far too powerful in this RP to be abused and so our resident time traveller :iconcommodorehorton: will be on the look out to help those time tech people.
However we will limit time travellers in this RP to only a few good players. Everyone having it just ruins everything.

Section 7: The Specifics of Warships

"I Have a thousand ships at my command! That alone should show our grand purpose! Have mercy for any fool who gets in my way, for I shall not"-- Lord Emperor Garren of Capitol

In more detailed and precise definition a ‘Warship’ is a craft used to wage some form of warfare against an enemy. In the strictest sense it is often a military craft built for that express purpose however, retrofitted civilian craft, pirate vessels and militia vessels can fall under the grouping and if armed for this purpose must be noted within the ship limitations. The warship declaration sheet can be found here:

The above template is submitted to ancerious when you enter the RP, or for previously existing empires is due as of the public release of this revised rules set. Officially warships fit into the following primary categories but, players are allowed to judge which class their vessels fit into by their nation’s own criteria.

Special Units – Artillery ships, Mobile star bases/Battle fortresses, Space Faring Mechs.

Traditional Warships – Super dreadnought, Dreadnought, Battleship, Battle Cruiser, Carrier, Heavy Cruiser, Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate, Corvette, Sloop, Gunship.

(Please note Ancerious has a limit to warship sizes being 300km maximum, anything over will not be accepted and this limit is for truly large ships, not 'all my cruisers are 200km' please be somewhat sensible with sizes. However starbases etc. may go beyond this size)

Customized warship categories are welcome as well especially in the case of vessels that fall between noted roles and uses. Please try to deploy relatively balanced fleets that consist of a mix of classes and types, as opposed to claiming something ridiculous such as 250 super dreadnoughts. The administrators will often suggest changes or if the list violates balance or fair play rules you may be asked to outright change your listing.
More detailed information on the nature of the force declaration can be found on the force declaration sheer itself.

Section 8: Superweapons in detail

"Let those lapdogs think they have won, give them a few moments of celebration. That is enough, prime the Void Distortion Cannon. Let our enemies burn. But make sure some stay alive, I want word to spread, I want them to fear our power"-- Member of the council of thirteen Carron on the Cerabian fleet

In Ancerious as described in section one you are allowed certain super weapon slots. Because super weapons fit such broad categories and can encompass different things
players often have different concepts and classifications of what a super weapon is or is not. For all intent and purposes Ancerious has a standardized scale setting a basic limit on the classification of super weapons in regards to their destructive force and the number of slots they consume.

[Slot info revised, see section 8A]

Keep in mind these are very rough boundaries for super weapons and thus may be subject to revision at a later date pending the study of their effect on game play. Each player must submit a super weapon’s listing of any super weapons you wish to use in Ancerious so that the administrators can review the weapon and appoint the appropriate cost in slots to your limits. Please use the form included below when submitting a super weapon. Also of note you may only ever have ONE of each super weapon, having multiple of the same class will result in them being additional super weapons and hense filling up more slots (aka you have two slot ones the same this means they take up two slots not one)

Physical Description: (what it looks like is it a facility a ship? Etc.)
What exactly does it do: (why is it a super weapon? Does it break down molecules? Breach reality? Make massive explosions? Etc.)
Physical Capabilities: (can it defend itself? If a facility does the facility have defences? Does the ship it's on have good weaponry other than the super weapon?)
Weaknesses: (can the facility be easily attacked? Does it have a small area of effect? Insanely long charge time etc.?)
How many Slots do YOU think it takes up?:

Super weapons also run on a Warship basis. If one is destroyed you must wait two months for it to either be rebuilt or whatever, no instantly replacing them.

Section 8A: The Proliferation Act of 2014</U>

Due to the proliferation and abuse of the Super weapons rule this revision; the proliferation act of 2014 has become required as an amendment to the original rules that overwrites some or all of the original super weapon rules. As with any far-reaching amendment it is best that players consult the administrators if they are unsure of their super weapons status or the status of any super weapon submission. As before all proposed super weapons must be approved by the administration corps prior to use in role play.

As noted in the original super weapon rules a player receives a set number of super weapon slots based on the number of ships he or she is able to build at the time. This is not based on damages or losses received but the point at which the player reaches the ability to build and support the following numbers of ships.

[1 slot] – Requires 1,000 vessel capacity
[2 Slots] – Requires 2,500 vessel capacity
[3 Slots] = Requires 4,000 vessel capacity

Super weapons by definition are weapons used in either a defensive or offensive role to effectively render a given target either unable to continue combat* or effectively destroyed.
The means in which you the player may be able to achieve either effect are as varied as the factions in the role play themselves. As a general rule, the less specific the targeting of your super weapon and the greater its area of affects the more slots it would use. So the following revised definition as taken from the primary super weapon rules would now apply

Super Weapon Slot (1): Typically limited to weapons of terror, that are not directly deadly but the chaos they cause can be. Some examples include biological weapons (IE) that don’t destroy planetary ecology, weapons that kill a ship’s crew but don’t destroy starships (SSC) and weapons that otherwise make it difficult or impossible for the target to fight back (Flux Ascendancy).

Super Weapon Slot (2): Two slot super weapons are weapons that bear the ability to destroy a planet in a repeatable fashion either by destroying the planet outright (Union) or by destroying it’s ecology to the point recovery and use is rendered impossible (Aberration).

Super Weapon Slot (3): Three slot weapons are the ones you really hear about but do not ever want to experience firsthand. They are the single most destructive weapons in the game and at most possess the ability to snuff out stars and by extension or by intention the solar systems that orbit the said stars (Sparta). Three slot super weapons are weapons of pure terror that thankfully are rare and seldom used.

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the player to fill out and submit a detailed document regarding their proposed super weapon using the Super Weapon Information sheet and have it approved by the Administrators before they may use their super weapon. It also should be said that the super weapon should not be confused with the concept of a ‘Unique’ unit as noted blow in section 8B.

Section 8B: Unique units </B>

Eventually the leaders of a nation get the idea to build something that represents their people in the light they intended. The resulting unit is always unique to the nation and cannot be mistaken for anything else as it often encompasses the true spirit of a nation and is a demonstration of the nation’s capability. This is where a unique unit would come into play in Ancerius, each faction would at the time they receive their third super weapon slot also receive the ability to build one unique unit which would be expected to be a starship. The use of the vessel would vary based on the nation constructing it and thus the first limitation to constructing a true unique unit is that the unit itself cannot be a super weapon. Players might design it to carry their super weapons however or perhaps have it exist for industrial, diplomatic or for trade purposes. Players may only design one unique vessel and may only have one in any state of service or construction at a time. Should such a unit be destroyed players must wait six months in real time to replace it.

Unique units are subject to the same approval process as super weapons and the following information should be provided to the Administrators at the time of submission.

Dimensions: [length, width height]
Super Weapons Carrier?: [Yes/No]
Purpose: [what do you intend to use it for?]
Capabilities: [What is it able to do?]
Limitations: [what are it’s flaws?]

*Unable to continue combat as a term may include making the crews of a target fleet unable to man their stations, killing the crew whole sale or otherwise making them unable to continue fighting.

Section 9: Deities and Entities

"The circumstance of our birth is irrelevant, It is what we do with our gifts that determines who we are, and what we fight for"--King Helios of the Drake Empire

It is the nature of most that they want to be powerful and it is thus more tempting to be so while role playing a nation-based role playing game. It is then one of the points of contention for a good role play. For the purposes of this document such powerful beings are considered in two categories, the Deity and the Entity.

9.1: Deities
A Deity in the context of this Universe represents an all powerful omnipotent being. While such a being may or may not be infallible it is a being several magnitudes of power above your average mortal. These deities are incredibly powerful and while may add to plotlines have the potential to be incredibly abused and used for OP and power play. In this respect you MAY use up to 3 deities in Ancerious IF your faction has them or requires them for your faction to be played. You cannot randomly make up deities to be used because of this rule. HOWEVER if you DO have deities in Ancerious you WILL be closely watched by the admins just like with time travel. These Deities work under this theory. They may be all powerful and have incredible power to change things only IF they do not intervene (sort of like a god but one who merely watches and guides through words not actions) the second is the option that they do directly intervene but CAN be hurt/ beaten etc. And are not as all powerful as their non action brethren. Either way this area is under scrutiny and any with such characters will be dutifully watched...

9.2: Entities
An Entity is a being that is generally often immortal or very long-lived but is not omnipotent nor does he or she possess any major powers or abilities such as being able to create life or eradicate an entire race at a whim. Entities can be the leaders of Nations or other major character roles, but should be treated as Semi-NPC if they bear significant powers, and PC’s if they merely bear something as minor as a long life span beyond the norm of their species.

Needless to say both Deities and Entities need Administrator approval, with the use of a impartial third party stand in should an Administrator be the one submitting such a character.

Section 10: Biology:

"Its strange for you to comprehend our bodies in a normal way, we live with this crystal just as you live with the blood running through your veins. Although of course Diamantide does give you far more bonuses..." --Praxian Commander of the Nex

No species is immune to everything and so different races can have infinitely diverse biology's. In this regard is advised for you to describe your species biology and detail what they are resistant/immune to or weak to in regard. You cannot be resistant to everything and there is always a weakness to a race, if you do not have any race weaknesses the Administrators are obliged to make one for you. This section is especially important if you are playing a race which is far different to humans. If playing a human race you may just put human down but again your humans may be different... It's always best to have these things down on your entry form rather than turning up later in an argument. If you need any help on biology ask an admin we are all very adept at Chemistry physics and biology.

Section 11: Fallibility of Empires:

"Nothing is perfect. You may build the mightiest defenses in creation, given enough time someone will learn how to defeat them, that is the way of the Universe. There can be no perfection this side of the grave"-- Emperor Daniel of Carnaith

No one is perfect nor do they make perfect things. It is the nature of life itself to bear imperfection and the driving force of biology itself to try by one means or another to slowly correct these errors. That said one can also conclude that no empire is perfect, and thus neither are the peoples that compose it, regardless of origin or species.  Therefore no one’s defenses are impenetrable or their society immune to upheaval or subversion.

Section 12: Magic:

"You call this what you don't understand magic because you cannot comprehend how it works. It is merely a method which has been passed down and learned by my people for many generations. In a way I suppose it is magic... maybe it's better that way, sometimes it is better to believe than understand"-- Lesser Empress Gaia to a still learning race

Magic IS allowed in Ancerious but again is under close scrutiny and watch of the administrators. Magic is again another area which can be woefully abused and power played. In this regard Magic is just as limited as technology. In this regard you can use magic to fill any role technology may play and you may have magic users in your military but you are required to describe and explain the use and effect of your magic just as a technology user must justify the nature of his technology. This means that you are not allowed to perform maneuvers which are illegal or otherwise and just say 'my magic allows me to do this'. Contrary to some sources magic does not mean you override the laws of physics, they will always apply unless in certain circumstances. If you have individual concerns consult and admin and we will be happy to help.

Section 13: Out Of Character & In Character Boundaries

"Not everything you learn through intelligence can be trusted... my dear freind" -- Spartan interogation team

Anything said Out Of Character is not admissible in any way shape or form In Character. This absolute boundary extends to conversations via deviant’s note function or comments made in response to submissions on Deviant art that are clearly of OOC nature. Furthermore Skype conversations are considered to be all OOC unless an IC status is agreed upon by all participants.

A lot of Ancerious RP is also going on Skype and most players do talking on Skype I will list everyone's individual skype names (if willing) in order for contacts. It is advisable to join this for ease of contact. Skype is free and easy to set up if you do not have it.

Section 14: Timing:

"You can plan for a billion years and finalize it to every conceivable variable, but when a plan requires timing... If you get it even one second too late those million years are gonna seem a whole lot longer..."-- ICS unnamed Strategist

No agreement between player-nations is considered complete and legal until the event reaches it’s agreed upon ending. The date of the last posts or the conclusion of the event is official as of the Primary Roleplay’s time line and thus may or may not effect what a player or players are able to do without consequence. In addition a timeline for Ancerious is under construction for ease of dates and whats happening.

Section 15: Ancerious Canon:

"Ancerious is like nothing you have ever seen before. Take the advice, I have lived here for hundreds of years and still things surprise me. This galaxy isn't natural and I can tell you now, if you're not ready for her she will chew you up and spit you out" --Raiden supreme grand master of the Sicarii Order to Captain Volkus.

The official storyline and concept of the Ancerious galaxy is considered the official cannon of the role play. This cannon role play is independent of all others and is designed so it will not within reason infringe on your creative works or story lines. What you and your empires do here will affect the Ancerious cannon, but what you do elsewhere has no effect on Ancerious. That said back home you might be the most powerful galaxy ever conceived but here, everyone starts equally and you may find your superiority is not so superior. In ancerious you operate under the primary galactic plotline and we admit this may not be for some people. Balance is the key to any role play and in ancerious no one’s individual cannon overrides anyone else’s cannon. The individual player’s canon in Ancerious is often melded together to create a balance and also to create a pretty damn cool canon at that. If you have any questions on this regard ask an administrator.

Section 15A: The Golden Cannon Rule </B>

It is the nature of Role Play that we inevitably will see something that inspires us to want to design an equivalent, parallel or introduce a copy of it. The fact is science fiction does copy itself a bit and is really good at introducing flashy ideas that change the game in their respective series. In light of current events in Ancerius and with consideration other players involved it has been discussed and is decided that should a player see something in a given science fiction series or other genre they want to implement in Ancerius the following standards apply.
You the player must absolutely accept all of the item’s limitations as stated in its official source material as published by the original source. You must also explain in full detail through actual role play how this foreign item came under your control. What you may not do is alter the design in any way to address its existing limitations before you use it in role play. This means for instance if you want the death star, you cannot patch up the thermal exhaust ports or make it faster or shorten its super laser recharge time without significant Ancerius role-play that involves other players.

In certain cases such items may count as the player’s allotted (1) unique unit for their faction due to Administration review. As a final note, all items that fall under the “Golden Cannon” rule are subject to review upon introduction and periodic review after being accepted by the Administration to ensure the item is not being used out of context. It also may be required by the administration in some cases that a item require calibration to work at full capacity in the Ancerius galaxy which may take a set amount of tome or certain conditions as noted in the review.

Section 16: NPC Factions

“Ancerious seems to be a honey pot of Empires, don’t be fooled boy, there are many out there that we have yet to see...”- Captain Alexander of the Adectu Empire to a Adectu ensign.

The Ancerious galaxy role play is based in a massive spiral type galaxy not unlike the Milky Way galaxy we know in real life. As the current map indicates the known nations have barely explored the massive expanse of the galaxy. Such a sight as seen on the map is surely inviting to those sentient species out there looking to expand, or perhaps merely looking for some place to call home free of some great trouble. We know clearly from the areas of the galaxy that are charted that there are many races in the galaxy already and there is the potential for contact with countless others in the unexplored frontiers.

This plethora of populations leads to a critical role play concept, the non-player nation. An NPN is a sub-faction that it’s not exclusively controlled by one player but can be created by any standing member of the role play. The purpose of such a nation is to add a greater variety to the universe by allowing players to create other nations and peoples but not necessarily have to worry about their day-to-day operations as they might with their main faction.  Make no mistake a NPN is not a lesser nation but an equal one and is bound by the same rules as any other faction created in the role play. It can be said that the following five guidelines are functional rules for the creation and operation of an NPN.

1. All NPN nations must undergo an approval process using the same form as a normal player nation. Extra information on the Empire info form should be added by the creator to cover the nation’s character, motivations and nature/alignment (ie god, evil, lawful good, neutral, chaotic and so on.).…

2. No NPN nation can be conquered by its creator.
3. No NPN nation can exist simply to give any one player any unfair advantage such as acceleration of tech development, additional units and so forth.
4. While there is no current limit to the number of NPN’s that can be designed and created, please consider the vastness of space and the relative rarity of life. (ie please don’t flood the admin’s with NPN requests.)
5. Any NPN that is proposed by a player that effects another player’s nation by existing and its basic actions must have that players approval before it can be submitted for approval by the Administrators. (example; player 1 wants to create a pirate group that raids player2’s commerce ships, player 1 will need player 2’s permission.)

For a functional example, Myric has thankfully provided one of his works in progress as an example of how an NPN might be designed. Consider the case of the Eos as stated by Myric.

“Take the Eos Consortium, a new NPN faction who originated in Ancerious around a very devout and radical religion. The Consortium seeks to bend all they encounter to their religion’s will and will make frequent attacks against unbelievers. Because of this they are unlikely to ally with anyone and before anyone requests use of them they should consult me to find out their abilities. While unlikely to ally it is possible they may be convinced join with factions to prevent their own destruction in short term agreements. It is also possible they may determine a random target and wage a holy war against a random empire.”

Section 17: Combat

"On the ground, the foe has us outnumbered and dug-in. No man or woman in their right mind would mount an assault on such a fortified foe. But you're not in your right mind. You're in the Corps."
-Chief of Staff Bradley Novak to a company of Marines.

In Ancerious, combat, be it in space or planetside, is a prevalent aspect. While definitely not the most important part of the group, a vast majority of the roleplays and development are about combat or are combat. Generally, in a combat-based roleplay, there must be rules or a system in place to help prevent discrepancies; since there is no longer a stat system, there'll just be general rules on it covered here. A few key points and terms are as follows:
-No godmodding; essentially, godmodding is when someone has the capabilities to do anything without limits or boundaries, and/or simply cannot be harmed or affected by any and all means the other RPers try.
This could be killing or injuring without the player's expressed permission in certain cases.
It could be when a player simply cannot be hit and dodge all things directed at them in an incredulous manner.
It can also be using or controlling another's forces or characters in any way without the other player's expressed permission; this is commonly reffered to as powerplaying. The usual outcome of this is a character/force being portrayed as something that they're not, making them appear weak to make another character/force seem superior, etc. This can sometimes go beyond that irritating line and become straight up offensive.

-No autohitting; to clarify, autohitting is the act of writing the attack, and explaining the damage inflicted upon the one recieving the attacks in a post without their consent or prior approval in a post. Have some trust in your fellow player. Leave the damage one takes to the one recieving the attack.

-No metagaming; metagaming is, simply put, using out-of-character knowledge for an in-character advantage, with information that in-game would not have been known. This is a way of abusing the game and is generally considered cheating. It can be hard not to be influenced by OOC information that could save you from total annihilation, but do your best to immerse yourself and act in-character.

-Try and reach a happy medium with those you are going into contest with, to avoid arguments. Settle your arguments with reason.

-Be alright with taking hits and losses, even heavy ones, every now and again; not everyone has to win every time.

-Be flexible. Try and work with other people's concepts and grasps on combat in general

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"Ah... Gernot." Said the time drake as he turned towards the sound of the door opening and the cybernetic drake announcing himself, giving a brief wave at the screen as he sent it away. "Finally some company that I can appreciate." He went on, pausing; he looked at the cyborg earth drake as he made his way towards the three of them in the center of the room. "Poor drake’s limbs sound like they won’t last him much longer." he thought to himself silently, as he took in the overall ragged looking movements of the Dr., The sound of metal scraping on stone telling him that there was damage that he still could not see.

"Forgive my saying so Gernot..." He went on. "But you look a little worse for wear... how are you holding out?”

Gernot moved closer to the trio, craning his head to the side to view Echo and Carmilla as they lounged on the massive throne before returning his gaze to Shaw, his hunched form only stopping a couple of yards between the two drakes and Shaw.

"Y-Y-Y-Yesszzz, Shaw. zhings are becoming more difficult vith each pazzzzzing day" Gernot replied with a mechanical stutter. He stopped himself to cough up a cloud of smoke and sparks before continuing to answer. “I do not see myself lasting much my current condition" He glanced over to Echo and Carmilla with a cold, angry glare.

"Thing-z-z-z have not been easy since zhe master's sudden dire state..."

As Gernot spoke Echo made robotic motions with his arms while sporting a wide-eyed blank stare, like that of an emotionless android. Carmilla stifled a laugh at Echo's joke.

The time drake paused, turning away from Gernot and scowling at the sound drake as he made the motions in a taunting way towards the cybernetic earth drake standing in front of him, tapping his staff on the ground in a series of short succession. Freezing the time streams around Echo mid motion, save for his eyes, Stopping his movement and silencing his physical taunt.
"It is apparent that they aren’t..." He said, turning back to Gernot. "Now, now Echo. The big drakes are speaking over here... shut up." He continued, addressing the Dr.

"I'm sorry for your condition Dr..." He went on, stepping back slightly as the drake coughed up the sparks and smoke. "It looks painful...  have the reports Ervo sent back been of any help to you? I would hate to see you keep going to ruin in front of me. Usually I enjoy it, but you..." He said motioning towards Gernot. "I like you... but back to the matter at hand, you sent for me?"

Gernot chuckled at what Shaw had done to Echo before replying.
"I have summoned you, Shaw, because the time has finally not fret for me...zhere are worse things in this world for you to worry about zhan me..." Gernot began to slowly turn back towards the door he had entered from. "Collect zhe two love birdzzzzz und follow me...we have no time to waste." he said as he began to limp his way out.

Echo's eyes darted about the room, unable to move his body in reaction. Carmilla was still laughing and enjoying the cartoon.

The time drake nodded to the earth drake, his head casting off small arcs of distorting paradoxes, taking a moment to chuckle with Gernot at the sound drake’s position. Responding once he heard what the Doctor. had said.
"I've been aware of that for some time now Gernot... and very well." He said, half humorously as he turned and walked towards the throne where Echo and Carmilla were sitting, taking note of the sound drakes condition and how his eyes darted all around in their sockets. Not quite looking at him.

"How's that for a Cuckoo clock? Huh... C’mon, Echo... Let’s get going." He said, picking up the temporally frozen sound drake and slinging him over his shoulder, carrying him as he turned and started following Gernot towards the door, Calling out towards Carmilla as he did. "You too, Carmilla, put the cartoons on pause... I have a feeling this will be... a lasting moment for us... Man, Echo you’re heavy... you need to lose weight."

Echo remained silent while Carmilla growled in response to being told to stop enjoying the cartoon. Her body disintegrated, turning into a thick wisp of smoke, and reformed beside Shaw and Echo as Gernot led them into the poorly lit halls.

Shaw chuckled as she reformed next to them while  he carried Echo over his shoulder, his staff stored away in his greatcoat for the time being, Turning his horned head on his neck to look at her. "So you and Echo… congratulations... you two will be a good couple. I could tell you your future if you want?" He jibed to her.

“You forget...I share my father's blood." Carmilla replied. "The draconian make predictions looked like the ramblings of a mad man...although..." She said as she looked over to Shaw. "I suppose in your case that wouldn’t make a difference."

Gernot led them deeper into the palace; the massive halls would have been too dark and labyrinthine to navigate through if not for the good fortune of having a knowledgeable guide.

The time drake chuckled. "Yes." he said as he hefted the frozen sound drake on his shoulder. "I suppose that it doesn’t..." He said, his steps Echoing slightly off of the walls as he followed Gernot as he led them deeper and deeper into the palace complex. Then he turned to face her again. "I guess that means you know already what to tell your father when the two of you take the next step? I shall attend the ceremony...." He said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Ha! I don’t think so. I’m too young to consider that so soon." Carmilla laughed.

Shaw shrugged, the gesture throwing off the distortions and, seemingly threatening to throw the still frozen sound drake off of his shoulders. "Didn't say it would be now. It's called a prediction for a reason, if I said it was going to happen now, I would have called it News." He chuckled. "Still, it is cute... Reminds me of my time with... never mind..." He said, pausing his words before addressing Gernot. "I hate to ask, but Echo, is, heavy, and I have a feeling if I let him move again he would be very loud and likely abrasive..... How close are we?"

Carmilla only rolled her eyes in response to Shaw and continued on in silence.
The hall only seemed to go on with no end in sight. When Shaw looked ahead he could only see pitch black, an unnerving sense of being watched by unseen eyes came from further along. there was something hiding in this shadow, like a predator stalking its prey. while he could not see it, he could sense its presence. the only light which gave him any visual awareness of his surroundings was the feint glow of the drakes soulshards as they moved through the hall. the only sounds he could hear was the click of their nails  on the stone floor.

"Ve are almost zhere. You can free him vonce we have arrived." Gernot replied with his rasping metallic voice..

The time drake chuckled. Hefting the motionless sound drake and shaking him roughly as a sign. "Hear that Boom box, We're almost there..." He said cheerfully. Although the surrounding area betrayed the sound of his voice. He could feel the things around them that he sensed looking at them from the darkness
He leaned forward towards Gernot, letting the Sound drakes feet and tail drag a bit on the floor in order to do so. "Tell me Gernot, What are we to expect? I can’t look into the time streams here... They're Converging on sometime here... drawing them into it."

"I do not know." Gernot replied. Shaw could sense a new presence. Two more forms stood beyond the darkness, entities he could identify as flesh and blood, and waiting for them.

The glow soon revealed who it was Shaw could sense in the darkness. Vulcan and Dante stood silently in the dark hall, the two drakes standing patiently in front of a massive stone-like door covered in reliefs depicting bloody murders and warfare that seemed to move as though they were continuing in their own little worlds. these captured moments did little for Shaw’s imagination as to who this door belonged to.

"Welcome back, Shaw. It is good you could be here with us on this most glorious day!" Vulcan exclaimed his intimidating form and the shadows of the hall hid whether or not he was truly pleased that Shaw was present. Dante on the other hand remained silent and gave Shaw and the others a quiet nod of approval and acknowledgement.

The Time drake nodded in return as they reached where the two drakes were standing ahead of them. Looking up for a moment to take in the designs depicted upon the massive entranceway, lifting the sound drake to casually drop him somewhat on his feet in front of him. “Much appreciated General...." He said in thanks towards Vulcan. "I would appreciate the day better if i knew what made it such a glorious one." He said jovially as he held the sound drake upright with a clawed hand. The temporal pause having frozen him in a sitting position.

"I'm sure Echo here would like to know as well." He said, before releasing the temporal streams around the sound drake, the sudden awkwardness of Echo’s pose causing him to stumble forward. The time drake taking a half step back, the nails on his paws clicking on the stone.

Echo caught himself from falling completely over. Instead of reacting violently for Shaw's freezing him, he picked himself up, fixed his hair, and dusted himself off while looking at his surroundings. He gave Shaw a quick growl before replying.
"You know what? There’s just no point in trying to kill you for that..." Echo grinned as he looked upon the door. "I won’t need to if what I think is about to happen actually happens..." He walked over to Carmilla and playfully bumped his nose against her own. She laughed and looked up at the massive door as well.

Vulcan gave a hearty laughed before replying to Shaw himself.
"You shall see soon enough, Time drake." Vulcan looked over to Dante. The silver haired shadow drake avoided making eye contact; his own glowing golden eyes looked around the hall and the drakes that waited within it. His clawed hand was closed around something; a feint red glow broke past his fingers as though in defiance of being concealed from the others' sights.

The time drake looked at Echo as he caught himself. "That would be an interesting sight... Too bad sound has a maximum speed... “He said. The second part being more of a muse to himself rather than being directly aimed at Echo. But he raised his head slightly as he heard the drake mention what was to happen at the doors that were before them, cocking his head slightly as he looked first at Vulcan, then at Dante. Following the fire drake’s eyes to see what the shadow drake was doing. The Temporal paradoxes he cast off of himself rippling the air around his head as he did.

"Dante? What is that you have there? “He asked, before looking around the room. “What is it that you've yet to tell me?"

Dante remained silent despite Shaw's question.
While Shaw was distracted by the luminous item Dante held so closely, Vulcan had made his way to the door and began to pull them open. Almost immediately, the group was engulfed by clouds of dust and their noses were assaulted by the rancid smell of decay, as though death itself awaited them inside.




part 2 of an Rp between :icontenebraesrising: and :iconlordnagaetros:
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